13 signs you’re a soulful person with a deep inner world

One of my friends asked me the other day how I can write so much despite not having a lot going on at the moment.

She wasn’t being rude but legitimately curious. I’m currently in my chill girl era and experiencing zero drama. 

I mostly spend my days reading, writing, and watching TV.

So how do I get the material?

It’s simple: a significant portion of my life happens internally rather than externally.

I may look aloof on the surface, but there’s plenty happening on the inside. I reflect, ponder, imagine, analyze.


Are you the same way? Let’s figure it out together!

Here are 13 signs you’re a soulful person with a deep inner world.

How many of these apply to you?

1) You appear calm and collected

When you permanently inhabit a world of your thoughts and feelings, you learn how to navigate them with grace.

As a result, you’re less likely to lose your temper or patience in public, regardless of what might be happening inside.

Soulful people appear calm and collected, are good in a crisis, and know how to control themselves even when their blood boils with anger and frustration.

In short, they have a firm grasp on their reactions, and you rarely see them lose their cool.

2) You have admirable inner strength

Soulful individuals exhibit an introspective nature and have a solid connection to their inner selves. 

Thanks to this, they develop resilience and inner strength.

If you have a deep inner world, you have endless resources to draw upon during challenging times. 

This enables you to navigate hardship with a clearer head.

You also know your boundaries and capabilities well. You understand that even if you encounter an obstacle, you have the skill to overcome it.

3) Your heart is fragile

That said, soulful people with a deep inner world also tend to be highly sensitive.

They’re easy to hurt, especially given that they prioritize their relationships.

They’re in tune with their own emotions and the emotions of others, and there’s only so much one heart can handle.  

Besides this emotional awareness, they might exhibit greater sensitivity for a variety of reasons:

  • They are open and vulnerable with the people they care about, making them more likely to get hurt
  • They value meaningful connections with others, so they take it harder when a loved one betrays them, hurts them, or becomes distant
  • They frequently have high expectations from themselves and others, which means they are disappointed when those expectations aren’t met

If you recognize yourself, protect your heart. It’s very fragile.  

4) You forgive quickly

Despite being hurt easily, soulful people are quick to forgive.

They have a vast capacity for empathy and understanding. Consequently, they can put themselves in others’ shoes and see situations from their perspective.

When someone wrongs them, they can understand the motivations, as well as the circumstances and emotions that led the person to behave in a hurtful manner.

Naturally, this makes them more inclined to forgive.

I’m not suggesting that people with a deep inner world are doormats.

However, they know that forgiveness is a step toward releasing past pain, and they’re not keen to hold on to resentment.

5) You know yourself well

Soulful individuals have a broad knowledge of themselves.

While knowing yourself is life’s eternal homework, there are ways to determine whether you’re in touch with who you really are:

  • You have a set of values and principles that guide you through life
  • You regularly engage in self-reflection, wondering why you do the things you do
  • You question your intrusive throughs and emotions regularly
  • You’re aware of your qualities, good and bad
  • You know your triggers and have strategies in place to manage them effectively

6) You long for meaning

In addition to impressive self-knowledge, soulful people possess a powerful desire for meaning.

They’re on a lifelong quest to discover why they were put in this world and what they must accomplish to feel like their time on the planet is worthwhile.

While they can find everyday routines soothing, they’re eager to explore their potential and often take personal and professional risks to determine if they’re on the right path.

The downside?

Feeling purposeless can drive them insane. 

It can lead to depression and apathy, and they often need help to weather periods when their life lacks meaning.

7) You like to daydream

Having a deep inner world means that you often get lost exploring it.

People will complain that you daydream too much, and they sometimes find it hard to hold your attention.

You’re content just staring out the window in silence or listening to your favorite music with your eyes closed.  

8) You have a vivid imagination

Additionally, you come up with wild scenarios involving either yourself or your loved ones.

You might have colorful dreams rich in detail, and you’re probably a visual thinker because imagining scenes and concepts comes naturally to you.  

Your vivid imagination brings you joy and a sense of wonder. 

Consider yourself lucky.

9) You feel connected to nature

Soulful people often feel close to the natural world.

They can experience overwhelming awe just by witnessing a breathtaking sunset, walking through a dense forest, or looking at a beautiful flower.

Not only do they appreciate nature, but they find it inspiring – and being outdoors allows them to find peace and recharge.

Sometimes, this kinship with nature makes them painfully aware of environmental issues, and they sense a desire to preserve the natural world.

10) You love all animals

Likewise, soulful people usually love animals.

They have or want a pet, and they like to talk about how fascinating and clever creatures of all shapes and sizes are.  

11) You are inclusive

People with a deep inner world don’t feel the need to diminish others. They have compassion, so they strive to be as inclusive as possible.

If you’re the one who always reaches out to that distant friend so they don’t feel left out, there’s a good chance you have a big soul.

You might also call out people when they discriminate, aim to connect with diverse people, and equally value everyone’s opinion, regardless of factors like background, race, sexuality, and so on.

12) You have introspecting hobbies

Introspecting hobbies are hobbies that encourage self-exploration and self-expression.

Personally, I journal religiously, read self-development books, and take mindful walks in nature.

If you’re a soulful person, there’s a good chance you have one or two hobbies that feed your inner world. Some examples include:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Creative writing
  • Solo traveling
  • Photography
  • Scrapbooking
  • Painting/drawing

13) You appreciate art

Finally, soulful people generally have a mighty appreciation for art.

I don’t necessarily mean that you’re obsessed with museums and faint at the sight of a majestic painting or sculpture.

Art comes in many forms. Perhaps you love music, literature, film, or calligraphy.

Whatever it is, the pleasure you derive from it goes beyond aesthetics.

You find personal meaning within the artwork and ask yourself how it relates to your own experiences.

When you connect with a piece of art, it inspires or challenges you.

Final thoughts

If you’re a soulful person, you have a strong bond with yourself and the world.

You feel things deeply and revel in the richness of human experience.

More importantly, you’re cultivating a more fulfilling life.

I’m rooting for you. 


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