30 compelling signs your soulmate is missing you – The Ultimate List

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Perhaps you’ve broken up with the person you consider to be your soul mate, or you might be in a long-distance relationship.

Regardless of the situation, the connection we share with our soulmates is incredibly powerful and, when we’re not with them, we might find ourselves missing them immensely and vice versa.

So, if you’re missing your soulmate and want to know if the feeling is mutual, here are 30 of the most compelling signs that your soulmate is missing you.

1) They’re always on your mind

They’re constantly on your mind. You eat, breathe, sleep, and live your soulmate.

No matter what you are doing or no matter where you are, you can’t seem to stop thinking about them.

Our thoughts are tremendously powerful and they create our individual vibration which is directly connected to the universe.

Like attracts like so when we continually think about someone, this energy is not only affecting you but also, our significant other.

The soulmate connection is highly potent so when you think about them all the time, you are triggering Universal energy which results in them, actually missing you like crazy.

2) An unusually itchy nose – followed by sneezing!

An itchy nose can cause sneezing. In Asian folklore, it is believed that if you sneeze three times, it’s a telltale sign that someone is thinking about you!

Ok, if you’re currently suffering from hay fever or have allergies, this might not be the case since you’re sneezing all the time. The same goes for if you’re ill.

However, if your nose starts itching out of nowhere and you sneeze three times, know that your soulmate is definitely missing you and is thinking about you at that very moment!

3) You get a feeling that they’re thinking of you

Do you believe in gut feelings, a sixth sense, or ESP? These terms are all used to describe our intuition. The intangible superpower that we possess yet seldom pay attention to.

When your soulmate is missing you, you’ll sense it somehow without having any rational proof or evidence to back it up.

Consider this: the universe often communicates with us via our intuition. You feel a pull toward them, even if they’re a million miles away.

I’m telling you, you won’t be able to ignore this feeling when it comes.

4) Dreaming about your soulmate

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real, it left you feeling majorly freaked?

Most of us get about 7-8 hours of sleep per night and of that, two hours are spent dreaming.

When we are in a state of deep relaxed sleep, our minds become active. The dreams we experience can be strange and it’s not uncommon to dream the craziest things.

During this moment of peace and tranquility, our minds are far more powerful than we give credit for,  so don’t shrug this off as being hocus pocus.

Sometimes we’re just too busy during the day to pay attention to the signs we’re being shown and when this happens, the messages are relayed to us in our dreams.

So, if you dream about your soulmate and you clearly remember your dream after waking up, you can take this as a piece of concrete evidence that your soulmate is missing you.

5) Getting hiccups – randomly

Hiccups! How annoying and embarrassing, especially if you’re in the middle of a meeting or you’re trying to talk to someone!

In terms of physiology, hiccups are triggered when you eat too quickly, consume too much alcohol or when your digestive system isn’t happy with something you’ve consumed.

But what about when you are randomly struck with a random bout of hiccups?

In many cultures and beliefs, it is said that random bouts of hiccups are a sign that someone is thinking about and missing you.

So, when you find yourself hiccupping uncontrollably without reason, take this as a surefire sign that your soulmate is missing you terribly!

6) Smiling without reason

It takes less effort to smile than it does to frown.

Smiling is infectious! It sends out positive vibes, lifts your mood, and draws people toward you.

So if you’re going about your daily routine and find yourself smiling for no reason, this is a telltale sign that your soulmate is missing you.

7) A sudden urge to be with them

Being in love means that you’ll want to spend every waking moment with your significant other.

Your life will be planned in such a way that you will make spending time with them one of your biggest priorities.

Sometimes, it won’t be possible to be together 24/7 and there will be times when you’ll find yourselves apart.

So, in times when your soulmate is not with you and when you get an urge to have them near, you can take this as a sign that they are missing you as well.

8) Phantom Limb (soulmate) syndrome

Ok, this might sound creepy.

So the best way to explain it is by using the analogy of phantom limb syndrome.

This occurs in people who sadly, lose limbs due to illness or accidents. Even though their limb (toe, leg, finger arm, etc.) no longer exists, they still experience sensations like itching or aching in the non-existent limb.

Similarly, when you are deeply in love with a soulmate, you might experience moments where you swear you just felt them touch your arm or brush against your cheek.

Nobody wants to be touched by an unseen force, but in this case, it’s a good thing! It’s usually a good indicator that your soulmate is missing you.

9) You’re on a mood rollercoaster

Before you rush off to the doctor because you’re worried you might have undiagnosed bipolar disorder, read this!

Life can be tough and can get messy at times, and your ratty mood could very well be due to the sh%tty day you’ve just had.

However, sudden changes and fluctuations in your mood (when you’re not dealing with mental health disorders) can be a telltale sign that your soulmate is missing you.

It’s known as “soul loss” and happens when our soul hides or dissociates temporarily resulting in mood swings.

10) Involuntary eye spasms

Isn’t it weird when your eye starts twitching and going all whacky for no reason?

Involuntary eye spasms can strike at any time. Don’t panic, you’re not having a brain aneurysm, it’s just another sign from the Universe that your soulmate is missing you.

Many cultures and folklore describe the eye twitch as meaning pretty much the same thing, so, if you find you’re experiencing recurring eye spasms randomly, your soulmate is thinking about and is missing you.

11) Goosebumps

There are many plausible reasons for getting goosebumps. Typically they occur when you’re cold, aroused, frightened, or experiencing heightened emotions.

The old wives’ tale that someone just walked over your grave is most commonly associated with a sudden flash of goosebumps.

But, did you know that a sudden onset of goosebumps, without a plausible reason, is a telltale sign from the universe that your soulmate is missing you?

You’ll know it’s them because when the bumps hit, they’ll be accompanied by a feeling of comfort and assurance — not a creepy vibe!

12) Frequent déjà vu

Wait, didn’t that already happen?

If you experience moments where you think you’re stuck in the matrix and are living in a simulation, there’s a much more plausible and pleasant reason for this feeling.

Experiencing déjà vu is a very potent sign from the universe that your soulmate is thinking about you and more so, that they are missing you.

The more they miss you, the more frequently you’ll experience déjà vu, so take it as a huge indicator.

Our soulmates are deeply connected to us, so much so that it’s not uncommon to experience this bizarre phenomenon.

13) You can smell their scent

We were blessed with 5 senses for obvious reasons but, there are less obvious and sometimes unknown reasons why they’re sometimes triggered for no reason.

You’re in the car and suddenly, you catch a whiff of your partner’s scent. They’re not with you, nor have they been in your car for a while, yet, you can smell them.

If you find yourself smelling your partner’s favorite cologne or perfume, and they’re not in the same physical space as you, it’s a huge indication that they’re missing you like crazy!

14) You hear and see their name all over the place

Driving to work you pass “St. Peter’s Church” or, stopping at the traffic light, you notice Peter’s Pizzeria on the corner.

Then, during a trip to the grocery store, an announcement comes on asking Peter to please report to the information desk.

You’re watching a movie and the lead character is Peter… You get the gist of it, and no, you are not losing it!

Hearing and seeing your soulmate’s name is a sign that they’re missing you big time!

15) Noticing repetitive number sequences

It’s similar to the point above but instead, you start noticing particular numbers in a sequence.

It doesn’t matter where you look; the clock, receipts, emails, number plates, you keep on seeing a repetitive number sequence.

These are called angel numbers and they’re sent to us by our divine guardians to convey messages to us.

After all, they can’t send a text or pick up a phone when they need to tell us something so instead, they communicate with the earthly realm by means of numbers, symbols, and signs.

If you’ve been noticing number sequences, specifically 222, 333, or any combos thereof, this is a sign from your guardian angels letting you know (and providing confirmation) that your soulmate is missing you.

16) You find and/or notice feathers, ladybugs, and pennies

Another sign from the Universe that your soulmate is missing you can be sighting or finding one of the following objects:

  • White feathers – Finding a feather, especially a white one is assurance that someone out there wishes you were with them.
  • Ladybugs – Not only are they said to bring good fortune, but they also could mean that some special is missing you.
  • Random pennies/coins – as the saying goes:  “Find a penny, pick it up, and all that day you’ll have good luck! “ Also, a general sign of good luck, picking up pennies could signify that you are being missed.

Each item holds a deeper individual significance however the overarching meaning for them points to soul mates who miss one another.

If you spot one of these, (it can be a picture or the actual things) and if you spot them frequently, you can rest assured knowing that your soulmate is desperately missing you.

17) Your song plays randomly on the radio

This is especially true if you and your soulmate have a song that’s typically older than the current top 100 hits playing.

if you switch your radio over and hear “your” song playing, this is a huge sign from the universe.

Music is a universal language and is the ultimate way to convey our feelings. So, when you suddenly hear your song playing, it’s no coincidence. It’s a definite sign from the Universe that your soulmate is missing you!

18) You receive a message from them the moment you’re about to text them

This happens to me a lot. I’m literally just about to pick up my phone to text my partner and boom, I get a text from them.

When this happens, know that you and your soulmate are so in tune with one another. And you end up on the same energy wavelength.

Your thoughts, emotions, and actions are almost identical and it’s not a coincidence.

It’s a divine sign that your soulmate is missing you (probably as much as you are missing them!)

19) They send you random surprises

This point is specifically for soulmates in relationships.

If you get to work and find a huge bunch of roses, a box of candy, or a gift waiting for you, this is an obvious sign that your significant other not only loves you but values and misses you dearly.

These surprises are random (it doesn’t count when you know about them) and come out of nowhere to make you feel like you are the most precious person on earth.

20) You notice love everywhere

Lovers holding hands, weddings, engagements, hearts, and roses all over the place. No matter where you turn, love seems to be everywhere!

If you’re seeing these loving symbols and are unable to stop seeing love everywhere, this is a pretty positive indication that your soulmate is longing for you.

21) You feel a sudden rush of energy

While going about your daily grind, the thought of your soulmate crosses your mind.

As you think about them, you’re embraced by a warm, fuzzy feeling that zips through your body.

The feeling is magical, it’s warm, happy, and comforting. You try to hold onto it for as long as possible because it makes you feel so good!

This sudden energy rush is being sent to you with compliments of the universe to remind you that your soulmate is missing you like mad!

22) Filled with a sense of inspiration and creativity

Another sign that your soulmate is missing you happens when you get slapped with a sudden urge to be creative.

The DIY project you’ve been putting off suddenly becomes your Mona Lisa and you get stuck into it.

Your wardrobe that’s been in a state of disarray suddenly inspires you, so you start rearranging and organizing everything, even taking the time to color-coordinate your outfits!

When you feel this, it’s a huge indicator that your soulmate is longing for your company.

The energy you transfer between one another is palpable and this creative surge is simply a means to help you utilize the energy you are being sent.

23) You see things that remind you of them

If they love Starwars, suddenly you start noticing Star Wars merch, pictures, etc. frequently.

You’ll see their favorite snacks when you go grocery shopping, their favorite restaurant, a brand of clothing, whatever — it’s all their favorite things.

This indicates that your loved one yearning for you. By noticing their favorite things, the universe is trying to convey the message that you are loved…and, of course, missed!

24) Feeling emotional

When you experience a psychic connection to another soul, you will go through periods fraught with intense emotions.

They’re intense and you could go from extreme sadness to elation from one moment to the next.

These hectic feelings might make you feel uncomfortable, but be assured that what you are feeling is being sent to you directly from your soulmate to let you know that you are in their thoughts.

25) Your foot starts itching (underneath)

This one takes the cake!

An itchy foot can be a real irritation. Especially if you’re in boots and can’t get in there to relieve the itch, it’s agonizing!

But, did you know that in some cultures, having an itchy foot means that someone is restless and is thinking about you?

If you’ve ruled out all potential skincare problems and can’t seem to figure out why on earth the bottoms of your feet are itching, it’s a sign from the universe that someone is thinking about you!

26) Your ears are burning (turning red)

“I bet so and so’s ears are burning!”

I’ve heard the expression but never actually took the time to find out what it means.

Superstitions and folklore can be downright silly at times but, nevertheless, highly entertaining.

We’ve all done it (myself included!), when the inexplicable occurs our first port of call is a Google search “why are my ears turning red for no reason”

So after Googling this, the consensus among folklore is that red or burning ears signal that someone is either talking about or is missing you. You’re welcome!

27) Shoelaces

If you leave your home with your shoes tied and then notice that they’re untied, this is yet another sign.

In Korean folklore, noticing your united laces means someone is missing you, for all if the left lace is loose. If the right lace is untied, it means you’re missing someone!

There are lots of myths and suspicions when it comes to shoes and the tying of laces, but the takeaway from this is that if you notice your left lace is untied, guess who’s being missed? – YOU!

28) You see their date of birth

This one is quite similar to seeing number sequences, but instead, you’re seeing your soulmate’s date of birth everywhere.

Perhaps it’s the month, the date, or the year but it stands out and seems to be following you around.

When this happens, take it as a divine sign that your soulmate longs for you.

29) Finding a random hairpin

If you ever visit my home, this definitely won’t be a sign from the universe, more like my inability to keep little trinkets and things like hairpins organized and tidy.

The handy hairpin does, however, mean something in terms of folklore. If your hair pin comes loose and/or falls out of your hair, it’s a sign that someone is missing you.

30) Itchy ears

An itchy right ear means someone is talking about you in a positive light while an itchy left ear means the reverse.

In terms of itchy ears, it’s simply just another sign from the spiritual realm that your soulmate is missing you.

Sometimes we miss the signs, numbers, symbols, audio, and visuals that the Universe sends us so, in turn, we experience physical manifestations such as itchy ears.

In closing

So, if after reading this you’ve nodded your head countless times resonating with the points above, you’re in luck!  You definitely have a soulmate who is missing you.

If you’re in a relationship, yet are unable to be with each other because of work, distance, circumstances, etc., take this opportunity to reach out and do something to show them how much they mean to you!

If you’ve broken up with your soulmate, now might be the best time to consider a reunion, after all, they are thinking about you all the time, (as are you – that’s why you’re reading this right!) so go ahead and make the first move!

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