15 signs you’re actually a kinder person than you think you are

Sometimes we focus so much on the negative qualities that we lose sight of what we’re actually good at it.

It’s easy to forget about what people do like about you, and instead, become overly consumed with what they don’t like.

But it’s time to take pride in who you are and what you’ve become.

Even if you don’t think you’re a good person now, there are bound to be qualities you’ve forgotten about yourself that show you’re a kinder person than most.

If you’re always focusing on your weaknesses, then you’ll never have time to appreciate your positive qualities.

So let’s make now that time.

Here are some signs that show you’re a kinder person than you think you are.

1. You compliment others when it is deserved

Giving credit where credit is due is an important part of being a kind person.

A genuinely nice person isn’t about themselves. They’re excited about other people’s achievements and successes.

It’s not just complimenting other people. A good person wants other people to succeed in life, so they’re not afraid to give constructive criticism if they think that it will genuinely help someone.

So if you genuinely want others to do well in life, and you’re not afraid to let them know about it, you’re probably a kinder person than you think you are.

2. You don’t feel superior

One of the most convincing signs you’re a kind-hearted person is that you don’t feel superior.

You really, truly don’t.

Life’s thrown you enough experiences and you’ve met enough people to know that ideas like being better than someone really have no ultimate meaning.

You just don’t see life that way. You see it as a collaboration, and you see potential learning experiences potentially around every corner.

You’re definitely a kinder person than you think you if you don’t know look down on others and you treat everyone as your equal.

3. You’re grateful for your loved ones

A nice person values their family and those who are close to them. After all, the people close to us make us who we are.

Not only do they offer unconditional love, but they’re also there to offer support when shit hits the fan.

You’re a kinder person than you think you are if you show appreciation to your loved ones and if you’re always willing to provide love and support when it’s needed.

4. You are non-judgemental

One thing is for sure, criticizing or condemning is never the best way to win allies.

The kindest of people are open to new perspectives and resist the urge to impose what they feel and think onto others’ choices in life.

So if you hold yourself back from judging others and let them come as they are, then you’re a better person than most

5. You are polite and respectful

Being polite and respectful is a hallmark of a kind person. If you treat people the way you want to be treated, then you’re showing respect to others and you’re a better person than most.

A kind person doesn’t put others down to make themselves better.

They know everybody is going through challenges in life, so they keep the peace and respect the individuality of each and every person.

6. You are kind to everyone

Kindness is a wonderful way to let another struggling soul know that there is still love in this world.

A person with strong moral values knows this.

Genuinely nice people can see past people’s flaws and focus on the positive traits of anyone.

So if you’re a kind person, then you’re probably better than you think you are.

A kind person is also a good listener, not listening to respond and inject themselves into the conversation but listening for the sake of listening.

7. You are generous with others

You know you’re a kinder person than you think you are if you think about others first.

A kind person doesn’t take advantage of anyone because they treat people with dignity and respect.

Do you only make decisions after considering everyone around you?

Then you’re probably a kinder person than you think you are.

8. You are a good listener

We all appreciate good listeners in our lives. They are sympathetic and attentive. They don’t interrupt or interject. They allow us to air our problems and find our own solutions, simply by offering an ear to us.

So if you genuinely listen to others, and ask questions to learn more about what they’re talking about, then you’re probably a nicer person than you think you are.

9. People can trust you

No virtue is more universally accepted as a test of good character than trustworthiness.

This is why a good person is extremely trustworthy.

You can always rely on these people to have a word as strong as stone.

So if you refuse to let others down, and you live up to your word, then you’re most likely a kind person that treats others with respect.

10. You want to help others

You understand that you’re not the center of the universe. Your success in this world goes beyond your own successes and achievements. It’s also about how you treat others.

If you are able to help others live a better life and act as a pillar of strength for the close ones around you, then you’re a kinder person than you’re letting on.

11. You know how to make a relationship work

A kind person brings out the best in their partner.

They don’t waste time playing games, indulging in drama, or messing about with the feelings of others.

If you love and support your partner unconditionally, and don’t manipulate their feelings to get what you want, then you’re a kinder person than you think you are.

12. You love others whenever possible

One of the top signs you’re a rare person with a kind heart is that you love others whenever possible.

You have an ego like all of us, but you don’t let petty disagreements or outer judgments stop you from being a decent person to those you meet along the road of life.

If someone abuses that trust you’re going to protect yourself like any of the rest of us.

But your general approach to the world when you’re a genuinely down-to-earth person is to give love a chance.

So if you love others whenever you can, and always give people the benefit of the doubt, then you’re probably a kinder person than you think you are.

13. Your word is your bond

You can be the best man or woman on the planet with hundreds of friends and projects to help people worldwide, but if you constantly fall back on your word people will stop trusting you.

And a big part of being legit is that you don’t say you’ll do something unless you fully plan to do it.

This one habit of backing up your words with action can actually make you a much more alpha and intimidating man (in a good way) and a much more formidable and impressive woman.

This one step of following through on your words is a major life hack that can come right near the beginning of any self-improvement regimen.

If you always do what you say, and you say what you mean, you have strong integrity, and you’re a better person than you think you are.

14. You stand up for your beliefs regardless of popularity

Perhaps the most important of the signs you’re a good and kind person is that you stand up for your beliefs regardless of popularity.

Many people will fold or hide what they think for safety or conformity.

But good people stand up for what they believe and stand up to others when they see something that is wrong.

If you can say that you stand up for what is right, then you’re a kinder person than you think you are.

15. You are encouraging

We all know that life can be tough enough at times, without other people bringing us down too.

One of the simplest and kindest behaviors is to be encouraging toward others.

That doesn’t even necessarily mean laying it on thick with praise. But it does mean enthusiastically believing in others and offering them your support where possible.

Encouraging people are quite frankly uplifting to be around. Compare that with those who critique or habitually pick apart your good ideas. It’s kind of a no-brainer over which you’d rather be, right?

So if you cheer other people on and you want them to succeed, you’re probably a kinder person than you think you are.

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