14 signs you’re in a relationship with a genuinely awesome person

When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to start taking somebody for granted and not notice just how great they are. 

If you already have high standards and are quite selective, then you are only with them because they’re amazing, anyway. 

Still, finding a partner who’s truly one-of-a-kind and extraordinary is a wonderful blessing, and it’s always good to have a reminder about that. 

Here are the top signs that your partner is a truly remarkable person. 

1) They really listen 

An exceptional partner actively listens to you.

They hear the words you say but they also understand and seek to understand the underlying messages and emotions you convey.

They listen because they want to, not because they should or because they feel obligated to do so. 

They truly care about you and want to hear what you’re saying and the emotions and motivations behind it. 

2) They communicate clearly

Communication is never easy, but your partner finds a way to make it as clear as possible. 

They say what they mean and mean what they say, reaching out to you to talk about difficult subjects and expressing their thoughts and feelings. 

They are able to be direct without being aggressive, and they also use humor to make tense situations more tolerable and help you see the funny side of stressful things. 

They don’t avoid difficult conversations, either, but address things head-on. 

3) They’re highly self-aware

Your partner is highly self-aware and engages in introspection and self-reflection. 

A self-aware partner admits their own flaws and struggles, and they also are realistic about their strengths. 

This fosters a culture of honesty and acceptance in the relationship where you also feel comfortable in looking inside yourself. 

Self-awareness is treated as a strength in your relationship and faults aren’t shameful, they’re just part of your growth journey together. 

4) They care about reciprocity

Reciprocity is a cornerstone of any healthy relationship. 

Every partnership is going to have some areas where one of you does more than the other and vice versa. This depends on your strengths, schedule and unique personalities. 

But your partner is somebody who cares about giving to the relationship and puts in real effort in that regard. 

He or she appreciates that there always needs to be give and take, and they want to be part of that symbiosis. 

As psychologist Mandy Kloppers writes:

“The partner is aware that all relationships need both partners to put in effort. It’s all about balance, about the give and take.”

5) They care about dreams

You’re with a person who cares about your dreams and about theirs. 

They are still realistic and approach things with step-by-step plans and long-term goals, but they care about that inspiration and spark. 

They don’t think dreams are just for naive people or wandering free spirits: 

They know that everybody needs dreams, and they respect the place for big plans and inspirations in your relationship. 

6) They respect your individuality

They respect your individuality, allowing you the freedom to be yourself.

Even if you share different interest and views on some things, this is part of what makes your relationship more unique and deep, rather than a source of alienation. 

They let you be yourself without judgment or pressure to conform to their expectations, and this in turn makes you much freer about also celebrating their differences and unique individuality.

7) They’re emotionally intelligent 

They possess emotional intelligence, effectively managing their own emotions and understanding yours.

They’re not perfect, of course, nobody is. 

But they use even misunderstandings and conflicts to deepen their understanding instead of pushing you away. 

This leads to more harmonious interactions and conflict resolution.

8) They’re thoughtful and generous

They express their love and care through thoughtful gestures.

These aren’t necessarily “grand gestures” or anything overly dramatic, but it’s the heartfelt nature of what they do that touches you deep inside. 

Whether it’s a surprise date night, a heartfelt message, or simply being present when you need them most, their love for you is crystal clear. 

9) They’re resilient during tough times 

When faced with difficulties or setbacks, they demonstrate resilience and commitment to overcoming obstacles together.

They don’t crumble under pressure, nor do they start to adopt a victim mindset. 

They admit when they’re not doing OK, but they don’t become codependent or try to use their suffering for leverage or to manipulate you. 

Instead, their honesty and vulnerability encourages more love from you and deepens the trust between you. 

10) They have a growth mindset for the relationship

Your partner doesn’t try to fix the relationship in place or rely on past nostalgia. They know that change is inevitable and that both of you are changing and so is the relationship.

This isn’t a threat or a bad thing, either. It’s part of a unique journey you’re taking together. 

They encourage personal growth and self-improvement, both individually and as a couple.

This creates an environment where you can thrive and evolve together.

11) They’re intuitive about your needs 

Your partner is intuitive about your needs and tries to give you the space and affection you need. 

They’re not perfect about this, of course, but it’s their effort that’s so remarkable. 

They are adjusting and accommodating to who you are in a way that shows both love and awareness of your boundaries and needs.

You try to do the same for them. 

12) They respect your space 

Understanding that everyone requires occasional solitude, they respect your need for space without taking it as a rejection.

There are times that your partner wants to focus on his or her other friendships and endeavors, and times you want to do the same. 

It doesn’t lead to awkwardness or resentment between you and, in fact, it just makes the time when you reunite together all the sweeter. 

“A healthy relationship involves having interests outside the relationship, and spending too much time together can lead to a feeling of suffocation,” notes Kloppers

“Again, it’s all about balance.”

13) They’re authentic and honest 

You’re with a person who is authentic and honest. 

They admit when they’re in a bad mood or confused or pissed off at their boss. 

They tell you their crazy idea for a future plan, or the funny music they like that they don’t tell other people about out of embarrassment. 

They’re not offering a censored version of themselves to you: it’s raw and genuine. 

In return, this also makes you feel much more able to be yourself around them without imposing expectations or restrictions.

14) They love unconditionally 

Above all, a truly awesome romantic partner loves you unconditionally, accepting you for who you are, flaws and all.

They have certain limits, of course, but their love for you isn’t attached to a set of conditions like some kind of contract. 

They’re with you because they love you, and you feel the same. 

They stand by your side through the ups and downs of life and you do the same. 

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