14 signs you’re in a relationship with a really strong woman

When it comes to adult women, maturity is rarely defined by age. Rather, it is defined by her self-awareness, empathy, understanding, and ability to communicate. 

A woman’s maturity defines everything from the way she understands your relationship to the way she deals with her own problems. 

A mature woman is strong, and she holds her ground. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the 14 signs you’re in a relationship with a really strong woman.

1) She does not put up with BS

Everybody makes mistakes; however, we can’t learn from them if we don’t recognize them. 

A mature woman knows when you mess up and believes you can do better. 

When you close her off, she encourages you to communicate. When you lose your temper, she pushes you to control yourself, and when you feel like you can’t do it, she reminds you of your capability to grow. 

A strong woman would never let you step on her or keep yourself down. 

She encourages you to grow as a person and pushes you to be your best self. Being with her may even help you improve your other relationships in life.  

2) You don’t need to be her emotional sugar-daddy

A strong woman loves herself and doesn’t need you to do so. 

She values your appreciation but can do without it for a reasonable period of time. 

You don’t need to be her emotional sugar daddy. She doesn’t love you because she would be nothing without you but because she believes you are a good partner for life. 

And doesn’t that feel better than being loved mostly for what you can give?

A strong woman makes for a strong relationship. 

3) You’ll never see her manipulating others

A mature woman has empathy and would not hurt others for her own gain. 

She doesn’t manipulate people by weaponizing their weaknesses or forcing them to do her bidding because she cares about them. 

This woman knows to protect others from herself as much as she knows how to protect herself from others. 

A strong woman can look after herself and doesn’t feel the need to exploit other people. She knows how to succeed in life without having to use other people. 

4) She is open about her flaws and shortcomings

A strong woman is honest and self-aware. 

She knows when she is lacking or makes mistakes and doesn’t deny them. At the same time, she is capable of taking full accountability and working on improving those negative aspects of herself. 

It is natural for her to look at things objectively and focus on what is in her control. She is not quick to blame others but rather accepts her shortcomings.  

5) She takes responsibility for her own life

Nothing in life ever goes 100% to plan. Everybody gets their bad days. 

Maturity shows in how you react to it. 

A really strong woman knows how to take responsibility for her life. It’s not the other people’s faults or circumstances that she focuses on, but rather, what she can control. 

A mature woman does not shy from her share of the blame when it comes to bumps in a relationship. She’ll hold you accountable, as well as herself. 

6) She doesn’t let her past define her

A mature woman is aware of what behaviors she had picked up from her past, but she knows that even behavior can be changed. 

She’s not afraid to challenge her preconceived notions or try to break bad habits. A bright characteristic of a really strong woman is that she can identify her thoughts and feelings to keep herself from blindly acting on them.   

It’s easy to fall into the trap of obsessing over the past, but a mature woman knows how to make peace with it to focus on building a beautiful future. 

7) A really strong woman knows beauty isn’t all

Nothing augments beauty like confidence. 

A really strong woman knows her worth and flaunts it. She knows she doesn’t need to try too hard or pretend to be anyone to be beautiful. She is honest about who she is and lives her truth. 

Society often pressures us, women, to conform to certain standards with the threat of ending up alone and unwanted.

But the strongest of us know that the only person worth being with is the one who can handle the truth of who we are. 

In a relationship, a strong woman doesn’t expect you to pretend to be anyone else, either. She just wants you both to be happy with yourselves together.

8) She knows how to carry herself

It’s easy to get caught up in the mad dash to buy the best clothing, accessories, or makeup. 

But a mature woman knows that class is not about how you dress but how you behave. Even the simplest clothes can look elegant with the right touch. 

Being confident in herself without having to wear her best outfit also makes her respectful toward those who don’t necessarily wear expensive or fancy clothes. 

A strong woman would treat everyone with care and respect.

She doesn’t need to spend a fortune to look or feel classy. Classiness is something she knows anybody is capable of. 

9) Emotional intelligence is her strong trait

While she doesn’t neglect her own needs, a mature woman knows how to take care of her partner. 

She is receptive to her partner’s needs and knows when and how to provide support. A strong woman can easily make her partner feel safe around her, showing no need for bravado in the relationship. 

Emotional intelligence is a marker of maturity, and a strong woman knows how to guide her partner through stressful feelings.

Of course, she may feel down herself, and then, you’d have to step in and provide that safe space for her.

10) Toxic relationships aren’t her cup of tea

Relationships don’t exist for their own sake but rather to ensure that both parties grow into the best versions of themselves. 

A strong woman knows this and stays attuned to herself and her partner to know when a relationship is no longer serving its purpose. 

She learns from her past relationships to take steps to grow as a person and not repeat the same mistakes. Armed with the knowledge of her own history, she can form a better relationship with you. 

11) She values her alone time

While strong women are very good at socializing, they need alone time too. And when they get a free minute, they’ll use it for something productive. 

Either this would be reading a book or stretching; they’ll make sure they don’t waste their time.

At the same time, it means that when you’re not together with her, she’s probably busy doing something important in her life.

She’s not seeking your attention every single moment, but she’s also fully present when you’re together.

12) Your relationship is drama-free

Life is full of problems, so you definitely don’t want your relationship to be one. 

Ideally, a relationship serves the purpose of solving the problems of both parties, and a strong woman knows this. 

That’s why she will not hesitate to call you out if you refuse to properly communicate or acknowledge the issues that inevitably arise in your relationship.

It can be tempting to avoid conflict or remain passive-aggressive. However, a strong woman would not hesitate to push you to participate in the resolution of your conflicts.

13) You can compromise with her on many things

A strong woman knows that sudden changes and conflicts are a part of relationships. 

She knows she cannot approach a dynamic thing in a rigid manner. There are times when she knows she must open herself to other options and possibilities. 

Everybody has values they shouldn’t let go of. However, a mature woman knows that in the face of contradictions, she must retain some level of flexibility

14) She is a good but demanding partner

Most of the strong women are honest, especially when it comes to expressing their needs. 

She will make sure you know what standards she has and how you should approach them. But at the same time, she’ll never make you feel like you’re the one who has to keep your relationship afloat.

She won’t tolerate less than she expects, but she won’t make it all about her needs only.

She’ll find a balance between meeting hers and your needs, and you’ll feel like it’s a two-way street.

If you’re in a relationship with a really strong woman, you’ll feel like you have to put an effort, but she’s doing the same for you. It’s a healthy balance that, unfortunately, not every couple has.


By now, you should know that a strong, mature woman embodies emotional intelligence, confidence, responsibility, honesty, and communication. 

She knows how to navigate a relationship and balance her needs. 

Best of all, a mature woman knows how to own her mistakes and grow. 

Some women face favorable conditions that let them find their inner strength. Others still struggle to realize their own capabilities and cultivate their self-confidence.

However, all the qualities we mentioned can be developed by any woman with enough effort. 

These qualities make for healthier relationships and, ultimately, a happier life.

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