24 clear signs your soulmate is manifesting you 

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Have you been wondering if your soulmate is manifesting you?

Luckily, there are 24 telltale signs that will prove you’re right with your suspicion!

1) You feel like you’ve met them already

The first, and one of the most important signs that your soulmate is manifesting you is when you have a feeling that you already met them.

There is currently no special someone in your life, but still, you feel like something is different within you.

In these cases, it is usually the universe planting energy inside you, which gives you the impression that you already met the love of your life.

For what it’s worth, your soulmate probably feels exactly the same way right now!

This certainty that you can’t explain is exactly what will tell you that sooner rather than later, your soulmate will step into your life!

2) They’re always on your mind for no reason

Some people already know their soulmate, they just aren’t aware of it quite yet.

Turns out, if that’s the case, the universe also has a way of letting you know.

Do you know the feeling when you hear a song and a specific person pops into your head?

If your soulmate is manifesting you, you experience the same thing with them, just way more often!

This is an especially clear sign if you haven’t seen or talked to this person in a long time and all of a sudden you can’t get them out of your head.

3) You keep running into them

Manifestation is a powerful tool, so when someone is manifesting you, the entire universe is conspiring to bring the two of you together.

In my own experience, this means you will unexpectedly run into your soulmate multiple times.

Maybe it happens at the grocery store or while you’re out getting gas.

Yes, I know, you run into people every day, but when you notice one person randomly showing up repeatedly, that’s a sign for you!

4) You get messages to pursue new opportunities

Oftentimes, we meet the people we love when we are in a good place ourselves, following our passion.

What does this mean for you?

It means that a big sign your soulmate is manifesting you is when you suddenly get the urge to pursue an opportunity.

This could mean:

Whatever you feel called to do, seek out the opportunities and go for it!

You never know what this new opportunity might bring.

Maybe your soulmate is actually the instructor at that new Jiu-Jitsu club you’re thinking of joining.

Or they’re your future coworker at that job opportunity that just opened up!

5) You get strong urges to call or text them

It comes to no surprise that getting a strong urge to call or text someone is a hallmark sign of them manifesting you.

Sometimes, this happens naturally, you think of someone and feel like you should check up on them.

With your soulmate, the situation is similar, but your urge to be in contact is accompanied by strong emotions.

This could range from:

  • Joy
  • Fear
  • Euphoria
  • Anxiety
  • Fascination
  • Bliss

When you notice these strong emotions while you feel compelled to text them, don’t ignore this feeling!

Get into contact and see where it will lead you!

6) You get a vision of them

Visions happen from time to time, as you might have experienced yourself.

If you’ve never had a vision before, there might be one in your near future if your soulmate is trying to manifest you.

A vision is a sudden, intense image that gives you a hint about the future.

These visions can happen anytime, anywhere.

You might be meditating, waiting for the bus, grocery shopping, or trying to fall asleep, it doesn’t matter.

All of a sudden, whatever you were doing is interrupted by a sudden flash of information.

If you get a vision of a person who you don’t know, there is a good chance it is your soulmate.

7) Angel numbers add up

The next sign that your soulmate is manifesting you, is when the angel numbers in your life seem to add up.

Now: when you’re looking for a soulmate, chances are good you are aware of angel numbers.

In case you have no idea what I’m babbling on about, angel numbers are numbers sent by the universe as a way to guide you on your path.

There are tons of angel numbers, but one thing you can always keep an eye out for is repeating numbers.

If there is a certain combination you tend to see everywhere, look it up online and see what it means about your soulmate!

Angel numbers can be a big indicator that your soulmate is near.

8) Chaos leads to them

Chaos in your life is not always welcomed with open arms, and rightfully so.

What if I tell you, that sometimes it can be something positive, though?

Chaos and misfortune shakes up your life, oftentimes forcing you to change things up or try something new.

Sometimes, exactly these changes in direction is what was needed to move you closer to your soulmate.

Look out for big life changes at the moment, and embrace them.

9) An unexpected opportunity finds you

Another sign of your soulmate trying to manifest you, is when a door opens for you that you never even expected to go through.

This opportunity out of the blue could be your gateway to your love.

For example:

  • Getting a promotion at work
  • Being moved to a different office/ town with work
  • Receiving a scholarship or funding for a school
  • Getting a new project

The list could go on, but you get the idea.

These amazing opportunities will not only improve your life drastically, but simultaneously, you might also be moving closer to your soulmate.

10) Your spiritual journey helps you meet someone

It’s probably no surprise that with something as spiritual as a soulmate, spirituality can be very involved in the manifestation process.

In case your soulmate is manifesting you, you might meet them on your spiritual journey.

This could mean:

  • Meeting them at a temple
  • Meeting them at a retreat
  • Meeting them while meditating on the beach
  • Meeting them through a spiritual online community

Whatever it is, your spiritual journey may put you on the same path as them, so if you’re spiritual, keep pursuing that faith!

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11) Other people start to lead you towards them

Manifestation can be extremely powerful. So much so, that even other people will help lead you to your soulmate.

This could take many forms, but an example would be someone mentioning that a song reminds them of a guy you used to know in high school.

Before you know it, you find out that guy was manifesting you!

This universe is incredibly intertwined, to the point where there is no clear line where one person’s life and fate begins, and another one’s ends.

All we say and do has an influence on the entire universe around us, and sometimes, that means other people lead us to our soulmates.

12) Family ties lead to them

But wait, that’s not all. Turns out your family obligations can also push you closer to your soulmate when they are manifesting you.

An example of that would be a friend of mine. She had to leave town to visit her dying grandmother.

Who do you think her grandma’s caretaker was? You guessed it, her soulmate!

Pay attention to where your family ties and responsibilities lead you.

13) You experience a lot of deja vu

Deja vu is an interesting phenomena.

According to spirituality, it’s also one of the strongest and surefire ways to tell if someone is manifesting you.

So, if you’ve experienced a lot of deja vu lately, your soulmate might be out there trying to draw you into their life.

14) You have dreams about them

For centuries, dreams have been used as indicators of what may happen in the future.

They are an amazing communication tool with the universe, so if someone is manifesting you, chances are good that they will show up in your dreams.

Dreaming about a person and feeling strong emotions can be an indicator that they are the one for you.

I mentioned earlier how the help of a gifted advisor can reveal the truth about your soulmate, including why they appear in your dreams.

You could analyze the signs until you reach the conclusion you’re looking for, but getting guidance from a highly intuitive person will give you real clarity on the situation.

And the best part?

Getting a reading is as simple as hopping on a chat, speaking on the phone, or having a face-to-face call, all from the comfort of your sofa!

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15) You have an epiphany about a current relationship

Not everybody who gets manifested by their soulmate is single.

If you find yourself in a relationship right now, a good sign that your actual soulmate is trying to meet you, is when you suddenly get the feeling that it’s time to end things with your current partner.

Sometimes, these doubts come out of nowhere and you can’t even explain them properly, which is what can make this situation hard, but you should listen to your heart.

When your entire being is trying to tell you something, listen.

16) Someone arrives unexpectedly to help you

Your soulmate might enter your life on a high note, helping you out in a time of need.

This could mean helping you when your car battery died in winter, or when you accidentally dropped all your groceries at the store.

Having somebody help you unexpectedly can be a big sign that they were manifesting you.

17) You feel very drawn to someone for no reason

It’s no secret that soulmates are inexplicably drawn to one another, so when you feel this magnetic pull within you towards someone, it could have a bigger meaning!

Maybe you’ve known this person for a long time, but all of a sudden, something is different, and you feel extremely attracted to them.

A reason for that could be that they are manifesting their soulmate, who happens to be you.

You might not know your soulmate, in which case that attraction might be to a complete stranger!

18) You sense them

When your soulmate is manifesting you, you might start to sense things around you.

For example, while reading something on the couch, you all of a sudden smell a perfume you’ve never smelled before, even though you’re home alone.

It can feel scary at first, but don’t worry too much about it. It might be the scent of your soulmate.

Because they are manifesting you, your energies start to sync up.

This phenomena can’t be explained by science, but it does happen.

19) You feel an urge to improve yourself

When your soulmate is trying to manifest you, something within you might start to prepare for that connection.

This preparation could take the form of improving yourself, explaining your sudden urge to work on yourself.

Sometimes this could be:

  • Improving your physical health
  • Improving your mental health 
  • Becoming (more) spiritual
  • Learning something new
  • Working extra hard

You feel like you want to be the best version of yourself, although you can’t explain why.

Either way, this step will always pay off!

20) Love seems to be everywhere

A sign of your soulmate manifesting you, is seeing love all around you.

Although you are not actively looking for it, anywhere you go seems to be filled with love. There are happy couples on the streets, and even animals seem to be in love.

Instead of being depressed by this, you will feel motivated, knowing deep within that this kind of happiness is right around the corner for you, as well.

21) You find a white feather

White feathers are said to be a symbol from the universe, representing faith and protection.

It can also indicate that somebody is thinking about you.

For these reasons, it’s not uncommon to find a white feather while your soulmate is manifesting you.

22) You keep hearing about them from others

Is there a person you seem to keep hearing about from your friends and family lately?

There might be random comments being made unintentionally, and they all circle around the same person.

In that case, chances are good they might be your soulmate trying to manifest you. Take it as a sign to get in touch and check it out!

23) You see signs and symbols related to them

Now: this one might only be visible in hindsight, but when your soulmate is manifesting you, there will be many signs and symbols related to them around you.

You might not notice it yet, but later you realize the cat that suddenly showed up at your house a lot looks exactly like their pet.

Or the type of car that you see parked everywhere is the same model they drive.

These symbols are hard to notice before knowing your soulmate, but keep an eye out!

24) You just have a feeling

Last but not least, sometimes, you just have a feeling, and that can be the biggest sign of them all.

How often do you just know something is happening, even though you just can’t put your finger on what makes you feel that way?

Your intuition is more powerful than you know, believe me!

Turns out we have an incredible innate knowledge within us.

So, simply put, if you have a feeling your soulmate is manifesting you but you have no proof, that feeling might be proof enough!

Enjoy the ride

If your soulmate is truly manifesting you, there are some beautiful times ahead.

Nothing beats the phase of getting to know each other and realizing all the many things you have in common, and finally feeling like you’ve come home.

Best of all, you can relax now, knowing that soon enough you will be united.

Enjoy this time and take care of yourself, sooner rather than later, you will meet the one!

Anna Scheucher

Freelance writer specializing in holistic health, wellness, and psychology. Check out my blog to find out more https://www.fullyholistic.com/!

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