13 signs you’re wise beyond your years (even if it doesn’t feel like it)

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Wisdom knows no age, but it can age someone.

When you say something wise, you instantly appear much older and more mature than your age really is.

People usually expect wisdom to come from grey-bearded men with pipes, not from someone so young.

It isn’t all about having a wealth of experience. Often it can simply be about seeing the world in a different way — one that’s more grounded than others.

To you, it all makes sense; it’s how you’ve thought about the world for years. But others may compare you to something of a sage.

To understand what they mean, here are 13 ways that show that you’re wise beyond your years.

1) You don’t follow what’s trendy

Social media has made it easier for all of us to keep up with all of the latest trends.

Your closest friends are up to date with the latest series that’s worth binging or music that’s worth streaming.

They insert all the new slang in your casual conversations. But it might just seem too much for you.

Others might say that you live under a rock or are stuck in time.

But you enjoy your phone even if it’s been years since you last got a new one.

You prefer pen and paper, physical books, in personal conversations rather than chatting online.

You don’t feel the need to keep up with the latest trends because you’d rather spend your time enjoying your life as it is.

2) Material possessions aren’t as important to you

Others are usually quick to shop for the latest products on the market: whether it be the newest shoes or fastest phones.

For you, however, one person’s treasure is another person’s junk.

Buying products gives us a shot of gratification — but one that doesn’t last.

After a few days, we’ll get back on social media to find the next thing that we want to buy.

Instead of being so focused on the material objects, you’d rather form lasting connections and do work that’s meaningful to you.

You can get by with everything that you already have.

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3) You notice things that people don’t

Wise people are able to see the things that people don’t.

Maybe you’ve read in the paper that a company is making another acquisition. To others, it might seem like regular news, but to you, it’s an opportunity to invest.

When you’re talking to others, you can detect their subtle eye movements.

You can tell if they’re lying based on what they’re looking at, and if they’re telling the truth based on their tone of voice.

You become like Sherlock Holmes, noticing details about a person’s lives that they mention only in passing, allowing you to understand them much more than others.

Although being observant is a great quality to have, the key to being wise beyond your years is understanding how much personal power you already have deep inside you.

I learnt this from the anti-guru, Justin Brown.

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As Justin explains, it’s incredible what you can achieve when you tap into your unlimited abundance of personal power. Yes, all the answers to self-doubt and the keys to success are already within you.

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4) You often reflect on your life

You’re contemplative and introspective.

Before going to bed, you might like to journal about your day and look back on what you were (and weren’t) able to accomplish.

You ask yourself if you could’ve been more forgiving or honest with others.

You return to the past not for the sake of nostalgia but for the sake of understanding and coming to terms with regretful experiences.

It isn’t selfish to think about yourself so much — sometimes, it can feel necessary.

You feel it’s your responsibility to keep yourself in check, that you aren’t becoming the person that you never want to be.

Other people might not be as introspective.

To you, however, you couldn’t imagine going through a day without questioning your own actions.

5) You’re the advice giver in your friend group

When someone’s having a problem in their life — whether it be romantic, professional, or familial — they go to you.

You’ve historically given some of the best advice to your friends.

When someone needs help wondering what gift to get their significant other, you help them choose.

When they feel confused about their job, you’re there to help them clear it up.

When they need someone to vent their anger to, you’re there to help them cool off and listen to their struggles.

Since people often ask for advice when they need help seeing something that they themselves can’t, they turn to someone who can be more perceptive than them.

To you, the advice that you give seems simple. But to others, they see you as very wise.

6) You enjoy trying new things

Wise people pull from their varied experiences to help them work through their problems in life.

They can relate surfing to how you can’t ride the wave of success if you don’t keep paddling.

You’re eager to try sewing your own pants, learning the value of independence and craftsmanship along the way.

You want to visit the new restaurant in town that serves Italian food, even though you’re more of an Asian diner yourself.

People are usually afraid to try out new things because they don’t expect to enjoy them.

For you, trying out new things is a chance to learn.

So you don’t care whether it was like what you had hoped — you’ll always take something away from it.

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7) You value experience over everything

You’d rather spend your money on a trip abroad than buy the latest device. Or you’d rather treat your friends to a memorable night out.

Physical objects are impermanent. They don’t last as long as the intangibles: relationships, memories, and experience.

When you travel, you’re able to form deep connections with the world around you.

When you spend time with your friends, you know it’s going to be one of your most important memories when you’re 80.

You’re able to understand the importance of the moment — something that not many people can appreciate.

8) You’ve been through emotional struggles

People become wise out of nowhere. Often, there was a moment in their past that shifted the way that they view the world.

After breaking up with the person they thought they were going to marry; the passing of a parent; unforeseen financial crisis.

No one can be prepared for these, and no one comes out of them the same.

According to highly successful life coach and teacher Jeanette Brown, having been through at least one emotionally difficult experience in your life changes the way you see the world.

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9) You love staying home

Staying home, snuggled up with a nice book and a warm drink is one of the simple joys of your life.

While you do enjoy spending time with people outside, your social battery can only last for so long.

Your home is your sanctuary.

It’s your retreat from a noisy and non-stop world. It’s where you can be yourself without anyone judging you.

It’s why you say No when someone invites you out. You’re not antisocial — you just love the peace of your home.

10) You don’t ask for much

Wise people are able to get by in life without much.

They realize that they don’t need much to survive.

Where we feel the need to subscribe to every streaming platform to watch our favorite series, you’re okay with simply watching good old-fashioned cable.

You aren’t lavish and you don’t spend much money on clothes — or anything really.

You only really spend when it involves gifts for other people or the occasional trip with friends. You live a low-maintenance life, and you’re more than fine with that.

11) You love being by yourself

People often don’t like to be by themselves out in public. There’s a tendency to feel embarrassed about it, as if being alone were some social lapse in judgment.

But you enjoy taking yourself out on a date. You dine at restaurants and watch movies by yourself.

You don’t need another persons’ company to have a good time. It’s also a time for you to do some of your best thinking and enjoying your own peace.

12) You read widely

You immerse yourself in the wide world of literature to gain a new understanding of the world around you.

You can go from reading scientific nonfiction to a fantasy epic. You read biographies and philosophy books; essays and poetry.

It’s your ability to connect these different perspectives on the world that allows for not only wisdom but creativity as well.

13) You look for virtues, not appearances

You care more about someone’s character than what they look like.

Since you simply want to build connections, you can approach anyone as long as they seem authentic enough for you.

You gravitate towards those who show honesty and kindness to others.

While others might avoid certain people because of their appearance, you move towards them, eager to learn about their stories.

Even though you’re wise beyond your years, you’ve still got your whole life ahead of you.

There are going to be more years to come that will teach you new and valuable lessons. The core of wisdom is learning — and you don’t see yourself ever stopping.

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