17 signs you’re a deeply intuitive person, according to psychology

Intuition is a powerful quality. Intuitive people are guided by a force that many others do not see. 

If you are one of these intuitive people then you deal with your own set of unique challenges and advantages. 

Being intuitive is like seeing life in 1080HD while people around you are still seeing in 720p.

Here is a look at the top sides that you are highly intuitive and guided by a higher source. 

Let’s get started.

1) You listen to your “inner self” 

There is a still small voice inside you, and whenever possible you heed its advice. 

This inner conscience or inner self as it is often called, has been your constant companion through life. Some call it a gut feeling. It doesn’t guide you wrong and you’ve learned to respect it.

“Perhaps the most obvious trait of an intuitive person is the extent to which they listen to the little voice inside of them and actually act based upon what it says,” notes self-development writer Steve Phillip-Waller

2) You need to spend a lot of time alone 

Intuitive people have a greater need to spend time alone and recharge. 

You take in many sensory impressions from the world around you and perceive so much that you need to recharge your own energy quite frequently. 

You are sociable and gregarious, but you do need quite a lot more space and time to regroup than the average person. 

3) You’re highly perceptive of the world around you

As a highly intuitive person, you are extremely perceptive of the world around you. 

You notice small details that many others may miss and you pick up on cues from your environment with all five senses. 

Subtle smells, faint sounds, interwoven tastes and far away or small objects are all within your scope of perception.

Nothing gets past you.

4) You’re extraordinarily creative and artistic

Intuitive people are often highly creative and artistic

Since a young age you have had a propensity and desire to paint, create, sing, play instruments and contribute to the world in an artistic way. 

You find beauty even where others see only adult, gray pastel. 

You are able to find the shades in between and the bright colors that others miss.

5) You have intense lucid dreams that you remember upon waking 

Intuitive individuals often have another guide: their dreams. 

Intense lucid dreaming in which you are aware of what you are dreaming and able to make decisions is one hallmark of the highly intuitive individual. 

You have dreams that are almost as real as your waking life and you are able to recollect them after waking up. 

They may provide insight into your coming day and give you information that is useful to you in your life and the life of others close to you. 

6) You have a strong feeling for who has a good heart

Do you ever get a strong sense that someone is not a good person

You can’t quite put your finger on it but there is just something about them that doesn’t sit right. 

By the same token, there are others who you have a strong feeling are well intentioned and sincere. 

You can’t quite specify why but you feel sure that they are even if social judgments and reputation don’t value this person. 

You have your own intuition about them.

7) You have sudden inspirations and insights 

As an intuitive person, you are prone to flights of sudden inspiration and artistic creation. 

You suddenly realize something that has been stymying you for weeks and you have insights and spontaneous realizations that help you have breakthroughs in your career, your personal life, and other areas of your existence. 

This includes psychologically and spiritually, where you will often have epiphanies that help you reach new stages of personal development and transcendence.

8) You feel a deep and special connection to nature

Intuitive people often feel a deep and profound connection to nature

If that sounds like you, then you can definitely relate to a feeling of almost communing or talking with nature. 

It is like nature and you are old friends or part of a family. 

The rhythms and activities of nature restore and refresh your soul.

9) You’re able to sense when something is bothering somebody

Fake smiles don’t work around you. 

You can immediately sense when somebody is not doing okay or struggling deeply with something. 

Even if it seems like everything is fine on the surface and a person tells you that it is, you can tell when that is not the case.

10) You listen to your body and have a sense of when something is wrong

The intuitive individual is highly in touch with their body and physical self. 

You are able to tap into the message your body is sending and to sense the needs, deficiencies and illnesses of your physical self.

This helps you stay aware of your physical needs and keep abreast of what’s going on in terms of your own vitality. 

11) You know when your partner is happy or upset with you

When it comes to relationships, you are also highly tuned in. 

You know when your partner is upset about something or struggling in a way that is serious. 

This is very useful in most cases, however the potential downside is that you become hypersensitive to problems in your partner and begin trying to micromanage their emotions or please them every time.

12) You can feel love or a breakup coming from far away 

When your relationship is headed for the rocks, you can sense it coming from a long way off. 

The same goes for When Love is in the air. You can sense that you are about to meet someone special in your life, even before you have met them. 

You can also sense when it is time to spend more time alone or regroup and find your own way.

13) You sometimes turn to addictive behaviors when you feel overwhelmed 

Being intuitive isn’t all sunshine and roses. 

Your heightened sensitivity sometimes leaves you overwhelmed and confused. 

During these times you may find that you turn to addictive behaviors as a way to try to escape and dull down your heightened sensitivity. 

Whether that is gambling, sex, overwork, overeating, drugs, or other activities, the result is an attempt to run away from your hyper perceptiveness and intuitive nature.

As bestselling author Doctor Lissa Rankin writes:

“When you’re intuitive and don’t know it, you may try to tune out by drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, overeating, smoking, using drugs, or indulging in other addictive behaviors that disconnect you from your intuition.”

14) You know how to build bridges with others  

Your intuition gives you a lot of insight into other people.

You have an innate sense for what will connect with others and what they will relate to most. 

As such you are able to deftly form connections with others in a professional and personal sense.

15) You have powerful premonitions about the future 

Your intuition extends to the future, where you often have powerful premonitions about what is coming. 

This could be positive things, or it might be painful events and situations. 

You often have a strong sense about another person, situation, or an event, only to have it confirmed shortly after.

16) You are a deep thinker who ponders the essence of life 

As an intuitive person, you often find yourself pondering the deeper side of life. 

You want to know about the meaning of existence, the nature of divinity, how to find inner peace and what real love looks like. 

You are a person who contemplates these deeper things and does your best to break through to the truth.

17) You have above average sensitivity to the emotions of others

You have above average sensitivity to the emotions of others. 

Even your work colleagues and others who are not part of your close inner circle are very apparent to you emotionally. 

You pick up on small social cues and emotional triggers around you that are not on the surface, and you do your best to respond to them and interact with them in a mature and effective way.

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