16 signs you’re in a relationship with a genuine idiot

Does your partner behave like…an idiot? Like, really?

Look, we all have our dumb moments…

But some people are just a tad bit dumber! Still—if they’re the right person, it just makes them all the more endearing. 

Isn’t it cute when they do something to make you shake your head or roll your eyes… but also make you laugh and smile about it?

Here are the 16 signs you’re in a relationship with a genuine idiot—and why that can be awesome in its own great and goofy way.

1) They’re a homebody

Because of their typically introverted nature, they’d stay at home with their hobbies than go out. 

But do you know what this means? They’ll opt for doing something silly and fun together rather than dressing up and having to have small talk with other people.

But you know what’s the best part of it? This cute idiot of yours can take care of you while you’re at home. They’ll make sure that you’re cozy and comfortable at home.

For those who have outgrown the partying and clubbing phase, this is exactly what you want.

Even when you’re doing nothing, just chilling at home with them will feel warm and peaceful.

2) They give you unique and silly gifts

These adorable fools of ours are typically nerdy or geeky. They’re quite shy and behave a bit differently from most people.

But that makes their way of loving also amazingly unique. 

Rather than the usual cookie-cutter gifts (you know, like clothes, flowers, or mugs—still useful and great in their own way), expect them to give you something amazingly quirky.

And you know what? You’ll most likely appreciate and remember those presents more!

3) They’re extra sweet

You know why?

It’s because they have a childlike demeanor about them. 

While that makes them struggle as adults, it also transforms them into incredibly sweet people.

I bet that sweet idiot you’re dating is the most affectionate person ever who will always go the extra mile to take care of you. 

The best part of it all? 

They always initiate doing something special for each other, making their efforts feel even more genuine and heartwarming. 

After all, people like this will always notice everything about their beloved partner—including things you wish you could keep a secret hehe.

4) They’re like a human Golden retriever

One of the ways they’re so sweet is how they’re always so excited about what you have to say. 

It’s so cute that it looks a bit silly, doesn’t it?

Whenever you talk, they’ll give you their full attention.

They’re reserved and clunky around other people—but around you? 

Absolute golden retriever energy.

5) They are passionate about their hobbies

Did I mention the hobbies? 

Oh yes—whether that’s video games or anime or obscure historical facts, these people are so passionate about the things they love.

While you may not necessarily share their interests, you’d still be very intrigued by them.

And when they begin to geek out in that super nerdy way of theirs? With that big, dumb smile? 

That somehow makes them look extremely hot.


Look, if they can be this obsessed and committed to a hobby they love, then it only means they can love you the same way, no?

6) They’re clumsy

If they’re an idiot, they’re probably clumsy too. The lack of situational awareness just goes hand-in-hand.

Usually, it’s because they’re daydreaming, or they get super excited about something they’re going to do/eat/watch next.

Yes, they’ll trip often. Or bump their heads against something. Or maybe even break a glass from time to time.

But then they’ll be incredibly flustered and sorry and sweet and—

I don’t know about you, but it’s just the cutest.

7) They’ll never play with your feelings

If you’re with an idiot, then you can rest assured that they won’t cheat on you.

(Well, they’re the sweetest dumbest cutest people ever, right? So, they likely won’t come up with an elaborate scheme to hide an affair from you.)

And neither will they manipulate nor abuse you.

These people simply don’t know how to hurt someone. They just can’t. 

Where their brains may sometimes lack, their heart more than makes up for it.

8) They don’t care about other people’s opinions

And you know why? It’s because they’re unapologetically themselves.

Call it a lack of self-awareness, but they just do not give a rat’s ass about what the world thinks of them!

I know we’ve been calling them idiots, but this—whether they know it or not—is actually very smart of them. 

Yes, they have insecurities like everyone else. But at the end of the day, they stay true to themselves.

This free-spiritedness allows them the emotional space to be radically empathetic.

It may sound contradictory, but these “idiots” are quite emotionally mature! And oh, is it so sexy.

9) They’ll never be fake

Because of this, you never have to worry about them being dishonest or insincere with you.

When they express their love and affection for you, you’ll simply know they mean it. 

They’ll never lie to you; everything will be as it is.

They will always do what they want and be who they are. So if they’re still with you, then rest assured that their hearts are still geeking out about you.

10) They love and accept you just the way you are

This means they love and accept you for you—warts and all.

(So don’t worry if you’re dumb and weird yourself!)

You won’t have to put up any facades. You won’t feel the pressure to perform or impress them. 

The relationship will feel easy and natural.

And ain’t that the best feeling in the world?

11) They’ll surprise you with different perspectives

Not only do they don’t care about other people’s opinions, but they also have unique opinions of their own too.

If you just recently got together with one of these cute idiots, be prepared to be surprised by the unique ways they see the world.

They’re just wired a little differently. And while that can sometimes result in you facepalming, it will also result in you raising your eyebrows in astonishment.

This characteristic of theirs will help you preserve your individuality in the relationship—something incredibly important for having a healthy partnership.

12) They have both the best and worst sense of humor

Do you know what else to be prepared for when dating a genuine idiot? 

The stupidest, corniest jokes that are so stupid and corny they’re actually extremely clever-witted (most of the time).

Whether it’s their eccentric sarcasm or obscure references, they will make you almost pee your pants with their jokes.

Sometimes, it’s not even what they say but how they say it. Their body language and aura just make the atmosphere around them bizarrely fun.

13) They remember the details

They’re clueless about some things but not about you!

Like, yeah, they might forget their wallet at home. Or not know how a vacuum cleaner works. 

But trust me; they’ll learn and remember things like:

  • What comforts you;
  • What triggers you;
  • Your favorite foods;
  • Your favorite shows;
  • How you like to wind down;
  • Your daily routine;
  • Your family members’ birthdays;

They’ll even get you that bracelet you said you liked from that tiny corner shop four years ago, even when you’ve already long forgotten about it. 

(Yes, that is my favorite memory of my own beloved idiot.)

14) They respect you

Not only will they know what ticks you off, but they will also wholly respect it.

They’re a child at heart and always want a light, fun atmosphere between the two of you. They never want to make you mad.

They just don’t have the desire—(or the guts)—to do you dirty. They will treat you like a teammate. You’ll be their true equal, and they will always respect your boundaries.

15) You could feel their sincerity

They might sometimes lack common sense, but boy, do they understand love. 

They understand love on such a raw, intuitive level. This is because they don’t think about it much: their love is pure, unfiltered, and sincere.

Trust me; you’ll simply feel it oozing out of everything they do.

…Even if they’re being quite an idiot at the moment.

16) They’re naive and pure at heart

Well, people do say idealistic people are idiots. There’s that.

But this idealistic idiot won’t care.

They have deep respect for everyone, regardless of what walk of life they’re on. Because they value justice and equality, they treat everyone with kindness and will always uphold their dignity.

Call it an immature, childish way of looking at the harsh reality of the world if you want. 

But they will continue to spread their own brand of dumb love everywhere they go.

And you know what? The world absolutely needs it.

The takeaway

Despite—or maybe even because of!—your partner’s idiocy, they’re still great people in their own right. 

And besides, I’m not completely serious about them being idiots! 

(Well, at least not 100% haha!)

After all, there are different kinds of intelligence. They might be good at what you’re not so good at and vice-versa. It’s important to be with people who complement you.

As long as they’re good people, you love them, and they love you? That’s all that matters, really.

So keep loving your idiot. It’s a love unlike any other.

Plus, aren’t we all idiots in one way or another? I know I am, for sure!

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