8 signs you’re an intuitive person who can sense things others can’t

Being an intuitive person gives you many more sensitivities and insights than the average person. 

There are often times when you can sense things that others just can’t.

Here are 14 of those situations. 

1) You get a ‘feeling’ for a place

The first of the signs you’re an intuitive person who can sense things others can’t is that you get strong “feelings” for a place. 

I’m highly intuitive and I have visceral negative reactions to very modern architecture or brutalist buildings, for example. 

You may find that you enter a room and already have a strong sensation of well-being or threat just from walking in without even being quite sure why. 

These strong feelings you get from a place are a definite sign of a strong intuitive nature. 

2) You sense good or bad ‘vibes’ from people 

The next of the signs you’re an intuitive person who can sense things others can’t is that you get very strong vibes from people. 

You don’t just respond to outer appearances, but instead have an intuitive sense of somebody’s energy. 

You get strong feelings of aversion or attraction to people in quite a short time and sometimes are not even sure why. 

Why are you feeling such goodwill towards the cashier in this store and so averse to the mechanic who just talked to you?

Both may be outwardly pleasant and nice, but your intuition sends you strong signals about the intentions and authenticity of those you meet. 

3) You’re able to suss out people’s hidden intentions

Part of the intuition you have for people helps you get a feeling for their hidden intentions more easily. 

The fact is that all of us have some intuition at a basic level. 

If a smiling man approaches you on the street holding a pamphlet and trying desperately to talk to you, you’re likely to have an immediate reaction:

This guy wants something from me or to sell or convince me of something. 

It may be a product, religion, spiritual path or course of some kind. 

But your first reaction in these cases is usually correct!

Being highly intuitive is the same except that you don’t need to see all the obvious outer signs to reach this kind of conclusion. 

You reach it right away and from subtle signs that others may miss like small facial expressions or tiny actions and behaviors from somebody that they don’t know you are noticing.

4) You can see through scams more easily 

Part and parcel of your sensitivity to people and their intentions is an ability to see through scams more easily. 

It’s not just those offers and ideas which seem too good to be true.

You see through subtler scams as well.

For example:  

You receive a job offer that is legitimate, but the description of the duties at this job are very vague. 

Although you trust the employer to pay you and not be fraudulent, you intuitively sense from the language of the boss and your interactions that the job will be much harder (and way worse) than advertised. 

You decline the position and save yourself a world of psychological stress and heartache.

5) You can spot hidden opportunities and risks 

The next of the signs you’re an intuitive person who can sense things others can’t is that you can spot hidden opportunities and risks that others don’t notice. 

You can sense when it’s the time to take a big chance on a career move or in your personal life. 

You can sense when there’s a hidden risk in a new relationship or business opportunity and you studiously avoid it. 

Whatever the situation, you adjust your approach. 

Your intuition helps guide you into picking out hidden problems and advantages that other people don’t notice. 

6) You feel spiritual and energetic shifts in the world and humanity

The next of the important signs you’re an intuitive person who can sense things others can’t is that you can feel big spiritual and energetic shifts before others. 

World wars, economic collapses, changes in ideology and major changes in the way we look at reality and life already come to you in intuitive form long before they become “official.” 

This ability to sense coming changes before they hit the mainstream can feel like both a curse and a blessing.

It makes you more cynical but also prepares you ahead of time for what’s coming. 

7) You sense coming social or political trends before others 

Part of this intuition about what’s coming is regarding big changes in politics or society. 

It’s as if you can feel the winds shifting from far away, whereas other people can only feel it when they’re already in the eye of the hurricane. 

You sense those winds even far off, and you have a good sense of what they might mean:

  • Economic changes
  • Social changes
  • Spiritual changes
  • World evolution and devolution

You feel it all. 

8) You get strong premonitions about the future 

In general, one of the strongest signs you’re an intuitive person who can sense things others can’t is that you get strong premonitions about the future.

This isn’t always pleasant, as it can include some painful future events which you sense. 

But you don’t really have a choice. 

You get distinct premonitions about what’s on the way. 

Whether or not they end up happening, it invariably turns out that there were valuable insights and information in the premonitions you had. 

Being intuitive this way can feel like a burden, as I mentioned, but it’s ultimately a valuable and deep insight into the future and the trends and energies that are shaping the reality to come. 

Using intuition to your advantage

Just as intuition can be overwhelming and lead to feeling drowned out by all the sensory input you’re getting, it can also be used to your advantage. 

Cultivating and tapping into your intuition can help you navigate confusing and unsure situations in your professional and personal life. 

Intuition can be your secret weapon that you use to have a deeper grasp of people, places and situations that others don’t have. 

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