11 signs you’re in a relationship with a kind-hearted man

Good men can be hard to find, especially men of a kind-hearted nature.

But when you find a kind man, you’ll know it from how he treats you.

From treating you with respect to showing off his generosity, a kind-hearted man will do what he can to put smiles on faces.

So, what are the signs that you’re in a relationship with a kind-hearted man?

These are the 11 signs to look out for.

1) He’s patient

One of the first signs you’re in a relationship with a kind-hearted man is when he has the patience of a saint.

He’s not one to lash out and throw a tirade of insults when things get heated.

Your man stays cool and calm in the face of any conflicts and disagreements between you.

And he’s more than open to working through those disagreements, no matter how long it takes.

That means he’ll take the time to listen to your side of the story and come up with solutions to work through any differences.

At the end of the day, a kind-hearted man wants to make you happy. That means he’ll do what he can to bring peace and harmony to your relationship.

2) He listens

That’s why he’ll pay attention when you talk.

If you’re hurt, upset, or stressed, he’ll hear you out.

Or if you want to vent about how your colleagues get on your nerves, he’ll be the listening ear you need.

And you can tell he’s listening by how he asks questions and offers you words of support.

If he’s the one that hurt you, he’ll listen real hard to get to the root cause of his actions (and try to make it right!)

3) He’s supportive

Kind-hearted men will do what they can to support the people in their life. That includes you.

He’ll support your goals and dreams (and shout from the rooftops when you reach them). He’ll also help you through tough times.

If you’re having a wobble or your mental health has taken a dip, he’s there to make you feel better.

And if you need picking up after a drunken night out with your girls, he’ll be on call.

Whether through his words or actions, you’re left feeling in a better place from the support he gives away so freely.

4) He’s generous

He doesn’t mind giving away his time either because he’s so generous.

That’s why he’ll run to your aid if you’re having a bad day or spend hours on the phone with you.

Even if he’s busy, he’ll find time to spend quality time with you in person or via a lengthy phone call.

He’s also generous with his money, lending spare change to his friends that need it. Or buying a round of drinks for his work pals.

And he does this all because he knows how much it will mean to the person or people on the receiving end of it.

5) He’s thoughtful

Not only is he generous. He’s thoughtful, too.

Because he’s such a good listener, he remembers little details you bring up in conversation. And the special dates like your first date or what you did on your three-month anniversary.

He’ll surprise you too.

He’ll send you flowers at work and buy you random gifts just ‘cos.

Or he’ll cook your favourite meal and make you a mixtape of your favourite songs.

Why does he do it? Because he knows it will put a smile on your face and show you how much he appreciates you.

6) He’s affectionate

Is your man a big softie? Does he always show love and affection?

If so, it’s no surprise! Kind people tend to be sensitive and wear their hearts on their sleeves.

If your man is open with his feelings, he may be super affectionate. It’s his way of showing you how much he cares for and values you.

Cuddles, kisses, gentle caresses, a pinch on the bum – nothing is off the table when it comes to his affectionate ways.

But he doesn’t just show affection through his actions.

He’ll tell you he loves you daily. How much you mean to him. How gorgeous you are, and how he’s the luckiest man in the world.

If he’s not affectionate, that doesn’t mean he’s not kind-hearted, though! He may have other ways of showing you how much you mean to him without being so touchy-feely and verbal about it.

7) He’s an open book

Again, not all kind-hearted men are open books. He may still be genuinely kind, even if he doesn’t open his heart and soul to you.

But if he’s not afraid to get open and vulnerable, that’s a sign of a kind-hearted man right there!

He may be open and transparent with you, even through challenging conversations.

If so, he wants you to know his true self and trust him.

That’s good because the main foundations of a healthy relationship is trust and honesty.

8) He’s honest

Which is why I bring up this next point. He’s honest.

As a kind-hearted man, he chooses to be honest because he cares about you and your feelings.

The last thing he’d want to do is deceive you, hurt your feelings, or make you question him (or his intentions)

So, much like he’s willing to be open and vulnerable, he also opts for honesty. Honesty is the best policy, after all!

It’s not just the good things he’ll be honest about, but the bad too.

He’ll be tactful about it, though, tackling difficult matters with sensitivity (so as not to hurt you).

9) He’s respectful

If your man is kind-hearted, he’ll also treat you and others respectfully.

That’s because he cares, so he would never want to intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings – including yours.

He’ll show respect to you by:

  • Treating you with kindness and courtesy
  • Allowing you to have space when you need it
  • Letting you speak (without interrupting you)
  • Acknowledging when he’s hurt you (and apologizing to you)

As I said, a kind-hearted man would never seek to hurt you or anyone. That means he’ll avoid belittling you, dismissing your opinions or denying you your space.

10) He admits to his mistakes

Another thing he won’t do is put the blame on you for something he did. He won’t make excuses or pretend it never happened, either.

A kind-hearted man admits to his mistakes and apologizes for them.

He means it when he apologizes because the last thing he wants to do is upset you. He cares too much for that.

He’ll do his best to correct his mistakes and avoid them in the future.

And if you want an explanation for his grave mistakes, he’ll give it to you. That’s part of his open and honest nature.

11) He’s optimistic

The last sign on this list that you’re dating a kind-hearted man is when he’s optimistic.

He looks on the bright side of life, even when the odds are stacked against him.

He sees the good in people too.

He’s the type to say that ‘tomorrow will be a better day’ when you’ve had a bad day. To cheer you up with a big grin and a bear hug.

To assure you that everything will be alright when it feels like your world is crumbling.

Who’ll list your strengths when you’re doubting yourself.

Whenever negative vibes seep in, he casts a spell to vanish them away through his words and actions.

And you feel better for it – especially because his positivity rubs off on you.

If you have a man who can stay positive, even during the darkest days, he’s kind-hearted to the core.

Final thoughts

Kind-hearted men care about the people in their life, and their words and actions reflect that.

That means he’ll treat you with respect, stay optimistic, and support your hopes and dreams.

He’ll also be patient – especially during trying times in your relationship – by listening to your needs and concerns.

If your man exhibits many of these signs of kindness, you’re a lucky devil!

Natalya Edwards

Natalya Edwards is a content writer with experience writing content on diverse topics, from entertainment and music to personal development and short stories. When she’s not typing away at the keyboard, she enjoys gaming, reading and watching Korean dramas.

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