14 signs you’re actually a more successful woman than you think

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What makes a successful woman?

Despite what you might think, success is more than just fancy cars and a good job; success is also about how you treat others and carry yourself through life.

If you’re wondering if you’re a successful woman, then look no further than the below 14 signs. 

If you relate to a few of these, then you’re probably more successful than you think. 

1. You take action, even when you’re fearful

Courage has nothing to do with the absence of fear. In fact, we all experience fear, but successful people take action even when they are fearful.

A successful person doesn’t give up easily. They continue even when it gets difficult.

Courageous people are an inspiration to others because they motivate them to take action for things we might be scared about.

In fact, in some ways being a good person can take courage. After all, it takes courage to act with integrity.

So if you can say that you take positive actions even when you’re scared or fearful, then you’re certainly a successful woman. 

2. You’re compassionate

Being compassionate is a hallmark of a successful woman. Compassion is kindness in action.

When you see others in pain, if you want to act to help them alleviate it then you’re a probably successful woman in my eye. 

Successful and good people are also sensitive to other people’s struggles and pain, and therefore, they don’t judge.

Everybody is going through their own private battle, and there is almost always more to what’s going on with someone than what meets the eye.

3. You’re honest and straightforward

Thanks to the proliferation of social media and dating apps, honesty is a rare trait these days. People are always trying to be something they’re not.

But a successful woman knows who she is and what she isn’t. She speaks the truth and not what she thinks other people want to hear.

This also means that successful women are consistent in their behavior. Everybody likes them for the person they are. Because they stay who they are.

So if you’re not contrived, and you genuinely express what you’re really thinking and feeling, you’re probably a successful woman that other people listen to for advice.

4. You don’t gossip or cause drama

Gossiping doesn’t feel like time well spent for a successful woman.

There’s not much point to it, and most of the time, all you’re really doing is talking bad about someone else who can’t defend themselves.

A successful woman realizes that another person’s private life is none of their business.

And when you engage in gossip, all it serves to do is make yourself more judgemental and toxic.

A successful woman prefers to be compassionate rather than judgemental.

So if you’re able to avoid engaging in gossip and drama, then you’re likely a more successful woman than you might know.

You’re probably also someone that other people enjoy being around because you’re not negatively judging them all the time.

5. You’ve stopped caring what others think of you

When we’re growing up, we’re often concerned if other people like us. That’s natural, of course.

Deep down, we all have a basic want to be welcomed into the group. We don’t want to be left out to eat lunch by ourselves in the cafeteria.

We change how we dress and how we talk to please others. But that gets tiring.

The fact is that no one thinks about you as much as you think about yourself; why would they?

They’ve got their own lives to worry about!

If you don’t waste your time caring about what others think of you, then you’ve got a wide available use of energy that many people don’t have.

You stick to focusing on what you can control: giving your best and taking responsibility for your own actions.

6. You learn from your mistakes and experiences

We all make mistakes. That’s normal. But if you learn from your mistakes and you don’t repeat them, then you’re probably a more successful woman than you realize. 

After all, learning from mistakes and failures is how you become successful in the first place.

We all know people who are too afraid of making mistakes because it makes them feel bad about themselves.

But the truth is, making mistakes is the only way to progress. Any successful woman will tell you that without the mistakes they made on their journey, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

So if you’re comfortable making mistakes, and you see mistakes as an opportunity to learn, then you’re likely a successful woman. 

7. You don’t try to be like everyone else

Trying to fit in and be like everyone else is a recipe for living an inauthentic life.

But if you try to be like everyone else, you negate your true value and lose what makes you unique.

If you’re going to simply do what everyone else does, then you’ll find it hard to stand out and achieve meaningful success.

You’re a more successful woman than you realize if you know that your best option is to simply be yourself.

After all, when you embrace your true values and your instincts, you’ll ignite your true inner power and you’re more likely to be at your best.

8. You’re not afraid to call out jerks

If a person’s intentions aren’t pure, a successful woman will sniff their intentions from a mile away and kick their advances to the curb.

A successful woman doesn’t take kindly to being treated like a sex object. She’s not fuel for a man’s broken ego to repair itself.

If you’re a successful woman, then you know you’re high value and you demand respect. Jerks simply don’t have a chance.

This is why you’re not afraid to call out BS when you see it. 

You are also probably more successful than you think if you hate seeing injustice or someone trying to one-up others to make themselves look better.

You only respect kind-hearted people that have honest intentions.

9. You’re not afraid to stand up for your beliefs

You’re not on the lookout for arguments, but you also aren’t afraid to say what they think.

A hallmark trait of a successful woman is to express her opinions even when their beliefs are against the majority.

You don’t express your opinion rudely, or with the intention of annoying others, but you simply state your opinions in a calm and matter-of-fact way.

While some people who can’t think outside of the status quo find this intimidating, most people respect honesty and the ability of someone to speak from the heart. 

10. You compliment others when it is deserved

Giving credit where credit is due is an important part of being a successful woman. 

A successful woman isn’t just about themselves. They’re excited about other people’s achievements and successes.

It’s not just complimenting other people. A successful woman also wants other people to succeed in life, so they’re not afraid to give constructive criticism if they think that it will genuinely help someone.

So if you genuinely want others to do well in life, and you’re not afraid to let them know about it, you’re probably a more successful woman than you think. 

11. You don’t bother comparing yourself to others

Social media has made it easier than before to compare ourselves with other people’s achievements.

While we might think too much about it when we do it, it can actually lower our self-esteem.

Comparing ourselves not only brings us down but also distracts us from what we need to do: move forward toward our goals.

While they can congratulate their friends for jobs well done, successful women don’t let it get to them.

So if you can focus on your own achievements and base them on your own criteria for success, then you’re probably doing better than most. 

12. You take pride in yourself

Being adaptable can have consequences. In trying to fit in – adopting different personalities, changing behavior, wearing trendy clothes – your identity gets jeopardized.

When you become just like everyone else, standing out becomes much more difficult.

Successful women on the other hand take pride in themselves. Instead of doing things differently, she does things authentically.

So if you build your own brand and you’re proud of who you are, then you’re probably able to rise above the crowd. And that is what makes you remarkable.

13. You don’t blame others

Being a victim and blaming others gets you nowhere in life.

Being able to accept that you are responsible for everything in your life and that nobody is to blame but yourself makes you a strong individual.

It takes courage to be able to look in the mirror and accept your faults and mistakes, but if you can accept these truths, then there will be no stopping your success.

14. You’ve got integrity and morals

Integrity is one of the most character-defining traits there is. It defines who you are and what you stand for, and whether you’re tough enough to stick the course even when times get tough.

It gives you a compass to help you go down the right path, which will allow you to live a more meaningful life.

So if you live a life of integrity, then you’re better than most and more successful than you realize.



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