15 undeniable signs your soulmate is thinking of you

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You might be fine with how you’re living your life but there’s this emptiness in your heart that aches for the moment when you will finally unite with your soulmate.

And you might have waited long enough and wonder if your soulmate is out there waiting for you too.

Well, rest easy. In this article, I will list 15 signs that your soulmate is thinking of you.

1) You suddenly have an urge to find them

You might be having what you thought was a perfectly normal day when, all of a sudden, you feel a sudden strong urge to be with somebody. It can be someone you already know, or it could be someone you’ve yet to meet. The urge is so strong it almost hurts!

Those urges may come in a few different ways. Sometimes you’ll straight-up want to see them or be by their side, sometimes you might feel like you want to hold someone’s hand or find yourself stuck daydreaming about them.

Such strong urges are signs that your soulmate might be thinking of you.

We are all connected with one another, but the connection between soulmates is especially strong.

Because of this, any strong feelings or thoughts on their side will flow through the universe and reach you easily. Even if you’re not a highly perceptive person, you can find yourself being one when your soulmate is involved.

2) You see angel numbers

It may sound silly for those who are logical at heart but numbers are how the universe offers us guidance. Repeating numbers such as 1111 and 777 are called Angel Numbers and every single sequence has a meaning.

Pay attention to any numbers that you seem to be noticing way too often. It could be that when you glance at your watch, you’ll see, say, that it’s currently 11:44. Then you look at the number on your receipt and see the exact same number. And then you go check your bank account and see you have exactly 1144 dollars left.

If you keep seeing angel numbers such as these, it’s a huge sign that your soulmate is trying to manifest you, and is of course thinking of you!

Pay close attention to when and how you see angel numbers as they could hold clues of how you will meet your soulmate.

3) You feel ready

Sometimes we may feel that ache that reminds us that we’re missing something important (your soulmate), but at the same time we know we aren’t ready yet.

It could be that you simply had no job or money in your pocket, or that you didn’t care for yourself enough and that you just know that you’re going to be nothing but a burden to whoever may decide to be with you.

But now you are ready.

You know that whatever the universe throws your way, you’re more than ready to take it head-on. You now have a job, and maybe even have a house. You might have grown a bit more now, and have become mature enough to deal with other people properly.

And now all that’s left is your other half. But how does all this come to mean in any way that you’re ready to meet them?

You see, there’s a strong bond between you and your soulmate and through that bond, your soulmate will know that you are ready. That unconscious message to their soul might not just have them thinking about you, but also get them searching for you.

4) You dream about them

Dreams are more than just fantasies woven by our minds. They’re a reflection of our soul’s truest desires. Because of this, they can also reveal a good map of our lives.

You might find yourself dreaming about someone over and over again. It could be someone you know or someone you haven’t met yet.

The reason this happens is because when you dream, you let go of the physical world (the conscious mind) and bring yourself closer to the energies of the universe.

Because of this, communication between you and your soulmate becomes easier. So when you dream about them, chances are that it’s because they’ve been trying to reach out to you—thinking about you, and waiting for you to come.

5) You keep seeing their face

A consequence of your bond with your soulmate is that you might see them in random people you see in your life.

It could be that you saw their eyes in the waiter who asked for your order earlier that day, or it could be that there was something uncannily familiar in how the newscaster smiled at the end of their report. And you know for a fact that you don’t really feel anything special towards these strangers!

This is a consequence of your bond with your soulmate. It’s quite likely that you’ve been in their thoughts for a while, and the reason why you keep seeing them in other people is because your soul feels their presence and it knows they’re trying to reach out on a spiritual level.

If you have already met your soulmate before, especially if you used to be together but have since then broken up, you might be afraid that you’re being unreasonably obsessive. Don’t be! You’re simply in each other’s minds.  It’s very likely they’re experiencing the same phenomenon, too.

6) You’ve been hyper-aware of love around you

All of a sudden, you see love everywhere. It’s almost like every single day is Valentine’s Day.

Others might not even bat an eye when they see the occasional romcoms on TV or hear their Spotify playing sappy love songs. But you do. Perhaps it’s simply because you’ve been feeling especially romantic lately.

All this will likely leave you aching. It’s a good time to be in love, but who will you fall in love with?

But perhaps the reason for all this is because your soulmate is not just thinking of you, your soulmate is trying to find you. They could be feeling the same ache, too.

While this can make you both lonesome, this is actually good for you and your soulmate. This awareness will make it easier for you to find each other!

7) You can feel their caress

You’re busy with your life, doing your own thing when all of a sudden you’ll feel like they’re hugging you, holding your hand, or staring at you. It’s really creepy how real it can feel.

You might feel tempted to call for the local exorcist—but hold that thought. You’re not in a horror film. When you know for a fact that it’s them, chances are that it’s because they’re thinking of you.

Different thoughts manifest in different ways as they reach you through your bond. If they’re thinking of how tight they’re going to hug you when you meet, then chances are you will feel that hug.

If they’re thinking of how you look, you’re going to feel their stare on you.

8) You’ve accepted your past

You’re now well aware that the present cannot exist without the past, and everything happens for a reason. That ex that you thought you’d love forever? You’re so over them now!

All those traumatic relationships, all the silent tears you shed and all your efforts to pick yourself back up after heartaches happened to prepare you for the most important event — meeting your soulmate.

This way, you’ll know to avoid all those novice mistakes that have ruined your old relationships. Perhaps you were way too clingy in the past, or maybe you were too focused on yourself and not your partner.

Once you’ve processed all of your mistakes and made peace with your past, you’re ready to meet your soulmate. And your soulmate be ready too.

9) You keep encountering white feathers

Do you keep seeing white feathers lately? This may be a dead giveaway that your significant other is keeping you in their thoughts.

White feathers are symbols that are associated with heaven. They could mean several different things but mainly loyalty and spiritual connections.

If you’ve experienced many of the other signs above, then seeing a white feather could definitely mean that you and your soulmate are close to finding one another. Be patient and most of all, be alert.

The universe is giving you white feathers to tell you that it’s doing its job. All you have to do is wait.

10) You’ve been experiencing extreme highs and lows

It’s normal to go through several emotions as you make your way through the day. There’s nothing wrong with waking up grumpy, being happy by noon, sad by sunset, and happy again before going to bed. Sometimes a tiring day at work or drama between your friends can get your mood swinging.

However, if you’re bawling your eyes out one minute, then skipping about happily the next, and you just can’t find a logical reason why that’s happening, then it might be because you’re the only thing occupying your soulmate’s mind.

They’re thinking of you, and it makes them feel things—sadness, happiness, excitement, longing—and those same feelings somehow, some way, reach you.

It’s normal to feel this way especially if you’re an empath.

11) You’ve been randomly feeling good

Have you ever felt a warm, fuzzy sensation that springs to life in your chest and then moves up to your fingertips? Strange as it may seem, this is another way to know that your significant other is thinking about you.

Experiencing goosebumps is also a bonus during this moment and means that you two are linked quite nicely.

There are many reasons why you might feel this way. It could be that you’re aware on a subconscious level that your soulmate is thinking of you, and that same awareness fills your soul with joy.

It could also be because your soulmate felt happy while thinking about you and you’re feeling their emotions at a distance.

I know it sounds crazy but there are many things that are hard to explain in this world, and a soulmate connection is one of them.

12) You’ve been experiencing serendipity and coincidence

There are people who are born with extremely good luck, and there are those who get fortunate in chosen times.

Are you musing about your soulmate and they happen to appear right on your doorstep, or do both of you happen to stream the same song at the same time?

The universe has an endearing way of letting things unfold. You may think that this is simply a string of coincidences, but perhaps it’s something more. If you’re thinking of your significant other, they may be pondering about you too.

Let’s say you’re thinking of buying ice cream from your favorite store, and out of nowhere, they’ll get the idea that it would be a good idea to try out that ice cream you’ve always told them about—and so the two of you meet up.

13) You have this drive to be better

Whether you already met your soulmate or not, presenting them with the best version of yourself is something you should aim for, and you know it.

When you get the sudden urge to improve every aspect of your life without the extra nagging from your mom or friends, your soulmate may be the reason for this.

It could be that they’ve been thinking how awful it is when people (probably you) get drunk and spend their money carelessly. Your soul will know even if you yourself don’t. And your soul will slowly try to make you stop drinking and wasting your money so that you’ll be ready for your soulmate when they come.

So if you randomly decided to fix yourself up out of nowhere, then it’s quite possible that it’s because your soulmate has, on an unconscious level, communicated what they like and what they don’t for a partner.

14) They send messages at the right time

This is the most obvious way to know whether your soulmate is thinking of you. You might be washing the dishes, then all of a sudden you’ll get a random message from them.

You don’t even need to open the message and read it for it to make you feel good about your day.

But of course, this only happens if you already have contact with them.

While it is a simple thing, it can certainly assure you that your partner spends some of their time thinking about you and caring for you.

And in those moments that you have the strong urge to reach out to them, don’t hold back. Chances are they’re hoping to get your message too.

15) You’ve been feeling a sense of excitement

It’s normal to feel excited when you’re expecting something like a pizza delivery or your best friends coming over. However, how do you explain the random buzz of excitement that comes for no reason at all?

It’s likely that at that exact time, your soulmate is thinking of you.

You’re feeling anticipation and excitement because you know that your life is heading in the right direction…that something good will come. You really can’t pinpoint the exact reason but you just feel it strongly in those brief moments.

It’s your soulmate. They’re reminding your soul that they’re there, and that you’ll be together soon.


All of us yearn to meet our soulmates. It might feel like sometimes we’re the only one feeling this way, but the deal with being soulmates is that these feelings are mutual.

Right this moment, while you’re reading this and thinking about them, they might be thinking about you, too.

If you’ve experienced most of the signs above, it’s probably time to take the steps to find your soulmate. It will be worth every effort.

We are thrilled for you!

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