Are you a free spirit? 7 signs you’re following your own path in life

When you think about a free spirit, do you imagine someone wandering along an isolated beach barefoot, the wind blowing through their long hair, and wearing a flowy dress that whips around their ankles?

Because, weirdly, that’s what I imagine!

In the movies, it’s usually pretty easy to spot who the free-spirited character is alongside the other people.

But in real life, walking along the street barefoot isn’t something you can usually do (well, not safely, anyway).

By definition, a free spirit is someone who lives by their own rules. They don’t live in fear of the judgment of others. They are completely unafraid to be themselves, no matter how quirky they are.

They live an authentic life and have a strong desire to connect with others and explore the world and all its beauty.

So, the question is, are you a free spirit? Let’s find out!

Check out these 7 signs you’re a free spirit and are following your own path in life.

1) You consider yourself independent and love doing things alone

Free-spirited people love doing things with others. But there’s also nothing they love more than doing things alone.

Exploring new places with friends is fun, but there’s nothing quite like spending time completely by yourself.

When you’re alone, you tend to take in more of the world around you.

You notice the small things, like the way the sun reflects off the waves and how fresh the air smells when the wind blows.

Even though you’re happy spending time with others, you love your independence and thoroughly enjoy your alone time.

2) You love exploring new places and traveling

There’s a strong association between someone who’s a free spirit and someone with a wandering heart.

When you make time to travel the world and explore new places (even if that’s just in the area you live), you expose yourself to new things.

One of the many benefits of traveling is that it allows you to disconnect, recharge, and live fully in the present moment.

You get to take in the world around you and broaden your horizons to new experiences, people, cultures, and places.

When you explore new areas, you get away from the mundane in life and temporarily escape your responsibilities (and the rat race).

It fills your soul and makes you feel like you’re truly living in the moment.

3) You love yourself and always strive to grow

Some people tell us that it’s wrong or arrogant to love yourself.

But the fact is that life is too short not to love who you are!

When you’re a true free spirit, you hold yourself in high regard. Not because you think you’re better than everyone else.

But because you know that without you, you couldn’t experience all the wonderful things life has to offer.

You couldn’t find joy in traveling the world, having conversations with strangers, or even learning from past mistakes.

Plus, when you love who you are, you’re more likely to look after yourself and do the things you want to do.

You don’t do things for the sake of it or because it’s what everyone else is doing.

Everything you do is done with intention and because it’s what you find interesting, exciting, or good for your mental well-being.

You’re also more likely to be kind to yourself, especially when you make mistakes or if something didn’t work out the way you wanted it to.

Because you know that the best way to learn is to live – and take the time later to reflect on what went well and what you could do differently next time around.

4) You take risks and don’t worry about other people’s opinions

One of the biggest signs you’re following your own path in life is if you live a life true to yourself – not anyone else around you.

You make your own decisions, and you make them because it’s what you want. Not because it’s what your parents want or what your friends think is cool.

Like if your passion is taking photos or going indoor rock climbing, you buy yourself that camera or sign up for that climbing class.

Or if your job isn’t bringing you joy, you take the plunge into a new career, even if it’s not what you studied in college or what your parents encouraged you to do.

You don’t worry about what other people will say or think of you. Because it’s highly likely they won’t think anything negative at all.

Plus, you know there’s nothing you’ll regret more when you’re in your seventies than not doing the things you wanted to do out of fear of other people’s opinions!

5) You don’t just live for the weekends

When you’re a free-spirited person, your primary concern is not your working life.

You don’t just live for the weekends, with your 9-5 consuming your waking (and potentially also your sleeping) life.

Instead, you find ways to enjoy the small moments of joy in the everyday.

Like romanticizing your morning coffee on the way to work and how fresh the air smells when it rains.

You also make plans to enjoy dinner with friends, go for evening runs, or visit family after work.

Because when you’re following your own path in life, you don’t let your 9-5 run the show. You make time to do the things you want to do – and not just on the weekends.

6) You’re considered the open-minded friend

When you’re a free-spirited person, you have an open mind about all kinds of things in life.

Whether that’s related to how other cultures live or just what your next-door neighbor gets up to on the weekends.

You’re the type of person who hunts to find a different perspective on things, who analyzes behaviors to understand more about them, and who always strives to not judge others for their beliefs.

You’re also probably the person friends come to for non-judgemental advice or an open-minded chat.

Because you don’t define yourself by what other people think.

Instead, you have your own mind and your own views on things. And you feel confident enough to express them when the time is right.

7) You live a mindful life in cohesion with the planet (as best you can)

When you’re a free spirit, you love the idea of living mindfully and in cohesion with planet Earth.

You don’t get caught up in the rush of what’s easiest, all the while neglecting the beauty of the world around you.

You love the idea of living consciously and intentionally – not just buying things because it’s the latest edition or because you’re bored of it.

Whether that’s by going fully vegan and learning how to grow your own tomatoes – or just making time to recycle and picking up small bits of trash when you see it tossed on the sidewalk.

Final thoughts

Following your own path in life isn’t always easy, especially when almost everything in modern-day life relies on being connected, productive, and money-making at all times.

But if you have a free spirit, there are probably things you enjoy and long for (and hopefully do quite often) that aren’t like other people around you.

Like not living for the weekends and making time to disconnect, recharge, and do things that fill your soul with joy.

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