10 signs you’re a better person than you think, according to psychology

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Maybe you’ve helped a neighbor with their groceries or complimented a stranger’s outfit.

Often, we think these small acts don’t mean much, but they might suggest you’re a better person than you give yourself credit for.

Maybe you’re one of those people who is hard on themselves and tends to downplay their accomplishments.

You might even think you’re not that great.

There are subtle signs that prove you’re a better person than you believe.

Welcome to this guide, here we are going to look at 10 signs you’re a better person than you think, according to psychology.

You might just surprise yourself with how amazing you truly are.

You don’t have to exhibit all these signs, but possessing a few could suggest you’re more decent and kind-hearted than you give yourself credit for.

1) Empathy towards others

A key sign that you’re a better person than you think is your ability to empathize with others.

You understand and share the feelings of those around you, appreciating their experiences and perspectives.

This empathetic nature drives you to be kind and considerate, showing you’re a good person at heart.

2) Consistent honesty

You have a knack for speaking the truth, even when it’s not the easiest route.

This type of honesty is an indicator of high moral standards and integrity, traits that define a good person.

It’s rooted in the psychological concept of ‘authenticity’ – living in accordance with your beliefs and values, and not being afraid to express your true self.

This consistent honesty allows you to build trust with others.

3) Acts of kindness

You have a wonderful habit of selflessly lending a helping hand to others, even when there’s nothing in it for you.

This generous, thoughtful tendency to assist people without expectation of reward or recognition speaks volumes about the kind of genuinely kind-hearted, compassionate person you are.

Your instinct to uplift and support those around you, even in small ways, shows your true character.

4) Ability to forgive

While holding grudges may seem like the easier path, you have this strong capacity to gracefully let go and extend genuine forgiveness, even in the face of hurt or wrongdoing.

This ability to forgive reveals not only your inner strength and emotional maturity, but also shines a light on the profound goodness and empathy that defines who you are.

It’s a quality that allows you to rise above pettiness and move forward with an open heart.

5) Self-doubt

You tend to question and reflect on whether you’re doing or being enough for the people around you, driven by a desire to continually grow and improve.

Interestingly, this humble self-doubt is a sign of your strong self-awareness and commitment to personal development – qualities that make you a caring and conscientious individual.

6) Respect for differences

You have an openness and willingness to accept and respect people as they are, even when their beliefs, backgrounds or lifestyles differ vastly from your own.

This non-judgmental attitude reflects your kindness, empathy and commitment to embracing the rich diversity of human life.

Your ability to look beyond superficial differences and connect with the common humanity in each person is a wonderful quality that brings more understanding and compassion into the world.

7) Always learning

You have a wonderfully open, eager mindset when it comes to continuous learning and growth.

You’re not afraid to admit when you’re wrong or have room for improvement, seeing every mistake as a valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge and become a better version of yourself.

It makes you more relatable and approachable, as people can see your genuine commitment to self-improvement.

Your attitude and willingness to learn from failures or shortcomings is a testament to your strength of character.

8) Laughter and positivity

You have a remarkable ability to effortlessly lighten the mood and bring genuine smiles to the faces of those around you.

Your infectious positivity and natural talent for finding joy in even the smallest of things are clear signs of your wonderfully uplifting, good-hearted spirit.

The way you can brighten someone’s day with your laughter and optimism speaks volumes about who you are.

9) Boundaries and self-care

You understand the crucial importance of maintaining healthy boundaries and prioritizing your own self-care.

While it may come across as harsh at times, you have a willingness to say ‘no’ when needed.

Prioritizing your own wellbeing and needs does not make you selfish – in fact, it allows you to be an even better, more present person for those around you.

Your ability to establish these boundaries showcases your maturity and commitment to your own growth and happiness.

10) Genuine love for others

At the end of the day, your genuine, unwavering love and care for those in your life is perhaps the most compelling sign that you are an even better person than you may realize.

Your actions, driven by compassion, kindness and a sincere desire to uplift and support others, have a profoundly positive impact on the world around you.

This innate capacity to love deeply and selflessly is a true gift that makes the world a better, brighter place.

Reflecting on your goodness

Recognizing these signs within yourself is the first step towards self-appreciation.

If you’ve identified with some or all of these signs, it’s time to give yourself some credit – you are indeed a better person than you think.

Accepting and acknowledging your goodness doesn’t mean you’re boasting or being complacent.

It simply means you’re recognizing your inherent value.

It’s essential, however, to remember that nobody is perfect.

We all have areas where we can improve. Identifying these signs within yourself isn’t a ticket to stop growing or learning.

On the contrary, it’s a chance to appreciate your strengths while also being aware of areas you’d like to improve.

Above all, remember this: you’re not alone in your self-doubt.

We all struggle with acknowledging our worth from time to time.

But let this article serve as a reminder of your inherent goodness.

And remember, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

So, whether you tick off one sign or all ten, know this – you are a good person.

You matter. And you’re doing better than you think.

Ethan Sterling

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