7 signs you’re in a rare relationship that is truly built to last

Ever wondered if your relationship is built to last? It’s a question I hear a lot from couples.

The truth is, lasting relationships are rare, but they do exist. And they’re built on solid foundations.

There are seven signs that show your relationship is meant to go the distance. They might not always be obvious, but once you spot them, you’ll see your bond in a whole new light.

Let’s explore these signs together and see if your love story has what it takes!

1) Genuine respect

Now, we’ve all heard it before. Respect is the bedrock of a solid relationship. But the kind of respect I’m talking about here goes beyond just being polite or considerate.

In a relationship built to last, there’s a deep-seated respect for each other’s individuality, aspirations, and even quirks. It’s about valuing each other as whole people – not just as partners.

Is your significant other your biggest cheerleader, supporting your dreams and aspirations? Do they respect your boundaries and value your opinions, even when they differ from their own? And most importantly, do they cherish you for who you are, complete with all your imperfections?

If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track. Genuine respect isn’t just about tolerating each other; it’s about celebrating each other. And that’s a sure sign of a relationship that’s truly built to last.

2) Comfortable silence

Here’s a little surprise for you: in a relationship that lasts, silence isn’t always a bad sign. Actually, it can signify a deep sense of comfort and understanding.

Think about it. In the beginning, we often rush to fill every silence, worried it might mean boredom or disinterest.

But as time goes on, you learn that love doesn’t always need chatter. You become okay with silence. You can be together, doing your own thing, yet feeling completely connected.

So if you find yourselves in those quiet moments of companionship, and it feels just right, chances are, you’re in a relationship that’s built to last. It shows there’s an unspoken understanding and acceptance between you two that doesn’t need constant words. And that’s pretty special.

3) Independence

Often, people mistake intense attachment for a sign of a lasting relationship. However, it’s important to understand that a healthy relationship isn’t about two halves becoming one. It’s about two wholes coming together.

In a truly enduring relationship, both partners maintain their individuality. They have their own set of friends, hobbies, and interests. They enjoy spending time apart as much as they enjoy being together.

It reminds me of a concept I discuss in one of my books – Breaking The Attachment: How To Overcome Codependency in Your Relationship. It’s about learning to balance togetherness and separateness in a way that strengthens your bond, rather than weakening it.

When you and your partner can pursue your own interests without feeling threatened or insecure, it’s a clear sign your relationship is solid. Having independence doesn’t mean you’re indifferent—it’s about respecting each other’s personal space and autonomy while still valuing the bond you share.  

4) Resilience

Life isn’t always a bed of roses, and neither are relationships. Every couple faces challenges; it’s how you handle these bumps that truly matters.

In a resilient relationship, partners don’t just weather the storm, they become their strongest in the face of adversity. They see challenges as opportunities to grow together, rather than reasons to part ways.

This reminds me of a quote I’ve always loved from the legendary Bruce Lee – “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” This wisdom holds true for relationships too.

I can personally vouch for this. Through every high and low, I’ve learned that it’s not about avoiding conflicts or difficulties, but about facing them together and emerging stronger.

5) Open communication

In my experience, one of the key pillars of a strong, enduring relationship is open and honest communication. It’s not just about sharing love and affection but also about discussing concerns, frustrations, and fears.

When you can have those candid conversations—both the good and the tough ones—you lay down the foundation of trust and understanding. And these are crucial for a lasting relationship.

I’ve found that some of the most meaningful talks I’ve had with my partner weren’t always easy. They were challenging, sometimes uncomfortable, but they ultimately brought us closer together.

So, if you’re in a relationship where both of you feel safe expressing your feelings without fear of judgment or backlash, that’s a sign your relationship is built to last. 

6) Shared laughter

Laughter, the ultimate mood lifter! It releases those feel-good hormones, eases tension, and brings people closer together.  

Some of my fondest memories with my partner revolve around those moments when we can’t stop laughing—whether it’s at a silly joke, a hilarious movie, or just for the sheer joy of it.

These instances of shared merriment have a knack for knitting themselves into the very essence of our relationship—making it all the more colorful and meaningful. 

Trust me, couples who laugh together stay together. If you and your partner find yourselves giggling together, truly belly-laughing, it’s a sure sign you’re in a relationship that’s here to stay.  

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7) Acceptance of imperfections

In every relationship, imperfection is part of the package. We all have our quirks, flaws, and baggage. But what truly matters is how we handle these imperfections.

In a relationship meant to last, partners don’t just put up with each other’s quirks—they embrace them. They get that these differences are what make their partner special.

There’s no trying to change or wishing for something different. Instead, they cherish the diversity, knowing it’s what makes their connection unique.

Ask yourself: do you and your partner love each other unconditionally, despite your flaws and weaknesses? If the answer is yes, then you’ve got a relationship that’s built to go the distance. 

Happy ever after

Looking at the signs of a lasting relationship, one thing becomes clear—it’s not about perfection. It’s about acceptance, growth, resilience, laughter, communication, independence, and above all, respect.

These elements create a unique tapestry of love for each couple. If you see these signs in your relationship, cherish them. And if not, don’t despair. Remember, every relationship is a journey of learning and growth.

For further insights into relationships, I recommend watching this video by Justin Brown. Here, he talks about the illusion of finding the perfect partner and the importance of embracing challenges and growth within a relationship.

Relationships are complex, beautiful, and at times challenging. But with understanding, love, and patience, they could truly be built to last. Here’s to finding and nurturing that rare love!

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