8 signs you’re extraordinary and you don’t even know it

Many of us are extraordinary without even knowing it. 

Far too often, we have an inner critic who sabotages our every accomplishment and tells us we’re low value or worthless. 

But it’s not true. 

Here’s why… 

1) You hold on to your dreams

One of the most common things that happens as we age is that we grow weary and cynical. 

The dreams of our youth fade away and sometimes even seem to disappear. 

But one of the top signs you’re extraordinary and you don’t even know it is that you’ve held onto your dreams, or at least the memory of them. 

Those childish ideal of achieving great things and following our dreams continues. 

Even if life’s led in different directions, you still care about your old dreams and haven’t forgotten them or the beauty of them. 

As Yong Kang Chan writes:

“Most people are too busy to dream. 

You are extraordinary because you have dreams and aspirations.”

2) You don’t let failure define you 

Another of the top signs you’re extraordinary and you don’t even know it is that you don’t let failure define you. 

Failure is like a heavy winter coat that settles itself on your shoulders and starts wrapping itself around you. 

It tells you that you belong with it, that it will keep you warm, that there’s nowhere else to go. 

Failure is a temptation, because if you just give up you won’t have to try anymore. 

You become that guy or girl who just failed and had bad luck and didn’t quite make it.

But extraordinary people don’t let this mantle of darkness define them. 

They chuck off the coat and put on a Hawaiian shirt instead and then wear a lei. 

Why not?

Failure happens to everyone. Why let it define who you are? 

3) You have real curiosity about life and the universe

The next of the top signs you’re extraordinary and you don’t even know it is that you have real curiosity about life and the universe. 

When you think about how all of this great universe came to be and how much we still don’t know, it fascinates you!

You can’t get enough of documentaries and considering questions like the existence of extraterrestrial life, how technology might change in the next decade, or whether miracles really do exist. 

Questions persist in your mind and you are fascinated. 

It may seem like everyone is fascinated, and I do think we all have some spark of wonder inside us.

But many of us have that spark snuffed out. If it’s still alive in you, trust me: you’re extraordinary! 

4) You genuinely care about others 

Another of the real signs you’re extraordinary and you don’t even know it is that you really do care about others

I’m not saying you’re selfless or that you never put yourself first. 

We all do, and sometimes we should!

But when you see a friend, or even a stranger, in pain, you feel pain, too! You want to help!

You want to be there for those who are in need and you seek to be a net plus in the lives of others and bring some solution to their problems and struggles if you can. 

That’s not something everyone does, and if you even try then you’re an extraordinary person. 

5) You want to love and be loved in return

As the character Christian says in Moulin Rouge! 

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

The desire for love is human, healthy and natural. 

Far too many of us suppress that desire, or run from it. We feel ashamed, and try to stuff all the love we have deep down inside and deny it. 

We try not to be needy, overly eager, or fall in love too fast. 

But one of the signs you’re extraordinary and you don’t even know it is that you wear your heart on your sleeve. 

You don’t fall in love with just anybody, and people do have to win your trust. 

But you’re open about being ready to love, and you’re able to receive and accept love that is given to you. 

That’s a special thing. 

6) You see good where others can’t see it

It’s easy to see the worst in people and in our world. 

The news, social media, and so much of the current tragedies going on almost seem to encourage us to focus on the bad. 

But one of the top signs you’re extraordinary and you don’t even know it is that you can still see good where others miss it. 

You truly think the world isn’t half as bad as it seems. 

And you believe that good things will come in the future. 

7) You have spiritual experiences and insights 

Another of the top signs you’re extraordinary and you don’t even know it is that you’re spiritually aware

You have spiritual experiences and insights and you care about the non-physical world. 

You may meditate or you may not. 

But it’s not about the outer symbols or definitions for you. 

It’s just that you have a deep inner emotional and spiritual life. 

You feel deeply about life, love and other people, and you are sensitive in the experiences you have and the relationships and interactions you have with those around you. 

8) Pressure makes you shine

Pressure comes along all the time in life.

Many of us run from it, but those who are extraordinary stand up and face it. 

That’s why one of the top signs you’re extraordinary and you don’t even know it is that pressure makes you shine

When more is asked of you, you rise to the occasion and give your all. 

You don’t back down or give up when the going gets tough, you just raise your game. 

That’s because you know that quitters never win, and diamonds are formed between a rock and a hard place. 

You’re special, even if you don’t know it

In his book The Greatest Miracle in the World, Og Mandino talks about how each of us is far more extraordinary than we realize. 

As he writes:

“I am nature’s greatest miracle. 

Since the beginning of time never has there been another with my heart, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my hair, my mouth. 

None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move and think exactly like me. 

I am a unique creature.”

Even on a purely literal level, you are extraordinary. 

Believe in yourself, and see your tasks and dreams through to the end. 

Take a look at the list above if you start to feel forgotten, invisible, and unwanted. 

You are valuable, special and extraordinary. 

Believe it. Know it. Live it. 

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