14 signs you’re actually a stronger person than you realize

There are times when we feel weak, like we aren’t doing enough to get on with our lives to reach the success that we’ve dreamt of.

This doesn’t mean that we haven’t already achieved something good in our lives, however.

Looking back on past experiences dealing with a loss of a job, a heartbreak, a falling out can be painful.

The fact that you’re still here, however, and able to look back on those moments says something powerful about you.

What might’ve felt impossible to overcome before lives as a valuable lesson that shows that you’re stronger than you might think.

Realize your true strength and learn the 14 ways that you’ve had it within you all this time.

1. You’re Not Afraid To Fail

Failing no longer bothers you.

After having experienced it too many times to count before, it’s now just another step in the process.

It’s almost expected at this point.

This isn’t something that other people are able to do, however.

Most people are still afraid of taking their chances with that person that they find attractive or taking the initiative on a project because they worry about falling flat on their face.

Being the seasoned veteran that you are, you know that the most valuable lessons are found in failure, so you know that it isn’t as bad as others might think.

2. You’re Able To Stay Calm Around Others

Staying cool isn’t easy. Patience isn’t very common.

These are skills so difficult for others that there are courses made just to teach them how to not go flying off the handle.

Being innately calm around others is already a clear sign of an internal strength that not many others have.

You’ve developed a tougher skin for handling hair-pulling situations like stubborn clients or disorganized bosses.

Having the calm that others don’t inspire others to keep a clear mind and look for solutions rather than simply complaining about the problem at hand.

3. You Understand Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Most people tend to tuck their weaknesses under the covers, hiding it from people lest they be seen in a bad light.

They’re concerned with what other people might think of them and they worry about their abilities, often overreaching because they don’t know their own limits.

Confronting our strengths and weaknesses can be painful. It forces us to come to terms with our own flaws.

Not doing so, however, could lead to avoidable consequences down the line.

You’ve learned your lesson.

Instead of trying to cover up what you aren’t good at, you’re unashamed about working to improve it.

You also make sure to stay in your lane and play to your strengths.

4. You’re Constantly Trying To Improve Yourself

No one is perfect. That doesn’t mean that no one can strive to be better.

Self-acceptance is important to living a more fulfilling life but staying put could lead to stagnation, letting that satisfaction fade.

You understand that there’s a balance, however, between self-acceptance and self-improvement.

Because of your own belief in yourself, you have compassion when you fail to improve your own abilities.

You know that you can always be kinder, more forgiving, more present. It’s an endless challenge that you strive to accomplish every day.

5. You Take Responsibility For Your Actions

We can get carried away with our days and habits.

While others might get lost in the rote actions of daily life, you remember to be aware of most of what you do.

While the morning routines get relegated to becoming mindless habits, when it’s time to work, you’re in control.

This means that you also take responsibility for the mistakes that you make, instead of blaming a poor system, the alarm clock not ringing, or another person dropping the ball.

You also feel responsible for your personal life as well: the career choices and even the investments that you choose to make.

You’ve signed some internal waiver that you’re doing this under your own volition, and you’re prepared for whatever consequences might happen.

6. You’re Kind To Others

Holding a grudge, criticizing and talking about others behind their backs is a sign that someone has festering insecurity within them.

There’s something that they haven’t come to terms with, and so they direct their negativity outwards.

They see everything as a competition for validation, to see who’s better, smarter, or wealthier.

They aren’t willing to share information because they’re afraid that they’ll lose their position.

But you take no part in such pettiness.

You aren’t afraid that anyone is out there to get you — in fact, you don’t think about that at all.

You’re generous and kind to others because you also know what real struggle is like; you’ve been humbled by your experiences.

7. You Act Despite Feeling Fear

Fear can eat someone up to the point of paralysis.

People are often afraid about doing things that are beyond what they’re comfortable doing like speaking in front of an audience or talking to your boss about a possible raise.

You feel that fear too, but you understand that there’s something more important than that.

Getting frozen by fear will get you nowhere.

So you can act despite it because you know that it’s the right thing to do.

8. You’re Honest With Yourself And Others

You know aren’t perfect, and you’re okay with that.

Finding comfort in one’s own skin is a pursuit that many people are on.

You live not by the values and ideals shared by other people but by your own.

You have your own set of moral codes that you aren’t afraid to stand up for against other people.

This security and honesty that you have with yourself allows you to live a more authentic life. You aren’t afraid to appear vulnerable in front of others.

Contrary to what others might think, showing weakness takes a great amount of strength.

Not many are willing to admit that their abilities and skills can only go so far.

9. You Can Adapt And Change If The Situation Calls For It

People that are insecure about themselves tend to return to the comfort of familiarity. What this eventually breeds is stagnation and even stubbornness.

This stubbornness to change can begin to affect others as well.

When their partner calls them out for their mistakes, but they still remain the same, their relationship suffers.

Every day is going to be different.

Some days are going to require you to be more productive or more understanding than you usually are.

Your ability to adapt to the situation shows an unshakeable internal strength that’s deeper than routines and the image you want to portray to others.

10. You Respect Yourself

Following your dreams and doing what you love is often seen as a life existing only in fairytales.

It takes courage, then, to try to make it a reality. You love and respect yourself enough to give yourself what you truly want.

With dignity and integrity, you stand up for yourself against people who might be deliberately crossing your lines. This isn’t something that many people are willing to do — but you are.

11. You Can Grit Your Teeth And Get To Work Even When It’s Hard

It isn’t enough to write down aspirations — it’s going to take hard work and dedication too. It’s about playing the long game.

Not many people can see that far, however. When the work gets tough, they quit on impulse.

They don’t think about how struggles can be beneficial for mastery and long term success.

You understand how to put your head down and get to work.

There can be complaints, sure, but at the same time you still meet deadlines.

Stress doesn’t bother you as much anymore because now it’s expected.

12. You’ve Grown Past Your Dark Days

There are times in life that have not only been a test of patience but also of moving forward.

The loss of a loved one, failing out of university, being unemployed for a little too long, maybe even having to sleep in your car or a friend’s couch for a few nights.

Dark days can feel like a personal crucible.

But if you’re able to look back at how far you’ve come since, and you’ve found stable footing in your life now, then that’s a feat only the strongest of us reach.

13. You’re Optimistic But Realistic With Your Expectations

You’ve encountered unfortunate situations enough to know that they aren’t the end of the world.

Life is going to move on.

What you have learned from those experiences is how to temper your expectations.

You hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Only someone who’s gone through struggle and hardships understands just how wrong our predictions and expectations of the future can be — and how to mentally prepare for it.

14. You Can Stand On Your Own And With Others

Through the struggles, you’ve learned to become independent. You also know that you couldn’t have overcome the challenges without the generosity of others.

While you aren’t dependent on them, you’re still grateful that they were there for you.

In turn, you’re there for them when they need a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to them.

While you may not feel like you’re getting stronger, it only takes a look back on what you’ve accomplished to see how far you’ve come.

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