25 clear signs your female neighbor likes you

Your neighbor is cute, but does she like you?

Women often express their feelings through subtle gestures. So you may need to pay close attention.

Luckily, she’ll give off clues every time she sees or speaks to you.

Here are 25 signs your female neighbor likes you.

25 clear signs your female neighbor likes you

1) She laughs a lot

When we’re not coming straight out and saying it, we need to find other ways to signal to someone that we’re digging them.

And laughter is one of the best ways to do it.

It’s a great flirting tactic for women because men love it when women laugh at their jokes — and we know they do.

We all think that humor is attractive. Both men and women say it’s important to them.

But perhaps rather interestingly, research has shown that whilst women like a funny guy, men prefer women who think they are funny.

As Scientific American explains, laughter and humor have far deeper hidden meanings:

“Men and women use humor and laughter to attract one another and to signal romantic interest—but each gender accomplishes this in a different way…In fact, humor is rarely about anything funny at all; rather sharing a laugh can bring people closer together and even predict compatibility over the long haul.”

Does she laugh loads when she sees you?

Chances are that you’re not THAT funny, she just likes you.

2) She makes an effort with how she looks

If your neighbor likes you then the chances of you bumping into her in the hallway in her bathrobe and slippers seriously reduces.

After all, research has highlighted that men tend to rate physical attractiveness as more critical in a potential partner.

When a woman likes a guy, she doesn’t want him to see her looking her worst.

That can be more complicated when it’s your neighbor you like. It means you can’t really dash to put the rubbish out in your PJs.

If whenever you bump into your female neighbor she seems to have made a real effort with her appearance, it could be for your benefit.

3) She seems really interested in you

Whenever you meet, she’s really chatty.

She asks you questions that go beyond making brief polite conversation.

It seems like she is genuinely curious about you and wants to know more.

If she tries to keep the conversation going whenever you speak, then it’s clear that she is trying to get to know you better.

4) She fishes for info about your love life

It’s not just you in general that she wants to know about. There may be one area of your life in particular that she seems rather curious about.

And that’s your love life.

She might ask whether your girlfriend lives close by (secretly hoping you’ll say you don’t have one).

Or she might say something like “you look dressed up, got a date?”

Even though she is trying to ask in a casual way, she seems to be fishing a bit. She wants to work out your relationship status.

5) She is a bit too smiley

Ok, so there is nothing strange about smiling at your neighbor.

Let’s face it, it is the polite thing to do.

But there is a big difference between throwing a brief friendly smile someone’s way and seemingly grinning from ear to ear nonstop in their presence.

If there’s a constant eager smile plastered on her face when she sees you, it could be that she likes you in more than a neighborly way!

6) She holds eye contact for longer

Just like smiling, eye contact is another one of those universal cues that we give off that signal attraction.

How we use eye contact as humans is pretty fascinating and can say so much.

When it comes to showing interest in someone, not only does holding eye contact keep someone’s attention better, but it can also be arousing.

Research says that looking into someone’s eyes is way more of a turn-on than when they look away. And that simply having someone stare back at us can get our pulses racing.

7) She gives off some serious cues with her body language

Seen as we’re on the subject of physical cues your neighbor will give off when she likes you, now seems a good time to talk body language.

It’s still one of the most powerful ways we speak to somebody without using words.

If she likes you, her body will give off subtle signals that she isn’t even conscious of herself.

That can involve leaning in towards you when you talk or reaching out to gently touch you.

She may subconsciously play with her hair. And if you’re close enough to her you may even notice her pupils dilate.

8) She acts REALLY neighborly

Being neighborly used to be a big thing. But let’s be honest, these days most of us don’t particularly go out of our way for our neighbors.

In fact, we often try to avoid our neighbors (or is that just me).

You can go years and never meet them (again, just me?!).

So if all of a sudden she is going above and beyond to be of service to you and super friendly, it could mean something.

Borrow a cup of sugar? That’s ok, you can have the whole bag.

9) She suddenly appears when you are entering or leaving your place

Sure, it could be divine timing as fate tries its best to bring you two lovebirds together.


It could be that she hears your key in the door and wants to see you.

If you seem to bump into each other often, it may not be a coincidence. She is purposely trying to see you.

10) She finds you on social media

Not content to merely track you down in the hallway. She extends her light stalking into cyberspace too.

And by that I mean, she seeks you out on social media.

Most of us find that adding someone on our socials is often the easiest direct line into someone’s private life.

It suggests she is trying to grow your bond and create more opportunities to chat…and of course, spy on you just a little bit too!

11) She remembers details about you

It’s not only that she seems really interested in you and your life, as I mentioned earlier.

What you are saying to her isn’t just going in one ear and out the other. She really listens to what you have to say.

She remembers details like your brother’s name or where you work.

That’s because she is paying attention. And the reason is most likely that she likes you.

12) Her friends seem to know who you are

True story:

My friend once dated her neighbor. And long before they got together, she had told us girls about him.

He had (the rather unimaginative) nickname of “hot neighbor”.

Perhaps if she’s with her friends they smirk, or look at each other and get a bit giggly.

They may have a knowing look on their face or say something like “oh, so you’re the neighbor”.

If you meet her friends and they seem to know who you are, it’s because she’s been talking about you.

13) She is subtly flirty

Admittedly, this is a tricky one.

Flirty and friendly can sometimes overlap.

And your neighbor might not want to be too overt about her flirting. So you’ll have to pay attention to those less obvious signs of flirting.

That can be everything from raising her eyebrows to having open body language around you.

14) She acts coy

Of course, not everyone is good at flirting.

In fact, for many of us when we like someone it can feel downright awkward.

She could find it difficult to look at you, get a bit flustered and flushed, or seem kind of embarrassed.

Rather than be flirty she could act coyer around you, simply because she finds it hard to relax.

15) She pays you little compliments

It’s not just guys that use flattery as a flirting technique.

We know that you boys have an ego too that likes to be complimented.

So if she makes a note that you smell nice, or that she really likes that color on you, read it as a sign that she likes you.

16) She finds excuses to knock on your door

Ok, so we’ve already established that I’m not necessarily the most friendly of neighbors.

But I only knock on my neighbor’s doors if it’s 5 am and their raucous party is keeping me awake.

But she isn’t coming over in sweatpants to complain about your bins, that’s for sure.

Instead, she looks very well put together and has some vague and seemingly unimportant questions to (all too frequently) ask you.

17) You’re getting vibes

I know it’s a bit vague, but I’ve got to add this to the list.

Because one of the great mysteries of attraction and love are those butterflies that we can’t quite explain.

Call it chemistry, but you can often just feel the spark when there is an attraction in the air.

And if it’s mutual, it’s probably electric.

18) She volunteers her help

If there’s anything you need, she has made it quite clear that she is there.

She can look after your cat whilst you’re away for the night.

She is happy to keep hold of a spare key for your place.

Need help moving? She will happily lend a hand.

In terms of love languages, these are acts of service and show she likes you.

19) She brings over things she has made

Other acts of service that she might use could be to bring over little gifts.

Maybe she bought something extra at the store and thought of you.

She was going to grab a coffee and bought you one too.

Or she baked extra and thought you might like to try it.

She’s extra thoughtful, and the reason could be to grab your attention.

20) She suggests you come over for a drink sometime

She isn’t explicit that it’s a date but she extends a casual-sounding invitation to test the water.

She can always pass it off as being neighborly if you don’t seem interested.

But she suggests something like a glass of wine or a coffee, to get together and have more time with you.

21) She drops hints for you to ask her out

Again, every woman is different.

Depending on her personality and confidence levels, she may not feel bold enough to invite you over or suggest hanging out.

She might prefer you to do the asking.

In this case, you might find she drops hints.

She’s new to the neighborhood and could do with a guide, she has been meaning to try that new restaurant that’s opened across the street, she’s had a killer day at work and could really do with a drink…

She is laying the foundations for you to ask her out.

22) She’s playful or teases you

It’s the old-school yard favorite that we stick with away into adulthood.

Being playful with someone is actually incredibly flirty.

Perhaps because it crosses a polite boundary and so becomes, ever so slightly, more personal and intimate.

If she makes little jokes or teases you, chances are she secretly likes you.

23) She asks for your advice

If she turns to you for advice or counsel, this is a strong sign that she respects you.

You are trusted and valued by her.

This is also a good way to get to know each other better. She wants to learn from you.

It’s a way of showing you that she values what you say and how you think.

24) She lowers the pitch of her voice

Another slightly quirky and subtle addition to our list of signs to watch out for is changes to her voice.

A lot of us have a “sexy” voice that we sometimes inadvertently put on.

And science suggests that when we are attracted to someone, we may lower our voice— and that even goes for women.

So if she has sultry tones whenever you meet, now you know why.

25) She’s chatty with your friends

When we like a guy we want his friends to think we’re cool.

So if she bumps into you when you’re with your buddies, she’ll likely make an effort with them too.

If they hold any sway over you, she wants to ensure that they go away with an equally good impression of her.

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