8 signs you’re ready for a major life change

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Has life been feeling unsatisfactory for you lately? Like you’re just going through the motions, but you’re not entirely sure where you’re going?

Or if you’re even going anywhere at all. 

I think we’ve all felt that way at one point or another. Sometimes it’s very fleeting, but other times, it feels more than that – heavier, more insistent. Like maybe it’s time for a life makeover. 

As with everything related to personal growth, knowing which one it is all begins with turning inwards and taking a closer look at the way you think, feel, and behave. 

So tune into yourself and watch out for these signs that you’re ready for a major life change: 

1) You feel an overwhelming sense of being stuck

“Is this it? I thought there’d be more to life than this…”

“Same sh*t, different day.”

I have to admit that these were some of the thoughts playing like a soundtrack in my head when I was feeling stuck in life

I had big dreams, but somewhere along the way, I ended up nowhere near them, in a place where it seemed like nothing ever changed. 

The funny thing was, I was always busy, I had a million tasks going on everyday, and yet, I felt like my feet were stuck in mud. 

Maybe this resonates with you. Maybe you feel like you’re running on a treadmill, always moving but going nowhere. This could be a sign that you feel trapped and suffocated by the routinary nature your life has taken on. 

And so, to escape the monotony…

2) You’re constantly daydreaming about a different life

You’re swamped with tasks on your to-do list, but your mind is elsewhere. 

Whipping up a gourmet meal in a fancy, decked-out kitchen. 

Tending to dogs and horses in your own animal sanctuary. 

Writing thrilling novel after thrilling novel in a quaint countryside home.

That last one was one of my favorites. For a while, I think I spent more time in my “best-selling author’s countryside home” than I did in my present life! 

Look, we all fantasize; that’s part of being human. But if those daydreams cross over from being occasional fantasies to persistent and recurrent thoughts that constantly fill your mind, they might be a sign of something more. 

In these cases, it could be worth taking some time to analyze these daydreams. Let’s take a closer look at them with these questions: 

  • What do they say about your wants, needs, or goals? 
  • Could they be signaling a path you subconsciously wish to pursue? 
  • Are they highlighting areas of your life that don’t make you feel fulfilled

Daydreams are often a window into our subconscious, so the next time you catch yourself drifting into one, approach it like a detective. Figure out what it’s trying to tell you, and maybe it will take you to a new direction in life. 

3) You find yourself constantly longing for something more

One thing’s for sure, though. Daydreams are one of the signs that you’re longing for something more. 

Wishful thinking’s another. 

I wish I had a different job. I wish I lived in a different city. I wish I had different friends. 

These longings aren’t frivolous, no matter how impossible they might sound in your current situation. 

I believe they are the stirrings of your soul – your soul’s telling you that you’re meant to do something else, something that will make your heart quicken in delight. 

So don’t brush those wishes away. Listen and see how you can make that “impossible” change happen.  

As Frank Sonnenberg said in his book The Path to a Meaningful Life, “Impossible means that you just didn’t do it yet.”

4) You feel bored and disconnected from your current life

Feeling disconnected from your current life is another sign you’re ready for a significant change

You may find that the things that once brought you joy no longer do, or the life you once loved now feels boring and mundane. 

You might even feel like you’re not really living your life; you’re living someone else’s life and operating on autopilot

I know that feeling very well. When I was stuck in the same place, I felt a strange and profound sense that this wasn’t my real life.  

Like, this person who gets up in the morning, goes to work, comes back home, repeats the same cycle isn’t really me. It’s an entirely different person because the real me sure isn’t feeling it. 

Before you think there’s something wrong with you, or you’re being Twilight Zone-ish, hold up right there. Nothing’s wrong with you. It just might be a sign that you’re ready to move on to something new. 

5) Your values and beliefs have evolved

Do you know why you get that feeling above, like your life doesn’t ring true to you anymore? 

Because your values and beliefs have evolved. You’ve outgrown yourself! 

For instance, you might have lived your life working constantly to climb up the corporate ladder and have tons of money in the bank. But along the way, it all begins to feel hollow, like it’s no longer worth the effort. 

That might be a sign your perspectives are shifting. Maybe you’re seeing the importance of work-life balance, or maybe a simple life in the mountains sounds so much more appealing than it used to be. 

Whatever the shift, the point is, your core values are changing and your current life no longer resonates with them. That’s why you feel stuck and empty. 

6) You feel an intense urge to declutter your life

Along that line of thought that your old life no longer suits you, you might feel an intense urge to let go of certain things in your life. 

It could be anything from the small stuff like your wardrobe or things you no longer use at home to the big stuff like the relationships that no longer serve you. 

In the words of professional organizer and author Peter Walsh, “Clutter isn’t just the stuff on the floor. It’s anything that gets between you and the life you want to be living.”

I repeat, the life you want to be living. 

So, as you can see, this urge to declutter often stems from a deep-seated need for transformation and fresh beginnings.

For me, this urge is always a reliable indicator of my own life satisfaction. Those times when I find myself unintentionally decluttering are times when I feel anxious and stressed. It’s instinctive.

And true enough, once I’ve let go of what weighs me down, whether it’s physical or relationship stuff, I suddenly get a fresh perspective. I have more mental space for what’s yet to come. 

7) You’re more open to new experiences

Do you find yourself saying “yes” to new experiences these days? Are you more open to risks than you used to be? 

That’s a sign you’re ready for a new chapter. One that’s peppered with exciting adventures and vast possibilities. 

The old me was quite a scaredy cat. I’d want to try out a different career, then back out at the last minute, scared of failing. 

So I languished a few more years feeling bored and restless. Until finally, I could bear it no longer and said yes to the thought (and likelihood) of failing. 

Because really, that’s at the core of it. I figured, at least, trying and possibly failing would break the monotony of my days. At the very least, I’d get shaken up out of the rut I was in. Anything was better than staying at a job I’d come to attend to robotically.

8) You feel left behind

This one’s a little tricky because it’s got a little bit of comparison in it. It’s true that we shouldn’t compare our journey with those of other people; we’re on different paths, after all. 

But sometimes, it’s also worth looking into how you feel when everyone else around you is changing. For instance, if the friends you used to party with are now settling down and starting their own families, you might be feeling left behind. 

Zero in on that feeling and ask yourself if you generally feel fulfilled in your own life despite all of these changes happening around you. 

If it makes you rethink the direction your own life is taking, then perhaps that’s a sign you’re ready for a major life change yourself. 

Final thoughts

All of these signs above point to one thing – the importance of your intuition. Those inexplicable feelings of unhappiness, boredom, restlessness…those are all possible nudges from your intuition. Don’t ignore them!

Once you’re sure you’re ready, you don’t have to rush it. Sit down, reassess your core values, and figure out concrete steps to bring your life closer to those values.

Finally, as someone who’s been through a number of major life changes, let me tell you, reshaping your life can be scary, but it’s also exciting. 

It’s all about discovering how much more you can be and do, and that’s always a beautiful thing!

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