Does my twin flame love me? 11 signs they really do

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The way I see it, you could have 2 reasons for asking yourself whether your twin flame loves you.

The first reason would be that you think it’s too good to be true. Twin flame love can be so intense that it might give you the impression you are living in a dream.

As for the second reason, it’s related to your doubts. Sometimes, it’s impossible to fully trust your gut, so you might need tangible evidence to make sure your twin flame loves you.

Regardless of your reason, you can easily find the answer to your question by reading the signs below.

But first,

What is a twin flame?

Instead of giving you a pseudoscientific twin flame definition, I’m going to tell you a story; your story.

Once upon a time, you and your twin flame used to share the same body and soul. You had 2 heads, 2 bodies, 4 arms, and 4 legs.

Zeus and Apollo, you know, the Greek Gods, weren’t too excited about this. You were fast, powerful, and that’s why your existence was considered dangerous.

To weaken you and lessen your strength, Zeus thought the best solution was to cut you in 2. Apollo was the one who did it.

You may not remember, but that’s what happened. That’s why your twin flame is like another you.

Since then, you and your other half have gone on separate ways and have recently met again.

Aristophanes, an ancient Greek writer, described your encounter best:

“When one of them meets with his other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy.”

I don’t know how your story continues. But, in the meantime, I can help you figure out if your twin flame loves you.

11 signs your twin flame loves you

1) You dream about them loving you

Twin flames can communicate in many ways, and not just verbally. An example in this regard is dream communication.

You may have dreamt about your twin flame even before you two met. In fact, it is well-known that dreaming about your mirror soul is a sign of union.

However, this time, you already know them and they still appear in your dreams.

Depending on the spiritual capacity of your twin flame, they can or cannot manifest themselves in your dreams.

So if they do, it means that their vibration is enforced by very strong emotions, such as love.

“For this dream telepathy to occur, the physical attraction and desire to be together must be mutual on the part of the twins and really intense”, says an author for Medium.

In other words, dreaming of your twin flame confessing or showing their love is a clear sign they really love you.

Dream communication is considered the strongest and the purest form of twin flame telepathy, so if you experience it, consider yourself spoiled.

If you want to learn more about twin flame dreams and what they mean, check out our video on interpreting twin flame dreams:

2) You feel them even when you’re apart

When the connection between you and your mirror soul deepens, you can sense their presence. Even if you meet every day, you can still feel them when they are not around.

This type of telepathic communication doesn’t occur only during the separation phase. It can happen to you as your relationship progresses.

It is also a sign of love from your twin soul. If they didn’t think of you all the time, they wouldn’t have the energy to make their presence felt.

“It is quite a strong and intense feeling. You may feel their presence strongly as if they are sitting next to you!”, says Ann Verster, life coach.

Others say they are able to feel the touch of their mirror soul. So, their connection must be super deep.

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3) They stand by your side no matter what

“Generally, a couple composed of two twin flames, one will be more spiritually evolved than the other.” says an author for Medium.

However, in your twin flame relationship, you can’t tell the difference. At least not yet.

This could be because you are still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship. Or, it could be because you’ve already gone through most stages of a twin flame relationship.

Whatever the reason, your twin flame’s intentions seem honorable. They don’t leave your side even if things get tense.

Whether you are going through hard times or arguing, they show no signs of wanting to leave.

Twin flames leave for many reasons. They might not be ready for such an intense relationship. Or, they might have to work on themselves a little more.

If yours is still by your side, it could mean they are not only ready to dedicate themselves to your relationship, but also spiritually prepared to share their love.

4) Your twin flame challenges you constantly

If your twin flame didn’t love you, they would not spend time and energy challenging you constantly.

Although it’s their job to help you grow and bring out the best in you, if they keep doing it, it means they care.

If you want to be sure, think about what you would do.

Would you get involved in someone’s progress if you didn’t care about that person?

“Because a twin flame is a karmic connection, they are helping you work through some of your deepest psychic material by bringing intense experiences into your life,” says astrologer Narayana Montufar for Woman’s Health.

In addition, they know that in the long run, the success of your relationship is based on the progress you both make.

They prefer to offer their help so that you can work on yourself and grow spiritually while you are still in a relationship with them.

5) They help you overcome your problems

According to Lisa Xochitl Vallejos, a dating and relationships doctor, “The true purpose of a twin flame is to help mold you into the type of person who is capable of embodying divine, unconditional love.”

If your twin flame does this, then it’s another clear sign that they love you.

If they managed to help you overcome some of your problems and insecurities, then you already love yourself more and, implicitly, them.

Your twin flame is not void of ego, so it makes sense they would like you to love them even more.

However, their love is unconditional, so they truly want you to get rid of all your problems and remove all insecurities from your life.

Of course, such changes can’t happen overnight and your partner knows it. As long as they don’t give up on helping you, you can take it as proof of love.

6) Your relationship is passionate and intense

The signs of twin flame sexual energy include erotic dreams, strong sexual urges, and all sorts of other tactile sensations.

If you haven’t been intimate with your mirror soul yet, but you notice the signs above, expect an amazing experience.

For some people, the sexual attraction for their twin flame is so intense that they feel compelled to consummate it.

If it happens to feel their touch when they are not physically close, it means the love between the two of you is already strong.

In case you don’t know it yet, you can make love with your twin flame mentally, not just physically.

Angie Williams, an author for IdeaPod, confirms it:

“Making love to a twin flame partner can feel like a fluid, an exchange of energy that is bigger than life. You will reach new highs of spirituality and realize that sex can be more than physical touch.”

Even so, the physical part is also beyond expectations and very intuitive. It’s like your partner knows what you like without telling them.

7) They share everything with you

There are no secrets between you and your twin flame. Moreover, they do not feel the need to keep secrets from you.

Besides, they also respect you, so they probably wouldn’t betray you without a very good reason.

Not only do they have no secrets, but they are also excited to share what is happening in their lives with you.

They don’t hide their friends from you or their social life. They are especially excited for you to meet their family too.

This is because they want to include you in all aspects of their lives and they tend to do it naturally.

As you probably know, until the separation phase, things flow naturally in your relationship with your twin soul.

So, to get a complete answer, also try to identify what stage of the relationship you are in and take it into consideration.

They say that twin flames are like open books to each other. Even so, when your twin flame really loves you, they make an extra effort for you to notice.

Sometimes that can lead to oversharing, but you can blame it on love!

8) You sometimes feel what they are feeling

Your ability to sometimes feel what your twin flame is feeling is not new. However, since they love you (and you probably love them back), you could experience changes in your mood more often.

These changes are not only possible, but they may also occur at the right time. For example, when you feel down, sad, or receive bad news.

Your twin flame can sense you and they can use their spiritual capacity to respond.

This doesn’t happen due to your deep connection only, but also because you can channel each other’s feelings. This is truly a unique thing to do, and it may come out of love.

“Your twin flame can easily tap into your thoughts and rewire your mind. They are a source of relief in times of intense agony”, says Susan Brunton, master of many metaphysical techniques.

In other words, they can make you feel happy if that’s what you need. Or, maybe you only feel what they feel.

9) They changed something for you

Your mirror soul changed something about themselves or their lifestyle for you. You most definitely didn’t ask for this change.

In the case of twin flame relationships, change occurs differently.

When you are really in a relationship with your twin flame, neither of you feels the need to change the other.

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Here are a few examples of possible changes you may not have thought of:

Your twin soul moved away from their previous apartment because they wanted to live closer to you.

Or, you helped them realize they had a bad habit that was bothering you, and they got rid of it.

Change isn’t comfortable for anyone, even if some people are more adaptable to it than others. So, regardless of what they changed, take it as a sign they love you.

Remember that if you ask for this change, it doesn’t count. It must be their initiative to matter. Otherwise, it’s just a nice gesture.

10) They don’t want to take things slow

Since you both feel like you’ve known each other forever and you can’t ignore this feeling of familiarity, you tend to skip relationship phases.

Your mirror soul definitely doesn’t want to take things slow. They don’t shy away from showing you how much they like you and how much you fascinate them.

Most likely, you feel compelled to do the same. However, if they’re the ones taking the initiative, you can take their gesture as a sign of love.

You can’t compare any of your previous relationships with this one because unlike them, this one doesn’t have to “move too fast and burn too bright”, as Taylor Swift said.

And, you must admit that you feel genuinely understood by your twin flame, a fact that may encourage you (and him/her) to skip a few relationship phases.

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11) Your twin flame craves your presence

Think of your mirror soul as an ordinary person.

What do ordinary people do when they love someone? Among others, they want to spend as much time together as possible!

So, if they constantly keep in touch, make plans, or ask you out every night, they behave like a normal person in love.

However, the way they feel love for you is much more intense. That’s because of the natural magnetism between the two of you.

They want to consciously be in your company, but they also feel inexplicably drawn to you. This mix of both rational and irrational feelings sounds a lot like love to me.

In addition, when they are with you, they feel at home. Or, at least that’s how a twin flame is supposed to feel.

Can you relate? In case you love your mirror soul, you should feel the same. Of course, it’s always wise to consider your relationship stage.

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Can your twin flame be your true love?

Although you can live a beautiful love story with your twin flame, its everlasting success is not guaranteed.

The ultimate purpose of a twin soul is not to be your true love but to help you grow spiritually, experience enlightenment, and reach oneness.

However, this doesn’t mean he/she can’t be your true love.

According to Brunton, “Your twin flame holds the key to show you the truth of love, allowing you to feel true love in new and expanding ways.”

She adds that true love is definitely what you and your mirror soul experience. But, at the same time, you must understand that true love is not limited to your experience with your mirror soul.

Because you two enable each other to feel true love, you also allow each other to find true love with another person. This usually happens when you’re not together.

Not every twin flame relationship is romantic and that happens for various reasons, but when it comes to love, it has the same effect.

When he talks about romantic twin flame relationships, spiritual teacher Todd Savvas says that “The mind wants to make this a romantic story, where everything works out easily.”

But, in reality, a twin flame relationship is not designed to be about love. It is based on testing and developing the way you understand yourself and your energy.

Do all twin flames fall in love?

Lachlan Brown, founder of Hack Spirit and author, identifies 11 types of twin flame relationships. His insight is valuable if you want to understand your relationship type.

According to him, not all twin flames decide to pursue romantic relationships. This is not because they don’t love each other, but because of other factors.

Ideally, we all wish to find a life partner in our twin flame. However, that sometimes doesn’t happen and it’s not your fault or your twin’s fault.

Twin flames can end up being best friends. Or, one of them could be “the motivator type”, as Brown calls it. In both cases we can speak of love, but not of romantic love.

According to Brown, “Twin flames who end up as spouses are lucky. It means that they were strong enough to overcome the difficulties of the separation phase. They were able to ascend together and truly become one.”

However, you can’t force any relationship to be something that it isn’t. So, it would be wise to have no expectations from your twin flame relationship.

Things happen naturally between you and your twin soul anyway.

Sometimes, the relationship between mirror souls starts before any of them realizes it.

So, try to embrace your experience with your mirror soul regardless of if it’s based on romantic love or other types of love.

Lachlan Brown speaks about 7 types of love, including eros love, friendship love, familial love, universal love, and others.

If you want to understand your feelings better, you can read his article here.

Do twin flame relationships last?

Sadly, there are no studies to help us figure out whether twin flame relationships last. What we do know, is there are 8 twin flame relationship stages.

You have to first find out at which stage you and your twin soul are. Then, you have to play your part and build a relationship that lasts.

Even so, “just because you’re both from the same flame, it doesn’t mean that this is a relationship that is going to last,” said Lisa Stardust, astrologer, and author, for Coveteur.

According to her, twin flames can break up and get back together many times during a lifetime.

Depending on what stage of the relationship you are in (the honeymoon phase, the separation phase, the reunion phase, etc.) you can experience chaos or bliss.

You and your mirror soul can go as far as lying to each other and cheating on each other. This doesn’t happen to everyone, so you can relax.

However, when it happens, it means one of the twins isn’t spiritually ready to ascend to oneness.

This is by far the end of your relationship, but there is no way of knowing when your other half will be ready to become one with you.

“The last phase is acceptance, and that’s when you’ve done the work individually and you’re basically ready to be aligned as twin flames and work together, cohesively, “ adds Sara Radin for Coveteur.

Final thoughts

If you’ve noticed the signs above, it means that your twin flame loves you.

It’s time to stop overthinking and enjoy a truly unique experience with an open heart.

Don’t miss any second doubting when you can spend it together with your twin soul.

The result of your union can change the world!

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