7 signs your partner is taking you for granted, according to psychology

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“Love is a two-way street,” as the saying goes. It requires constant give and take from both parties involved. But what if you start to feel that the scales are tipping more towards one side?

Let me elaborate.

You’re giving your all, making sacrifices, putting in significant effort, but you’re not receiving the same level of commitment and appreciation in return. Does that sound familiar?

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Psychology can offer some insights here. It can help us recognize certain patterns and signs that indicate whether your partner might be taking you for granted.

So, if you’re sitting there wondering, “Is my partner taking me for granted?” then this article might just be what you need.

1. They no longer make an effort

Let’s start with an obvious one.

You know that feeling when you first start dating someone? Every look, every touch, every word – it all feels magical. You make an effort to impress each other, to show how much you care.

But what happens when that effort starts to slip away?

Psychology tells us that when your partner stops making an effort to keep things exciting and special, it could be a sign they’re taking you for granted.

It might be as simple as no longer planning date nights or as profound as not showing interest in your day-to-day life.

These seemingly small changes can signal a significant shift in their attitude towards the relationship.

2. They don’t acknowledge your efforts

Now, here’s something personal.

A few years back, I was in a relationship where I felt like I was doing all the heavy lifting. I remember spending hours planning a surprise birthday party for my partner, inviting all his friends, baking his favorite cake, and decorating the whole house.

And his response? A simple “Oh, cool.”

That was it. No excitement, no gratitude, no appreciation for the effort I’d put in. It felt like he expected it, as if it was my duty to go above and beyond without any acknowledgment.

That’s when I realized something pivotal.

Psychology indicates that when a partner doesn’t acknowledge your efforts or express gratitude for the things you do for them, they’re likely taking you for granted.

3. Your opinions are constantly overlooked

Let me paint you a picture from a chapter of my life.

I was in this relationship where every time I voiced my opinion, it was quickly dismissed or ignored. I would suggest a movie for our date night, and the response I’d get would be “Nah, let’s watch something else.” Or I’d propose a new place to visit, only to hear “That doesn’t sound fun.”

At first, I brushed it off, thinking maybe it’s just about different tastes. But the pattern continued.

I’ll tell you what psychology says about this.

When your partner consistently overlooks your opinions or decisions, it could indicate they are taking you for granted. They might not realize it, but by dismissing your ideas, they’re undermining your role in the relationship.

So, if your partner always seems to have the final say or doesn’t value your input, you might want to consider whether they’re truly appreciating your presence in their life.

4. They prioritize their needs over yours

This one’s a bit tricky.

In a balanced relationship, both partners’ needs and desires should be given equal importance. Sure, there will be times when one person’s needs might take precedence, but that shouldn’t become the norm.

Here’s what psychology suggests.

When your partner consistently prioritizes their needs over yours, it could be a sign they’re taking you for granted. They might not even notice they’re doing it, but this behavior can subtly imply that they don’t value your needs or desires.

5. They don’t invest in your interests

Let’s say you have a passion for photography and your partner never shows interest in it. They never ask about your photo shoots or offer to join you on one.

Now, here’s something you might not know.

Research shows that couples who take an interest in each other’s hobbies tend to have stronger, more satisfying relationships. It’s about showing you care about what makes the other person happy.

So, when your partner shows no interest in something that’s important to you, it can feel like they’re taking you for granted. They may not realize it, but this lack of interest can send a message that they don’t value what makes you, well, you.

Keep an eye out for this sign. If your partner doesn’t invest time or effort into understanding your passions, they might not be giving you the appreciation you deserve.

6. They don’t support your dreams and aspirations

I always dreamt of starting my own business. When I finally gathered the courage to share this with my partner, expecting enthusiasm and encouragement, the response was lukewarm at best. They questioned the feasibility, the financial implications, and whether it was a “sensible” decision.

Yes, these were valid concerns, but their lack of support made me feel like my dreams were not important.

Psychology explains that when your partner doesn’t support your dreams and aspirations, they might be taking you for granted.

By not standing by you as you chase your goals, they’re subtly showing a lack of respect for your ambitions.

7. You feel unimportant in their life

At the end of the day, here’s what matters most.

If you constantly feel like you’re not an important part of your partner’s life, it could be a clear indicator that they’re taking you for granted.

This feeling can manifest in various ways – maybe they make plans without consulting you, or they don’t involve you in important decisions.

The thing is, feeling valued and important is a fundamental aspect of any healthy relationship.

So, if your partner’s actions or behavior make you feel like you’re playing second fiddle in their life, it’s a sign they’re not appreciating your worth in the relationship.

Wrapping it up

If you’re connecting with the points we’ve discussed, it’s possible you feel your partner is taking you for granted.

Here is the crucial part – acknowledging this situation is the first step towards change.

With awareness and understanding, we can start to address these issues. The key lies in communication and setting boundaries. Relationships require give and take, but not at the cost of your self-worth or happiness.

Begin by recognizing the signs we’ve explored. Pay attention when your efforts go unacknowledged or your opinions are dismissed. Notice when you’re always accommodating their needs while neglecting your own.

Once you’ve identified these patterns, consider having a frank conversation with your partner.

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