10 signs you’re a highly sensitive person with a powerful edge

Despite what society would have us believe, sensitivity is not a weakness.

In fact, it can be your superpower.

That’s not to say it isn’t sometimes challenging. It takes a lot of strength to be so attuned to the world.

But if you recognize the following signs, then congrats, you’re a highly sensitive person with a powerful edge.

1) You’re very intuitive

Here’s the thing:

Sensitive people are observant.

Rather than remain oblivious, they are tuned in to the details. They are constantly analyzing everything around them. And that gives them crazy intuition.

Because rather than being some sort of mystical knowing, intuition is far more scientific than that.

Your brain is taking in non-stop info throughout your day.

A lot of what it’s “reading” around you isn’t that useful for the task at hand. So your conscious mind doesn’t need to be made aware of it.

Yet your subconscious keeps a record. It’s like a giant warehouse in the back storing the sights, sounds, and experiences you have.

And like a very helpful warehouse assistant, it retrieves that information whenever you might need it.

There’s not always enough concrete evidence to give you specifics, so instead you get instinctive gut feelings.

The more sensitive you are, the more you pick up on those feelings. And that’s a big deal.

Steve Jobs once claimed that intuition is more powerful than intellect.

Research confirms that a strong intuition can help us make better decisions.

2) You have a vivid imagination

Sensitive people craft a rich inner world for themselves.

And that depth usually makes them highly creative.

Your imagination can take you to interesting places. You can travel without even needing to go anywhere.

You may be better equipped to problem solve and search for unique solutions because of it.

The flip side is when you use your imagination in ways that may not serve you. For example, by dreaming up the worst-case scenario or hiding from reality.

But when you apply your active imagination for good, it gives you a clear advantage.

There is a good reason why so many artists and creative thinkers are highly sensitive people.

They have access to a whole other world in the depths of their imagination.

3) You’re incredibly empathetic

Like a lot of the signs on this list, empathy can feel like a blessing and a curse.

After all, it’s sort of true what they say that ignorance is bliss.

With a muted emotional capacity, you may well spare yourself some of the heartache.

But you would also miss out on the wide-ranging rainbow of feelings that we human beings are capable of experiencing.

And that would be a sad thing.

The ability to put yourself in the shoes of others helps you to build better bonds and stronger relationships.

It promotes altruism and helping behaviors in society.

Not only that, but it helps you to grow as a person too.

You gain a better understanding of your own emotions, and how to regulate them.

4) You’re a deep thinker

Along with high sensitivity comes a greater depth of processing.

Meaning you are a deep thinker.

Does it feel like your brain simply doesn’t switch off?

That’s down to the way HSPs are wired differently.

The parts of your brain that handle both visual and attention processing experience stronger activation than in other people.

So your mind is always working away behind the scenes.

Yes, deep thinking may put you at greater risk of rumination or anxiety. But it is also a useful skill that can put you ahead in life.

It allows you to go beyond the obvious and seek out more meaning, gaining new perspectives on established ideas, beliefs, and opinions.

Why is that such a big deal? Because all progress relies on this ability.

In the words of Albert Einstein:

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

5) You pick up on subtle energies around you

Okay, sometimes that can mean you are at risk of absorbing those energies too.

But it doesn’t have to.

Not if you are mindful of the effect people can have on you and take steps to protect yourself.

But guess what?

It’s also a marvelous evolutionary skill you have. It’s a primal tool to help keep you safe. It’s essentially another form of intuition. 


You meet someone and something just feels “off” about them. You’re actually tapping into very subtle signals that they’re giving off.

And that can help you navigate people.

You get a big flashing red warning light to stay away from some. Meanwhile, you know who to invest your time in.

That sensitivity to energy is like a radar that can guide you.

All you need to do is listen to what it tells you.

6) You can read the room and adjust accordingly

Here’s another useful thing about being detail-orientated and able to tune in to energies:

It helps you gauge the tone.

When you go to an event, party, or gathering you’re really good at knowing the vibe and assimilating.

You are sensitive to how others behave and you are great at responding to the cues they give out. Making you adaptable.

So you are far less likely to put your foot in it, get the mood wrong, or show yourself up.

You’re far too aware for all that.

7) You love your alone time

More than that, you need it.

Okay, it may have started out as a necessary escape in order to recharge. But it’s turned into so much more.

Rather than making you a “loner”, it makes you self-sufficient.

You are calm and comfortable in your own company. And that’s a special thing.

People who are happy to spend time alone enjoy better mood regulation, less stress, increased productivity, and increased creativity.

There’s even evidence that people who crave alone time the most are more intelligent.

8) You consider yourself spiritual and may even have had mystical experiences

The world around us operates on so many levels. Regardless of what you believe, it’s true.

Even if you align more with the scientific perspective, there are forces at work that we cannot see and are yet to discover. Most of the Universe remains a mystery. 

But you may still feel certain things.

Yet again, the ability to tap into things beyond yourself can shape you in the most wonderful ways.

After growing up in a non-religious household. I remember reading my first spiritual book around 15 years ago.

As I read the words in front of me, tears flooded my eyes and I felt this glowing sensation in my heart.

It spoke to a truth within me that I cannot even describe. One that my brain couldn’t verbalize, and I felt on an almost cellular level.

If you know exactly what I’m talking about, that’s probably because high levels of sensitivity are also correlated with spirituality and mystical experiences.

9) You feel a deep connection to nature

Overwhelm is a very common side effect that comes with greater sensitivity.

No wonder. HSPs are like sponges in their environment, soaking up everything around them.

So when you’re in a loud, noisy, or crowded place that can become too much.

For many sensitive people, overstimulation can be counteracted by escaping into nature.

In fact, for some, being in the natural world is a spiritual experience in itself.

That’s because they can feel the “oneness” of life.

Their sensitivity allows them to tap into the essence that all living creatures share.

10) You take pride in your work

It’s true that very sensitive people can struggle with any form of critique — even constructive feedback.

There can be a tendency to take things to heart.

So perfectionism may sometimes be an issue for you, along with being too hard on yourself. Neither of which is good for you.

But wanting to do a good job is an admirable thing that can raise standards.

That combined with your excellent attention to detail makes you highly motivated and skilled.

You apply yourself to the task at hand and are willing to make an effort.

That doesn’t just apply to your work, it goes for the people in your life too.

Your sensitivity is your strength

If you’ve ever cursed how “overly sensitive” you are I hope this article has helped you to shift your perspective.

All life’s greatest gifts come with the potential to create some problems too.

But never let anyone tell you that you should “toughen up” or mute your sensitivity.

Because all your biggest blessings will flow from this powerful edge.

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