12 signs your relationship is moving in the right direction (even if you’re not in love yet)

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Some people fall in love at first sight, while others need more time to get to know the other person and see how the relationship will develop.

But if you’re not in love yet, how can you tell whether your relationship has potential or if you’re wasting your time?

Turns out that there are certain signs that indicate your relationship is moving in the right direction.

Let’s take a look:

1) You enjoy each other’s company

First things first, the only way your relationship stands a chance is if you enjoy spending time together.

I know it seems obvious but I had to say it.

You see some people think that just because someone is right for them on paper, their relationship will work out. That’s simply not true.

There are so many other factors to consider – like chemistry!

So, while you may not be in love yet, you should be looking forward to spending time with your partner, otherwise, stop wasting your time and move on.

2) You respect one another

One of the key components of any healthy and happy relationship is mutual respect.

That means treating each other with kindness, valuing each other’s opinions, and respecting each other’s boundaries and individuality.

Anything less than that is just not worth pursuing. 

3) You trust one another

Another key component of a good relationship is trust.

Just think about it: Ideally, you want to find your life partner right?

But how can you spend your life with someone you don’t trust or who doesn’t trust you?

You need to know that the person you’re with is someone who wouldn’t betray you with their words and actions, otherwise, you’ll constantly be wondering what they’re up to and that’s just no way to go through life.

4) You agree to disagree

Did you know that being in the perfect relationship doesn’t mean agreeing on everything?

You’re two individuals and as such you’re bound to disagree on something. In fact, it would be kinda weird if you didn’t.

Remember you guys respect each other and that means respecting each other’s views and opinions, even when they’re opposing.

State your arguments, listen to theirs, and if your mind hasn’t been changed, then just agree to disagree and move on.

Don’t try to change their mind by force or get angry if they can’t see things your way.

5) Your communication is great

Good communication is a combination of many things.

First of all, it’s open, honest, and respectful.

It means you’re not afraid to tell each other what you think and how you feel. It means you’re comfortable expressing your concerns.

Second of all, it means actively listening and responding to each other. It’s not enough to nod your head while the other person speaks and say, “Okay, I hear you.”

You need to really listen and really hear what they’re saying, and your response needs to be thought out and appropriate.

Without good communication, there are bound to be a lot of misunderstandings and hurt feelings which can be frustrating.

In the long run, communication could be what makes or breaks a relationship.

6) You’re both ready to make compromises

We all like to have our way, but when it comes to relationships, it’s important to find a middle ground.

From deciding on what movie you’re gonna watch to where you’re gonna go on vacation to more serious things like resolving conflicts, compromises are important.

Both partners are expected to give up something and adjust for the well-being of the relationship, it’s only fair.

So if you guys are able to do that, you’re definitely moving in the right direction.

7) You’re both committed to making it work

The truth is that in order for a relationship to work, it needs to be two-sided.

That means that both you and your partner need to put in the hours and really make an effort to make it work.

Trust me, you don’t want to be with someone who takes you and your relationship for granted.

8) Your values and goals align

It sure helps when you want the same things out of life, wouldn’t you agree?

Like, say your priority is to save up some money so that you can take a trip around the world. If the person you’re dating digs the idea and is also into traveling, you’re in luck!

However, if they want to save up to buy a house and start a family, you’re obviously not on the same page and that could cause problems and heartbreak down the road.

9) Your sex life is pretty darn good

Hey, don’t underestimate the importance of physical intimacy in serious relationships.

Sex isn’t just part of casual dating and one-night stands, being sexually compatible and having a healthy sex life is an essential ingredient of happiness in a relationship.

In other words, if you and your partner have a healthy level of physical intimacy and you’re both partners satisfied, then your relationship has a good foundation.

10) You can tell each other anything

But it can’t all be about sex, now can it?

You should also have a good level of emotional intimacy.

Now think about your relationship, do you:

  • Support each other through hard times?
  • Can you be vulnerable with each other?
  • Are you open about your fears and insecurities?
  • Can you be yourselves without fear of judgment?
  • Do you acknowledge mistakes, apologize, and forgive?

If you answered “yes” to the questions above, it’s another sign that your relationship is headed in the right direction.

11) You both have lives outside the relationship

While it’s great to find someone you love spending time with, it’s important not to forget other parts of your life.

I’m talking about your friends, hobbies, and any other activities that you have outside of your relationship.

You see, a healthy dose of independence is good for a relationship in the long run.

  • It gives you both a chance to develop as individuals
  • It gives you something to talk about
  • It gives you a chance to miss each other

Without a life outside your relationship, you risk becoming codependent and that’s just not good for anyone.

12) You support each other’s dreams

Lastly, I want to mention just how important it is to be supportive of each other when you’re in a relationship.

There are so many different ways to show someone that you’re there for them and that you believe in them.

  • You take an interest in each other’s dreams and aspirations.
  • You cheer each other on and offer words of encouragement, especially when things don’t go smoothly.
  • You don’t let each other quit just because there’s an obstacle on the road.
  • You help each other out in any way you can – from giving your time to using your connections.
  • You show your support by celebrating each other’s successes.
  • You’re patient because let’s face it, achieving dreams takes time and perseverance.
  • And finally, you’re there for each other and offer emotional support in moments of doubt.

If you and your partner have that, it’s a surefire sign that your relationship is moving in the right direction.

Now it’s time to see if love will follow!

Jelena Dincic

Jelena has a background in photography and film-making and has spent the last few years as a content editor and copywriter. Jelena is a citizen of the world who is passionate about travel and learning about new cultures. She’s a foodie who loves to cook. And, as an art lover, she is always experimenting with new art mediums. When she’s not at her computer, she’s usually out and about in some forest with her dogs.

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