10 signs you’re living a great life, even if you don’t fit the status quo

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What makes a life great? Is it a big house, fancy car, or loads of money?

Not necessarily.

Sometimes, life’s best bits aren’t things you can buy. They’re moments, feelings, and connections with others.

If you don’t feel like you’re ticking all the boxes society expects you to tick, don’t worry.

Here are 10 ways to tell you’re living a great life, even if it doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

1. Laughing is your cardio

You know that awesome feeling when you laugh so hard, your stomach hurts, and you can barely breathe?

That’s not just a fun moment—it’s a sign you’re living a great life.

When you find joy and humor in your everyday life, when a silly meme can make you chuckle or a funny comment from a friend can make you burst into laughter, it shows you’re happy.

Laughing is a natural stress-buster and mood-booster and having a good laugh regularly means you’re taking life lightly and enjoying it to the fullest.

So, the more you laugh, the better. It means your life is filled with joy and happiness. 

2. Your friends and family are your world

Who do you turn to when you’re super excited about something and can’t wait to share the news? Or when you’ve had a rough day and need a shoulder to lean on?

That’s right, your friends and family.

Having a solid group of people around you, who you trust and love, is worth more than any fancy house or expensive phone.

These are the people who’ve seen you at your best and worst, who know your quirks and still choose to stick around. They’re there to celebrate your victories, pick you up when you’re down, and sometimes just hang out and do nothing.

If you have these bonds in your life—people who truly get you and always have your back—then that’s a surefire sign that you’re living a great life. 

3. You’re passionate about something

Passion is what makes life exciting. It’s that thing that makes you jump out of bed in the morning, eager to start the day.

For some, it might be their job. For others, it could be a hobby or a cause they care about.

Me? I’ve always loved writing. Even as a kid, I used to fill up notebooks with stories, poems, and random thoughts. As I grew older, this love for words never faded. Instead, it grew into a passion.

Now, whether I’m writing a feature article, a blog post or just jotting down my thoughts, it’s something that brings me immense joy. It’s not just about stringing words together; it’s about expressing myself, sharing my thoughts and ideas with others.

And the best part? It never feels like work!

So, if there’s something in your life that gives you that same feeling of excitement and fulfillment—be it painting, coding, cooking, helping others, or anything else—that’s a huge sign that you’re living a great life!

4. You love who you are

Accepting yourself, with all your strengths, weaknesses, and quirks, is a sign of a healthy self-esteem and a key component of a great life.

This doesn’t mean you think you’re perfect. It means you recognize your flaws and still choose to love yourself.

Did you know that the road to self-acceptance can actually make you healthier? Research has shown that people who accept their imperfections have better mental health than those who constantly criticize themselves.

If you’re comfortable in your own skin and can say, “Yep, this is me – take it or leave it”, then give yourself a massive high five. You’re doing great at this whole life thing! 

5. You know how to have fun

Life is not just about working hard, achieving goals, or ticking off boxes. It’s also about enjoying the journey.

It’s about those moments of pure joy and contentment—watching a beautiful sunset, playing with your dog, or just curling up with a good book.

If you make sure to carve out time for things that make you smile, then you’re doing life right.

It doesn’t matter if others don’t understand your idea of fun. Maybe you love knitting while watching old movies, or maybe you like hiking up mountains.

What matters is that these moments light up your soul and make the stresses of life seem less overwhelming. These are the precious moments of happiness that make life bright and beautiful.

6. You’ve got dreams

Having dreams and goals isn’t just about achieving them—it’s about the journey towards them. It’s about the hope, excitement, and purpose they bring to your life.

And trust me, having that sense of purpose can make all the difference.

When I was a teenager, I dreamed of becoming a writer. I didn’t know how I’d get there, but that dream kept me going. It gave me something to strive for, something to work towards.

Even now, as I write this for you all, I see that teenage dream realized.

But guess what? I have new dreams now. That’s the beauty of life; we keep dreaming, we keep growing.

If you have dreams—no matter how big or small—that’s a fantastic sign that you’re living a great life. Having goals means you’re looking forward to the future.

7. You’re thankful

In a world where we’re constantly chasing more—more money, more followers, more stuff—it’s easy to overlook what we already have.

But let me tell you, gratitude is where it’s at.

Being thankful doesn’t mean everything in your life is perfect. Heck, life can be a real mess sometimes.

But gratitude is about finding the good amidst the bad. It’s about appreciating the small things—a great meal, a good hair day, a warm bed. It’s about acknowledging the big things too—like having a roof over your head, people who love you, or even just making it through another day.

Gratitude is realizing that life isn’t just about what you lack, but also about what you have.

And if you can look around your life and find things to be thankful for—even on the crappy days—that’s a sign of a great life.

8. You love learning

If you’re the kind of person who’s always curious, always asking questions, and always eager to learn something new, then congratulations! You’re living a great life.

Lifelong learning isn’t just about acquiring knowledge—it’s about staying engaged, keeping your mind sharp, and continually growing as a person.

Research has shown that lifelong learning can actually make you happier! According to a study by the University of Warwick, learning new things can increase your self-esteem and lead to higher life satisfaction.

So whether it’s picking up a new language, mastering a recipe, or finally understanding your smartphone settings, every bit of new knowledge is a step towards an even better life. 

9. You love helping others

There’s something truly fulfilling about helping others.

It could be as simple as holding the door open for someone, or as big as volunteering your time for a cause you believe in. When we help others, we make a positive impact on their lives—and that feels great!

I remember when I was in college, I used to volunteer at a local animal shelter. It was hard work—cleaning cages, feeding the animals, and sometimes dealing with heart-wrenching cases of neglect or abuse.

But every wagging tail made it all worth it.

Knowing that I was making a difference in those animals’ lives gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

And the amazing thing is, that sense of fulfillment wasn’t just about the big wins—it was also about the small moments of kindness and compassion.

So if you’re someone who finds joy in helping others, give yourself a pat on the back. That empathy and kindness are signs of a beautiful soul—and a truly great life!

10. You take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself—your body, your mind, and your soul—isn’t just important. It’s essential. And if you’re doing that, you’re living a great life.

I’m talking about eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising—not because society tells you to look a certain way, but because you want to feel good and stay healthy.

I’m also talking about taking care of your mental health. It’s about knowing when to step back and relax when things get stressful. It’s about seeking help when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed.

Self-care isn’t selfish or indulgent—it’s necessary.

Because at the end of the day, you’re the only one who can take care of you the best.

Wrapping up

So there you have it—10 signs that show you’re living a great life, even if it doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

And if these points resonate with you? Well, give yourself a pat on the back. Because despite all the ups and downs, you’re doing just fine.

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