12 signs you’re in a relationship with a drama-free person (hallelujah!)

Some drama is inevitable in every relationship, but ultimately we all want peace and harmony within our romantic connections…

Drama queens and kings bring a ton of turbulence and can be emotionally draining. 

A non-dramatic person, on the other hand, makes for a great partner because they usually value things like open communication, honesty, and trust. 

So, if you’re wondering whether your SO falls into the latter category – read on! 

Here are 12 signs you’re in a relationship with a drama-free person:

1) They communicate openly and honestly 

Drama queens and kings are notorious for exaggerating, being overly emotional, or stirring up conflict…

So if your partner avoids this, and communicates in a healthy manner, it’s a promising sign you’re in a relationship with a drama-free person! 

But what does healthy communication actually look like?

  • They actively listen to you 
  • They explain their feelings clearly and calmly 
  • They don’t resort to tactics like ignoring or guilt-tripping 

Ultimately, their goal is to work through the issue and move on, not drag things on like a drama llama would! 

2) They’re emotionally mature 

Relationships are hard enough as it is, emotions run wild and conflict happens, but it’s even worse with someone who’s emotionally immature. 

So if you really want to know if you’re in a relationship with a drama-free person, look at how they manage their emotions and react in tough situations…

Do they unfairly take out their frustration on you? Do they name-call, play the blame game, and spiral whenever things don’t go their way? 

Or are they calm and collected? Do they take accountability for their feelings without blaming you or others? 

If it’s the second, it sounds like you’ve got a mature, emotionally aware partner…someone who doesn’t overreact dramatically whenever they’re feeling tense or stressed! 

3) They respect your boundaries

Now, one thing that dramatic people tend to do is overstep the line and disrespect boundaries. 

Case in point:

You ask your partner to refrain from texting you constantly while you’re working as it distracts you. 

If your partner gets into a huge strop and takes it personally, you know they’re all about the drama.

But if they accept your boundary and respect it, it shows they value you and want to accommodate your needs as much as theirs!  

4) They have the ability to apologize 

Another sign you’re in a relationship with a drama-free person is if they take responsibility for their actions, and know when to say “sorry”. 

The truth is, a drama queen or king will find it tough to own up and face the consequences of their actions and decisions.

But someone who just wants to create a happy, healthy relationship will recognize the importance of learning from their mistakes…and to do that, they first need to own up to them! 

So, if your partner is willing to apologize when they mess up, you’ve got reason to celebrate – they’re far from dramatic! 

5) They don’t sweat the small stuff 

Ever noticed how overly dramatic people can make mountains out of molehills? 

If your partner is more concerned about big things and can let the small stuff slide, there’s a good chance you’re with a drama-free person. 

They know what’s important in life and for a relationship to flourish, it’s essential to move on from petty arguments or setbacks. 

Not only does this make them great partners, but probably a lot of fun to be around too! 

6) They’re not jealous

And if your partner doesn’t sweat the small stuff, there’s a good chance they’re probably not the jealous type either…

In comparison, drama lovers will interpret every smile and glance as a form of cheating, and will make a huge deal out of every interaction you have with the opposite member of sex! 

So, if your partner doesn’t get jealous easily and respects your right to have friends and interact with other people, you can be sure you’re with a drama-free person! 

7) They don’t gossip 

One of the biggest signs that made me realize my partner isn’t a drama king is when he refused to gossip…

We had got back from a party and I was filling him in on some of the drama that had taken place between our friends. But he was unusually quiet and didn’t want to share what his friends had revealed to him. 

I soon learned that he avoids gossiping and hates people who stir the pot. 

So, if your partner is the same, not only are they drama free but it sounds like they live with morals and integrity too! 

8) They’re patient 

Patience is another indication of whether you’re in a relationship with a drama-free person or not.

For example – when you’re a bit late making dinner, do they tell you to relax and take your time? Or are they standing behind you, kicking up a fuss and stressing you out?

Here’s the thing, people who don’t give way to drama tend to be more patient because they know that good things are worth waiting for. 

Dramatic people, on the other hand, want things there and then. They don’t realize the damage they cause with their impatience because they’re too hyped up in the moment! 

9) They don’t overreact 

This next point might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning – how does your partner react to situations? 

For example, a family friend of mine is highly dramatic – the queen of all drama queens. If someone even looks at her funnily, she’ll create a whole story out of it, confront them, fall out with them, and then tell everyone else about it. 

She’s hard work. 

So, if your partner keeps things in context and doesn’t seek out drama, you can relax…

And that leads me to my next point: 

10) They focus on solutions 

A person who looks for solutions instead of creating more problems is far from being a drama queen/king. 

This is someone who is mature and knows the importance of being proactive when solving an issue – especially in relationships!

So, if your partner tends to focus more on how to move on and resolve arguments, rather than dwell on the problem and blow it out of proportion, you’ve got yourself a drama-free person! 

11) They appreciate calmness and stability 

Another sign your partner doesn’t appreciate drama is if they’re all about calmness and stability.

I’ll admit, I used to be a bit of a drama queen, but as I’ve grown up I enjoy keeping a level of tranquility and peace in my relationship and at home. 

So when someone comes in and tries to disrupt that peace, I’m quick to set boundaries or politely ask them to leave. 

And if your partner is the same, it’ll be obvious. They’ll take the mature route over the dramatic, entertaining one any day. 

They’ll talk openly about their values and what they want from their relationship with you, so you’ll have no doubt that they want a drama-free life! 

12) They respect others 

And the final sign that you’re in a relationship with a drama-free person is if they don’t just respect you, they respect everyone else too!

That means they don’t start the drama with your parents, their family, your friends, or at work. 

Put simply:

They’re consistent!

This is how you know what their true personality is like, and if they avoid drama with everyone else, it’s a good indication they’ll do the same with you! 

Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter: @KiranAthar1

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