11 clues you’re an old soul with a profound outlook on life

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Are you an old soul?

The concept refers to a person who’s spiritually and emotionally wise beyond their years

The old soul sees things in a much deeper way than your average individual. 

Here are the top clues you’re an old soul with a profound outlook on life. 

1) You’re deeply empathetic

First up in the clues you’re an old soul with a profound outlook on life is that you’re deeply empathetic

You’re able to walk in somebody else’s shoes without even trying. 

It just comes naturally to you to empathize and understand where other folks are coming from. 

You don’t do it for a personal advantage or to get props for being a nice person. 

You do it because you can’t help but see when others are in pain, lost or confused. 

2) You care a lot about why we’re here

Next up in the clues you’re an old soul with a profound outlook on life is that you care a lot about why we’re here. 

Finding a purpose in your life and in life more generally means everything to you. 

This doesn’t always manifest in an intellectual way, either. 

It may be that you enjoy spending a lot of time out in nature contemplating, or that you listen to music or play music and get absorbed deep into the rhythms and emotions. 

You’re finding your way along your own path, seeking out purpose and a common thread of meaning in your life and the world outside. 

That’s deep, man! 

3) You’re exceptionally and inexplicably talented 

Old souls often have a talent. 

Some believe it may be carried over from a past reincarnation or given to them by spiritual forces or the Creator. 

The fact is: 

If you have an inexplicable talent that seems to come out of nowhere and really stuns people around you, there’s a good chance you’re an old soul

Say you pick up the violin and before you know it you’re bringing listeners to tears of appreciation?

Or maybe you start gardening and creating amazing outdoor spaces the likes of which most people never imagined in their lives…

Maybe you give a speech in middle school and are shocked when your lame jokes actually land and the others stand up and cheer…

What is this? What’s happening? 

These are incredible talents! These speak to being an old soul with a deep outlook and relation to life. 

4) You look beneath the surface of contentious topics and issues

Next up in the clues you’re an old soul with a profound outlook on life is that you dig below the surface on the deep questions. 

You aren’t interested in staking out position A or position B on politics, cultural issues or whatever thing is happening. 

You can take bold moral stands, for sure, but you prefer to engage in critical thinking when it comes to disagreements and clashes. 

You find that many of humanity’s harshest conflicts and hates actually stem from miscommunication and confusion, and you want to remedy that. 

You feel called to understand life more and help others understand it. 

5) You don’t get entranced by material possessions and acquisition

Having a desire for a good life and prosperity is perfectly natural and can feed into an empowering and rewarding existence. 

But dwelling on material things and outer accomplishments as the source of happiness is sure to end in misery. 

One of the top clues you’re an old soul with a profound outlook on life is that you never search for happiness outside yourself or in material things. 

You find it within yourself. 

No matter how much you love swimming in your new pool or driving a great car, you never lose that core of joy that comes from inside. 

And even in hard situations and difficult times, it’s the same: you find strength in the struggle and don’t expect a savior to come along, at least not in an outer form.  

6) You much prefer rare and deep connections to those that are trivial and common

Next up in the important clues you’re an old soul with a profound outlook on life is that you prefer quality over quantity in your friendships and relationships

You’d rather have one or two relationships that matter than ten that don’t mean much to you. 

You’d rather have one good friend than twenty surface-level “bros” or “girls” who you have drinks with sometimes. 

This is part of why you don’t fall for the social media game or hunting for likes and retweets. 

You aren’t trying to get the “coolest” friends or show off how beautiful your girlfriend or husband is. 

You’re trying to form connections that are actually meaningful and poignant for you, not for public consumption. 

7) You pursue your own path to truth and resist pressure to conform to one way of thinking 

Next up in the clues you’re an old soul with a profound outlook on life is that you have your own path to truth.

While you listen to the wisdom and counsel of others and are interested in what they believe, you never just play follow the leader. 

Any teaching or truth has to resonate with you at the deepest level. 

There’s no other option. 

No matter how popular or unpopular it is, you find your own path to truth and pursue it. 

You’re not in a popularity contest here, you’re in a quest to find what moves your soul. 

You’re not just going to follow some guru or join the same church or spiritual movement as everyone else. 

At least you won’t do it because of peer pressure!

As Sarah Regan writes

“Because old souls can see the big picture and beyond many of the basic structures that govern our reality, they like to do things their own way.”

8) You come up with unique and compelling solutions that elude others 

Next up in the signs you’re really an old soul who sees beneath the surface is that you come up with unique and inspiring solutions to problems. 

While other people are running in circles and wondering how a problem can ever be addressed, you’re already tackling it from new and surprising angles and coming up with new ways to address it. 

You just don’t look at things quite the same as anyone else. 

You bring your own experiences and unique perspective to bear on everything you come across. 

Whether it’s a financial challenge, health scare or anything else, you’re there solving it and coming at it from a very singular place. 

Most marvel and wonder how you thought so outside the box in solving a challenge you had, but you aren’t sure why you were able to tackle things from such a unique angle. 

It’s just what you do!

Spoiler: this is the work of an old soul.

9) You’re attracted to spiritual paths and religious doctrines that strike a chord deep inside you 

Next up? You follow spiritual teachings and paths that resonate with you. 

Your inner sense of intuition guides you to avoid sleazy gurus or exploitative faiths. 

You head for things which empower you and make sense. 

You’re not interested in following just what’s popular or having the right hashtags on social media

You’re interested in living a life of authenticity that’s true for every part of who you are. 

You’re interested in actually standing for what you believe to be true. 

This inner desire will take you all sorts of places, including off the beaten track. 

It may take you toward dogma, or away from it!

Your karma may even run over your dogma. 

Either way, you’re sure to have a unique and adventurous journey to the truth that other people may eye with some envy and alarm.

10) You look for love and intimacy that surpasses the typical cliche that you see in some other couples 

Next up  in key clues you’re an old soul with a profound outlook on life is that you look for a bit more in love than most. 

You’re not interested in just satisfying outer expectations or being with someone you “should” be with. 

You actually wait for love and you don’t take any substitute. 

You know how you feel quite soon in dating and you don’t lead people on or try to lie to yourself. 

When you’re in love that’s that and when you’re not, you cut things off quickly. 

You’re looking for something more than just an outer image or a warm body to sleep beside. You’re looking for something enduring: a soul connection.

And that’s hard to find!

11) You are neither a pessimist nor an optimist, but embrace a paradoxical third way

Lastly in terms of clues you’re an old soul with a profound outlook on life is that you’re not a pessimist or optimist. 

Instead, you understand that both difficult and pleasant emotions come and go. 

You don’t base your wellbeing on what you think or the feelings you happen to have right now. 

You ground yourself in something deeper whether that’s God, the universe or nature itself. 

You don’t feel the need to categorize the present or the future as good or bad. It just is. Or will be.

Soulshine, it’s better than sunshine…

If you’re an old soul it’s not all sunshine and roses. 

A lot of responsibilities and weight comes with this as well, because to whom much is given much is required. 

You see more than you’d like sometimes, you feel things on an extra-sensitive level.

But have no fear: let your soul shine. You’re here for a reason and your outlook and approach to life is inspiring more people than you realize. 

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