11 signs you’re an ESTP, the “Entrepreneur” personality type

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Sixteen personality types define the infamous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator quiz – each with their own unique take on the person you are and what motivates you the most.

The type ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) – also known as the “Entrepreneur” type – is one of the most common personality types.

Think you may have the ESTP qualities that make you a born entrepreneur? Keep reading to learn the 11 signs you’re an ESTP.

What is the MBTI Personality Test?

It’s safe to say that Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality tests changed the game when it gained major popularity in the corporate world.

Initially released way back in the 1940s, the tool to assess personality types was used to help women entering the workforce find war-time jobs that suited them. 

But fast forward 80 years and it shook the world when the MBTI personality test became one of the biggest tools used in business.

As per the MBTI website, more than 88% of companies in 115 countries use the personality test to promote healthier workplaces and improve communication in corporations.

Why? Well, according to users, understanding the different personalities and communication preferences can promote healthier workplaces all around.

What is an ESTP?

ESTP (Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving) is more commonly known as the personality type of most entrepreneurs.

This essentially means that if you have this personality type, you’re way more likely to own your own business, start a side hustle, or climb the ladder one day.

When you’re an ESTP, you’re outgoing, have a wide circle of friends, and gain energy from spending time with others.

You’re also (perhaps unsurprisingly) extremely ambitious.

A naturally action-oriented mindset keeps you on-task and able to climb the ladder (or build success from the ground up!).

11 signs you’re an ESTP with an “Entrepreneur” personality type

ESTPs are undoubtedly ambitious, witty, and energetic. But they also have their flaws which, if they’re not careful, can get the best of them.

Think you have an ESTP personality? Here are 11 signs you have an entrepreneurial personality!

1) You consider yourself ambitious, with big plans for the future

One of the biggest signs you’re an ESTP is if you have strong ambition and a drive to succeed.

For you, no goal is too big or too far from reach.

When you go to the gym, you plan to break your PB again and again.

In school or college, you’re always aiming for the best grades and top marks.

In your professional life, you want nothing more than to climb the ladder and work your way to the top.

Ultimately, you have big plans for the future, and you’re always setting yourself high targets that keep you motivated and focused.

2) You love the idea of working for yourself

Most entrepreneurs work for themselves, have their own businesses, or at least have a side hustle they engage in regularly.

When you’re an ESTP (the entrepreneur personality type), the idea of working for yourself is a dream come true.

Getting to put the work in, set your own hours, answer to yourself, and build something from scratch is your idea of a dream job.

And even if you don’t have your “big idea” just yet, you’re forever searching for something that can get you closer to being your own boss one day!

3) You find motivation from within, but gain energy from others

Both introverted and extroverted people enjoy the company of others.

But the difference is that introverts lose energy when around people, whereas extroverts gain it.

When you’re an ESTP, your primary personality type is being an extrovert. That means you love being around people.

After socializing, you find yourself energized (rather than feeling like you want to hide from the world and talk to no one for a few hours).

And even though your personality type means you’re naturally motivated from within, there’s nothing that hits the spot like being around other people!

4) You love socializing and staying busy

Again, because you’re an extrovert, you love nothing more than to socialize and stay busy.

A weekend without plans is your idea of a nightmare!

For you, if Saturday and Sunday are left just for “life admin” and “downtime”, you feel like it’s a weekend wasted.

5) You easily stay on task and are always looking at the “thing to do”

Being so action-oriented, you find it super easy to stay on task.

If your boss gives you an assignment, you don’t get lost in all the other hundreds of things that could be done.

For you, “scope-creep” isn’t in your vocabulary.

In a meeting, people waffling away is of no use to you. You’re always on the hunt to find the action amongst the talk.

If a friend says they’re not sure if a venue will be open – you look it up or call them to find out.

Talking without a solution isn’t something you like to do – and a professional conversation isn’t worth it if it doesn’t lead to a task or something getting done.

6) You like to do rather than plan

Of course, everyone has to have a plan sometimes. No successful businessperson got where they needed to be by “going with the flow” all the time!

But for you, planning the details feels boring and somewhat confining.

Wasting hours and hours defining every detail is just that to you – wasteful.

When you’re given a task, you’d much rather come up with a loose idea of how you’re going to do something – then get out there and do it!

7) You’re logical and can put feelings aside to make decisions

Tough decisions have to be made sometimes.

There’s no shame in having empathy, and you can still have lots of it if you’re an ESTP.

But you also know how to cut through the emotion and make a decision based on just logic sometimes.

Which doesn’t always help you when your decisions relate to people and their feelings.

But it makes a big difference when you need to find a solution that works, despite the people impacted being your friends.

8) You prefer facts over ideas

As a proactive individual, you prefer to get on with things.

You like hearing information that makes sense and is justified – rather than ideas that might never be proven.

You have zero use for anything philosophical or “out there” if there’s nothing you can do with the information.

If you’re in a debate with someone and they start talking about theories or abstract concepts – that’s it – you’ve lost interest!

You hear people talking for hours about philosophical ideas and the “meaning of life” – but for you, you just can’t relate.

Facts are your best friends.

Because you have a rational mind as an ESTP, you prefer straightforward information or something that’s been scientifically proven.

An example?

Horoscopes: Not your cup of tea.

The Myer’s Briggs tests that are based on tons of research and backed up by many studies: Perfect!

9) You can be somewhat impulsive

Because you don’t like to get into the details, planning isn’t always your strong suit.

You’re constantly changing things around or deciding things at the last minute.

And to some people, you can come across as pretty impulsive.

Even when there’s method to your madness, sometimes your quick decisions are a little too quick.

Combined with your ability to put aside people’s emotions to do what’s logical, you’re quick-thinking can sometimes cause problems.

And occasionally, it leads you down a path of doing or saying things that you later regret.

10) You’re very, very competitive

Think of the most successful businessperson you know.

Chances are, they didn’t get there by believing they are or being satisfied with being “second best”.

No, instead, they want to be the best of the best. They want to succeed and want to be better than their competitors, colleagues, classmates, and even their own friends.

Why? Because they’re competitive.

And it’s this trait that makes them so motivated to succeed at whatever it is they put their mind to.

11) You can be a little dramatic

ESTPs know how to get people on their side.

They’re big talkers and know how to work a room.

So, if you’re an ESTP, you’re almost certainly known to be a little dramatic at times.

When you’re telling a story, you’ll happily dramatize the events to get people listening.

When you’re in a job interview, you’ll make a small problem and an easy solution seem like the world’s biggest issue and the world’s best save.

Because to you, every moment is an opportunity to shine!

Final thoughts

People with ESTP personality types are one to watch!

Being the “entrepreneurial” type, they’re most likely to find themselves a neat side hustle or full-blown self-employed career.

Being excellent socializers and quick on their feet, they often do well in business, active, mechanical, or marketing careers in the corporate world, too.

But despite their excellent logic and action-oriented mindset, they can also come across as impulsive, too competitive, or insensitive at times.

Amy Reed

Amy Reed is a content writer from London working with international brands. As an empath, she loves sharing her life insights to help others. When she’s not writing, she enjoys a simple life of reading, gardening, and making a fuss over her two cats.

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