41 signs your ex will eventually come back (complete list)

Your ex was the best you ever had.

Your heart was crushed like never before when you had to break up. And yet, a part of you KNOWS that you’ll end up together again someday.

And you’re probably right.

In this article, I will give you 42 signs that your ex will eventually come back (even if it seems impossible right now).

1) You broke up in the heat of the moment

You broke up not because you had fallen out of love, but because the two of you got into an argument, or got heated over something and said something hurtful to one another.

Perhaps you or your ex got mad and said something like “that’s it, I’m done!” and the other took offense to this and took it as a breakup.

With break-ups like these, you’re dealing with pride and maturity more than anything else. Neither of you wants to be the bigger person and say “Hey, we’re being silly. Let’s not fight.”

Chances are that when either of you steps up and offers a truce and an apology, then you’ll begin fixing your relationship.

2) They didn’t cut you out of their life completely

You’ve broken up, despite that you’re still in open contact with one another. You still follow each other on social media and they didn’t block your number.

You might even still be good friends despite everything.

An ex who is 100% done with you, especially if you don’t have children, would cut you out in an instant.

But if your ex didn’t cut you out, there’s a chance that you still have a place in their heart…and that one day, they’d come back to you.

3) They’ve done this before

This has happened at least once in the past—the two of you broke up, only for them to come running back to you. And you’re seeing the same old signs as before.

Perhaps it’s just the way things are between the two of you. You love each other, but at the same time can’t stand one another.

But it’s also toxic, and there’s almost always something you can do to deal with it. So try to do some self-reflection so that when they return, they’re staying for good.

4) They often told you you’re the one

You know how much they love you because they kept telling you that you’re the most special person they’ve met in their life.

And you know that they weren’t just pulling your leg. You could tell from the sound of their voice and the look in their eyes that they were sincere.

If you’re this important to them, there’s a big chance that they’ll give your relationship another shot. It’s not easy to let go of someone truly special, after all.

5) They haven’t been dating anyone else

It’s been months since your break up. Years, even. And somehow they managed to remain single all this time.

It probably wasn’t for lack of trying. They probably did try to see if they could start dating again at some point. But they just couldn’t find someone new, so they decided to stay single.

Chances are that a part of them is yearning for the day when you’d be together again, and that is what kept them from loving someone else.

6) If they’re dating, nothing lasts

Or perhaps they did try dating again, and when you heard of it, you thought they had moved on for real.

But it simply didn’t last. No matter how many people they tried to hook up with, none of them lasted as long as their relationship with you.

They might have even joked around with you about how you’ve ruined them, and that they just can’t find anyone as good as you.

You might be tempted to think that they’re just joking around, but chances are that it’s true, and they’re trying to tell you that they want to get back together with you.

7) They keep talking about you

Your friends tell you that your ex keeps talking about you. And it’s not like they don’t have anything to talk about. Rather, it just seems like your ex’s feelings are just a big deal to them for some reason.

Not everything that they have to say is necessarily good. Your friends might share with you how your ex complained about you being annoying.

One thing is for sure though, and that is that you’re in your ex’s thoughts.

Chances are, they’re doing it so the people they’re talking to would report to you about what they said. It’s their way of reaching out to you without actually reaching out to you.

8) They look at you with longing in their eyes

The eyes never lie.

And since you know how your ex used to look at you when you were still in love, you can tell right away that they miss you.

Are they looking at you like you’re the most beautiful person in the world?

It’s a clear sign that your ex will eventually come back. You see, if an ex is totally over you, they won’t be able to give you this look. Never. In fact, the idea of it probably makes them cringe.

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What might be a sign for most might just not mean anything special for some, and some things that might not mean anything to most would mean the world for some

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10) They have sent at least one “I miss you” text

When an ex does this, they know what they’re doing. They know it’s synonymous to “I still really like you a lot.”

It’s even possible that it’s their way of testing you to know your level of interest.

If you say you miss them too, then that would give them the assurance that you won’t close the door shut on them once they’re ready to start a new relationship with you.

You see, an ex won’t say it if they don’t want you in their life because you might get your hopes high that they’ll get back together with you.

11) They reminisce a lot

They post a photo on their Instagram of the places you’ve been to, or the things you did together.

They don’t outright say “I miss my ex”, of course. Who does that?

But they indirectly say it anyway by saying they miss going to these places you used to go, or they miss doing these things you used to do together.

Trust me, they don’t really miss those things more than they miss you. They just don’t want to creep you out.

12) They try to catch your attention

So not only are they posting stuff that you both love, they’re also trying to catch your attention in real life.

They try to be the center of attention at a party you’re both invited to. Or if they know you’re obsessed with dogs, they’ll get one and send you a photo of it.

An ex who will eventually come back would do anything so you’ll look at them with fondness again.

13) They’re still there to the rescue

They keep their distance from you because they respect your boundaries, but the moment they know you’re in trouble, they immediately rush to your side.

Sure, it’s possible that they’re just a caring person who happens to be your ex, but trust me—most people can’t be bothered, especially if you’re legit exes.

And if you know for a fact that your ex isn’t the most caring person in the world, and yet they dropped everything to be with you in times of need, they’ll eventually come back. It’s almost a guarantee.

14) They’re not friends with any of their exes

Their relationships with their other exes have been far from the best for one reason or another. They aren’t friends with any of them, and yet for some reason they’re still here with you.

Maybe you’re the first ex they broke up with without much baggage, or perhaps you’re the only one who didn’t make them feel like the worst person in the world over it. It could even be that they just really like you that much.

Whatever the reason may be, this is a sign that you’re special to them, and this makes it even more likely that they will eventually come back to you.

15) They try to know if you’re dating someone new

Your ex’s biggest fear might be that you’ll find someone new and forget about them.

They know that they have to work up the courage to be with you again soon, but it seems like they still have a lot of things to figure out about themselves.

So they casually ask your close friends if you’re seeing someone new. They’d be relieved if they know you aren’t but there’s always a voice in their head that keeps saying “Go get them before it’s too late!”

16) They check on you

Aside from their desire to get updates about your life, they really want to know how you’re doing.

An ex who still loves you isn’t just worried that you won’t end up together again, they’d actually be worried about YOU. You—as a person independent from them.

They’re concerned for your well-being—if you’re doing well emotionally and financially. If your grades or your work is okay. If you’re actually happy.

You’re someone special to them and they’d do anything so you’ll feel better.

17) You keep bumping into them

They still frequent your favorite restaurants and bars. And they even show up at your new favorite hang out place, as if it’s purely accidental that you happen to be at the same place.

Trust me, it’s not accidental. But if it is, then maybe it’s the universe’s way of making you get back together.

What’s more likely is that they stalked you. Perhaps you posted on social media about it, or perhaps their friend told them that they saw you there a lot.

An ex who’s over you won’t go to the same places! I mean, there are bazillions of other choices out there. Why go to where your ex hangs out if you don’t like them anymore? Think about it.

18) They didn’t remove your photos on social media

You used to be cute together, in real life and on social media

You both posted a lot of photos of the two of you doing random things—when you were trekking in Nepal, the two of you in your silly Halloween costumes…you know, all those cute, sappy stuff.

You wanted to show off your love to friends and family.

So when you broke up, you expected that they’d delete all your photos together—especially if they’re already dating other people— but they didn’t. And you know it’s because deep down, they really still want you.

19) They didn’t change their relationship status

This is similar to #18, except that this is more obvious.

Of course it should be a given if they’re active on social media and they’re tech savvy. If they didn’t change their status because they obviously don’t care or that they don’t know how, then it doesn’t say anything.

But if they’re active and techy, and they didn’t change their relationship status, it probably means that they’re still in denial. Or they’re hoping you’d get back together so they won’t have to announce to everyone that you’re no longer a couple.

20) They go hot and cold

They’ve been going hot and cold. But you’re sure they’re not doing it as a “strategy” to make you want them more.

Instead, it seems like they’re just genuinely confused.

They want you, but on the other hand they’re being held back by their doubts with you. Perhaps you hurt each other a lot when you were together, and they don’t know how to handle that.

In this situation, you can break them free from their indecision by sparking their love for you once and for all.

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21) You can see they’re unhappy after the breakup

You know your ex. You know when they’re okay and when they’re just pretending to be okay. And they’re clearly just doing the latter.

It’s normal to be sad in the first few months after the break up, but it’s been over a year and you can still see the sadness in their eyes.

Maybe they’re hoping you’d make the first move to reconcile, and they get sadder and sadder each passing day because it’s finally getting clear to them that you won’t do it.

They’re missing you and they know they’ll never be happy without you even if they’re successful in almost every aspect of their life…even if they’re supposed to be happy without you.

22) They haven’t returned your stuff

Your stuff is still with them because they cherish it.

As long as there are still some things that connect the two of you, as long as they know that one day you’ll get them all back (and that means you’ll have a talk), they feel hopeful.

They don’t want to lose them yet, because those things represent hope. And they cling on to anything that would give them any kind of assurance that you’ll still be together again.

23) They keep messaging your friends

They’re not particularly fond of your friends when you were still together, but now that you’ve broken up, they’ve become close.

You start to even wonder if they’re trying to flirt with your best friends, but your bestie says no.

Your ex is clearly trying to win your heart again by being close to the people you’re close to. They might be even asking your friends for advice on how to approach you again.

24) They respond to your messages in a heartbeat

Your ex usually doesn’t reply to messages fast…well, except if they’re from you. And they still do it even if you’re no longer together.

They don’t want to keep you waiting because they don’t want you to do the same thing to them.

And, of course, it’s not really such an effort on their end. Every message you send them brings a smile to their face, and for them, it’s much harder to not reply right away.

25) They get nervous around you

You notice that your ex gets shy when you’re around. It’s cute, really.

They start to get quiet, and they even blush a little.

It’s as if you’re a VIP and they simply don’t know how to act around you.

You know for a fact that they’re not the shy type. They’re confident even when they encounter some of their other exes. But with you? They’re a ball of nerves.

Of course if this is the case, they still like you and they’re just waiting for the right moment to come back.

26) They’ve changed

But in the ways that you like them to.

If you used to complain that they smoke a lot, they probably cut down on smoking or they already quit cold turkey.

If you used to admire them for their talent in writing yet they don’t have the self-discipline to finish writing a book, they’re probably done with the first draft of their manuscript.

You get the picture. Something in their core has changed and it’s probably because of you. It won’t be a surprise if your ex will eventually come back.

27) They can’t be friends with you

I know some exes want to stay friends because they want you in their life.

But there are those that simply can’t be friends with you because they know they’re not capable of seeing you as a friend because they still love you.

If they back off when you offer friendship, they’re probably hurting right now. One day, you’ll see them knocking on your door again.

28) They feel threatened when you’re with someone else

Given that you’re exes, it shouldn’t be any of his business if you decide to move on. But somehow they get threatened whenever they see you with someone else.

This one is straightforward enough. They feel threatened because they still think of you as theirs for one reason or another.

In fact, they’re probably counting on getting you back after things have settled down and are threatened by the idea that someone else may take you in the meantime.

29) You’re the first one they call

You’re still their number one person—in their heart and on their phone.

If they have an emergency, they call you for help. If they’re an emotional wreck, they call you for comfort.

But of course, they don’t just use you in times of need. They also call you when their heart is bursting with happiness.

If you’re this irreplaceable to them—if you’re at the top stop of their life, I’m sure they’ve thought about marrying you someday.

30) They work on your future

Your ex will eventually come back if they’re working on turning the dreams you both had into reality.

If both of you used to dream of starting a business, they’re probably staying up late to work on the business you both wanted.

If you didn’t dream of anything that specific, they’re probably just working their butts off to save up so that one day, you can get married and buy everything you need.

They probably had this grand plan that once they have something to show you, that’s the time they’ll approach you

If you’re getting a little impatient and you’re worried it won’t happen soon, then be the one to reach out to your ex

Rather than waiting for things to become “perfect”, why not take things into your own hands and find a way to get through to your ex?

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His practical tips have helped thousands of men and women not only reconnect with their exes but to rebuild the love and commitment they once shared.

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31) They still greet you on special occasions

Your ex doesn’t fail to text you or send you cards on your birthday. They also do the same thing on special holidays.

And if they know you’ve achieved something lately, they’ll be the first one to congratulate you.

They want you to feel special and they want you to think that they’re always there for you…because one day, they’ll get back together with you.

32) They try to turn you into a villain

Although you were both at your worst when you broke up—you both said things you wish you didn’t—your ex never says bad things about you.

They probably see your breakup as temporary.

And for your ex, it’d be awkward to be back together when everyone you know had free access to your dirty laundry.

33) You broke up because they’re going through a crisis

You didn’t break up because you’re no longer in love.

In fact, you’re still too in love with each other but you decided to part ways because they’re mentally and emotionally unstable.

Maybe they were going through a midlife crisis or they’re depressed. Maybe they started to question everything in their life and it affected your relationship.

Once they find a way to crawl out of their funk, they’ll eventually come back to you.

34) There’s still sexual tension when you’re together

The chemistry between the two of you didn’t go just because you’re exes now. If anything, it scares you because it’s still as strong as it used to be—if not more!

Your friends can feel it when the two of you are in the same room together and they might even joke about it afterwards… or leave the room so that the two of you can work it out.

That the chemistry still exists is a sign that there’s something special between you, and if you can still feel it then so can they.

35) They send you “friendly” gifts

An ex who has not yet moved on will try to make the other one feel special. And nothing spells special than thoughtful gifts—even “friendly” ones like a box of donuts.

If your ex has been doing this, it’s clearly NOT NOTHING to them. Especially if they’re not the type who usually buys presents.

Give your ex a present, too, if you want to establish your closeness. Pretty soon they’ll come running back to you. You’ll see.

36) Their body language shows it

They unconsciously mirror your gestures. They find a way to touch your arm. They laugh in a cute-flirty way.

It’s not like you’re born yesterday. You can very much tell just how well your ex still loves you.

It’s even possible that your ex is showing you these gestures that say “I still like you” hoping you’d get a clue and make the first move.

37) They asked for your forgiveness

Perhaps they broke up with you because they overreacted to something you did, or maybe they had taken you for granted. Or maybe they’re simply guilty over how hurt you are over the break-up.

If they didn’t care for you at all, they’d just shrug all of these things off and move on. So the very fact that they stepped forward and asked for your forgiveness means that they still care.

In fact, they’re still probably in love with you and are trying to get back together with you.

38) They drop everything for you

You’re at the top of their priority list…in fact you’re right there at number one!

If you’re in trouble, they’ll leave the office early to see you. If you invite them to an event, they cancel their other commitments (which you’re sure are more important).

They see any moment with you as an opportunity to express their love for you, and they wouldn’t miss it for the world.

39) They remember everything about you

Generally speaking, when you’re over someone or trying to forget them, you’d slowly push your memories of them to the back of your mind.

Details like where you had your first date, the food that they loved, and how they used to greet you after work would all be shelved away into a musty, unused corner of your mind.

But your ex? They didn’t do that.

In fact, they seem to have no issues recalling those memories. And that’s because they hang on to those memories to get by, hoping for the day when you’ll be together again.

40) They try to impress you and everyone you know

An ex who’s still not over you would use their time wisely.

Instead of working on moving on, they’ll work on themselves. They think it’s the only way they can ever have you back in their life.

Has your ex been flaunting their achievements?

Don’t dismiss them. They’re probably doing it for you rather than for themselves and they’d want to get a thumbs up from you and everyone you know.

This confidence would hopefully make your ex come back to you.

41) They try to hide their interest in you (but it shows)

People hide their feelings from the ones they love if they feel like it would only get in the way and make life harder for everyone involved.

If your ex is the mindful sort, they will definitely try to do this. They know their place—that they’re your ex—and that you probably want to move on. And yet, their feelings will show anyways.

This might even be the reason that they’d try to stay away from you. They don’t want you to suspect they haven’t moved on. Because god forbid you’ll shoo them away for good.

So they’ll fake a smile, even if deep inside they’re hurting. Or they’ll try to act “chill” when deep inside they’re so happy to see you.


There are many different ways you can tell if your ex is going to eventually come back to you. But people are complicated and they can show all the signs and still hold themselves back.

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