14 signs you’re an INTJ, the “lone wolf” personality type

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You’ve long suspected that you’re probably an introvert and possibly a bit of a lone wolf too.

But have you ever wondered whether you may also be an INTJ type?

The rarest personality types in the Myers-Briggs system, there’s only an estimated 2% worldwide.

Some of the qualities of these three overlap quite a lot.

If you’re not sure, it’s time to find out. Let’s take a look at the signs…

1) ‘If you want something done right do it yourself’ is your motto

Lone wolves need to be self-sufficient if they are to survive going it alone.

This independent streak means you have learned how to fend for yourself.

When it comes to getting things done, INTJs prefer to rely on themselves.

That’s not to say you’re incapable of accepting help. But you certainly won’t go looking for it before you’ve given it a go.

Besides, you trust yourself to get the job done.

2) Others are quick to label you anti-social

It’s true that INTJs are the most introverted of all the types.

And if you’re an introvert, you’ll already know how misunderstood they can be.

Extroverts who get a real kick out of constant stimulation and non-stop company can’t wrap their head around the joys of being alone.

So their go-to assumption can be that there’s something wrong with you.

Why are they so shy?

Why are they rude?

But they’ve got it wrong. It’s not that you’re anti-social per se. You just value your solitude.

2) You’re most at peace when you’re alone

Loners are often lonely, whereas lone wolves relish time in their own company.

That’s the big difference.

It’s a typical INTJ trait to like to be on your own.

As an introvert, this is when you do your best thinking as well as recharge your battery.

Without this space, you can find yourself getting overwhelmed by the stresses and strain of overstimulation.

3) You hardly ever crave the company of others

Maybe you’ve questioned whether the extent of your solitude is healthy.

That’s because you never really find yourself longing for company. You’re just not the needy type.

So unreasonably demanding or clingy types won’t get very far with you.

It’s not that you mind being around others, but they usually reach out to you before you’ve gotten around to doing it.

But that’s not to say that lone wolves don’t make strong bonds.

They absolutely do, but as we’ll see next, they go about it in a particular way.

4) You connect with others, but they have to be the right people

Here’s what people need to understand about lone wolf INTJs:

They do value relationships.

They are not arrogant or aloof.

They want to have meaningful connections that enrich their lives.

But they are choosier.

They only want fulfilling relationships. They demand depth and won’t waste their time with shallow connections.

You may prefer to take your time to get to know people, and then give them your trust.

People in the lives of an INTJ have usually earned their place. But once they have, they find loyal and dedicated partners and friends.

5) You’re sometimes seen as mysterious

…But it’s only because others can find you hard to read sometimes.

That’s to be expected whenever you keep your cards close to your chest.

It’s not that you’re being intentionally obscure. It’s just that you naturally prefer to stand back from the crowd and observe.

That may give the appearance of having a cool exterior. But what others often don’t realize is that underneath lies a hotbed of intense emotion.

6) You feel things deeply

As we’ll see soon INTJs are known for their analytical way of thinking.

So it can come as a great surprise to others that underneath that calm and almost hard-seeming shell, there is a very soft center.

Despite what others may assume, you do care what people think of you (especially those you respect and care about).

You have very strong values, morals, and ethics which guide you and make you a very passionate person.

You may find that you are hardest on yourself and so can be particularly sensitive to criticism or rejection from others too.

7) Whilst you respect rules, you can have a rebellious streak

Here’s the thing:

You aren’t stubborn for the sake of it. You don’t think it’s “cool” to break the rules, which is usually just attention-seeking.

Your practical ways of thinking does see a place for structure in the world. But only when it makes sense.

And YOU decide what makes sense, not some authority figure who thinks they know best.

You simply want to live life following the beat of your own drum. If that clashes with the status quo, it’s nothing personal.

8) You’re a logical thinker who prizes common sense

You don’t suffer fools gladly.

In your mind, the best way to get anything done is through the application of reason.

So when others act in totally nonsensical ways, you’re left scratching your head.

The likes of Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking are fellow INTJs, which gives you an indication of the logical approach these personality types are led by.

9) You’re usually one step ahead of the game

That bolstered mental prowess means not a lot gets passed you.

Your brain is constantly whirling, so you’re always thinking.

This can give you quite an organized streak.

You use your forward-thinking and planning to stay efficient.

You don’t like to fall behind, but the truth is, more often than not, your sharp skills keep you well ahead of the curve.

10) This meeting could be an email

As we’ve seen already, INTJs are big on efficiency, meanwhile, they don’t exactly enjoy excessive communication for the sake of it.

So is it any wonder that pointless work meetings get on their nerves?

And it’s not just a meeting that could be an email.

If you’re an INTJ you may also:

  • Much prefer to text than take a phone call
  • Avoid social media use as it can get a bit too much
  • Take your time replying to messages

11) You need stimulating conversation, not small talk

Another aspect of the socially awkward label that INTJs can get thrust upon them is their distaste for chit-chat.

They neither have the time nor inclination for it.

What does it add to the world?!

Whilst some people use it as a social lubricant to get to know people, to them, it’s far better to invest in deeper questions that dig below the surface.

12) You are endlessly curious

Being a lone wolf does not mean that you are withdrawn from the world around you.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Because you are endlessly fascinated by it.

INTJs are curious people with a thirst for knowledge and understanding.

Why? Is their favorite question to ask of both themselves and others, making them incredibly self-aware people.

It’s this interest that spurs them on to make new discoveries.

13) You’re a creative problem solver

We can think of creativity as having a talent for drawing or music. But the scope of creativity encompasses far more areas of life than just the arts.

Because creativity is simply about coming up with new and original things.

It’s about innovation at its heart.

And you’re far better placed to do that when you have INTJ qualities like curiosity, logical thinking, healthy questioning, focus, and organization.

Pearl Nash

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