11 signs your ex is thinking about you (and what you should do)

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You’re 100% over your ex—it’s been ages since the two of you were together for heavens’ sake!

But for some reason, you’ve been thinking about them lately and you can’t help but wonder why.

Well, it’s probably because they’re thinking A LOT about you!

Find out how many of these signs you notice happening lately. If you can relate to at least half of them, then you’re always in the mind of your ex.

1) You get anxious for no reason

Your heart skips a beat, you get sweaty, you have a feeling that something is about to go wrong.

Don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with you, and nothing will go wrong.

Chances are, you’re just highly perceptive and you can sense your ex is thinking of you.

When you’re deeply in tune with someone—as is likely the case between you and your ex—you unconsciously send telepathic signals to one another.

And in this case, it’s quite likely that they’ve been feeling strong emotions centered around you, and when your senses receive these messages, your waking self feels it as anxiety.

2) You get vivid flashbacks of your time together

You would be doing your own thing, like walking your dog or cooking dinner when all of a sudden you think of you and your ex together.

And it’s weird because absolutely NOTHING at that time could have reminded you of your ex. And yet, it did flash in your head nonetheless. And most surprising of all is how real it felt.

It’s not like you recalled an especially memorable memory either. Rather, it was something mundane… like you fighting over who should choose the movie for the night.

If this happens more than once, your ex is probably thinking of the same thing, and their deep sense of longing reaches to you via these one-second flashes of the past.

3) You find it hard to sleep

You never had trouble sleeping. But lately, you just can’t get yourself to sleep even if you drink chamomile tea, listen to asmr, and try to meditate.

You toss and turn, and you’re worried it’s starting to affect your life.

It’s probably because your ex is thinking about you at that moment. And they’re also tossing and turning in bed just like you!

But unlike you, they know exactly why they can’t sleep—because they can’t stop thinking about you.

4) They’ve been appearing in your dreams lately

You rarely dreamed of your ex when you’re still together but lately, they’ve all but become a fixture in your dreams.

And it’s not like those dreams are just regular dreams either. Instead, you dreamed of being married to them, kissing them, or even having steamy sex with them!

It’s possible that those images showed up in your dreams because of feelings you’ve been repressing, but it’s also likely that your ex has been thinking a lot about you that his longing bleeds into your dreams.

Heck, they might even be trying to manifest you, and that’s why they’re showing up to you in your sleep.

5) Angel numbers follow you everywhere

You see repeating number sequences like 777, 222, and 111 anywhere there’s a number to repeat, such as receipts, clocks, and posters.

It’s strange enough that you may even worry that maybe there’s an evil spirit following you around!

But far from that, it’s probably just your angels guiding you back to your ex because they know that they’ve been thinking a lot about you lately.

Don’t ignore these signs.

Angel numbers are very important, life-altering messages from the Universe, and paying close attention to them will lead you to a life that is not only close to the life of your dreams but also the life the universe desires for you.

6) You encounter things that remind you of them

You kept seeing posters of their favorite movie on your way to work. Then a day after, you saw someone wearing a shirt that’s exactly like something your ex once wore.

And today, on the bus home, you hear their favorite song being played on the stereo… and while you might have otherwise paid it no mind, it simply feels a bit too suspicious given what’s been happening to you lately.

When instances like these happen way too often and are way too specific, then chances are that it’s not just “coincidence.”

Rather, your ex has been thinking a lot about you, and their thoughts subtly influence events around you to make you encounter things associated with them.

7) You hear their voice

You’re not quite sure if it’s all just in your head or if you actually heard them speak. You might chalk it up to there being someone who just sounds like them nearby—after all, it’s not like our voices are unique, right?

But the really odd thing is that it happened more than once.

Again, it’s probably the Universe finding a way for the two of you to reunite. And it’s doing so in a very obvious manner.

It’s trying to tell you “hey, pay attention to this person from your past! The two of you need to meet again.”

8) Your common friends talk about them

Now here’s something that’s a little more grounded than the other things mentioned in this list. And that is that the friends you have in common keep on talking about them when you’re around.

The reason for that is most likely because they simply couldn’t stop talking about you.

They might have talked about you while they were together, or your friends must have sensed that your ex still likes you, and so they’re playing the role of a matchmaker.

It might even be completely unintentional, like a slip of the tongue from either your ex or your friend.

And of course, it’s very much possible that while the two of you might be over, your common friends will associate them with you to this day.

9) The two of you have too much synchronicity going on

You see them share an article on social media. And when you check it, it talks about the exact same topic you’ve been thinking of reading about!

You’re planning to go to Peru in a month, and you know you haven’t told anyone about it. But mention it to a friend, and they tell you that your ex is also about to go there.

It can simply be because you both influence each other and you have a lot of things in common. But the timing is just uncanny.

It’s almost impossible that they’re not thinking about you when they make those small and big decisions, and it’s quite likely that the Universe is also subtly guiding them along.

10) You see them show up in your favorite hangouts

Again, this is one of those signs that are more rooted in cold logic and the here-and-now as opposed to metaphysical, spiritual principles… though it could still be both at once.

When you’re always in their mind, of course, they’ll want to be near you. And that’s why they will just so “happen” to be at your favorite restaurant or bar.

They know you like going there, and they know your schedule, so they go there in hopes of catching a glimpse of you.

But with that said, it’s also possible that they didn’t actually plan for it—but the Universe is to blame for such encounters. Perhaps they just wanted to go somewhere and all of a sudden, they have a strong urge to check out the place you go to.

11) You have a strong feeling something good is coming your way

You can’t explain it but you just feel great all of a sudden.

You’re more hopeful about the future now when before this, you’re feeling lost and anxious of where your life is heading.

You’re more excited to get out of bed when you used to find each day boring.

It’s as if you’re in love and inspired again! But the strange thing is that, there’s no one in your life right now and that there’s nothing new that you’re actually looking forward to.

Your excitement is probably because your ex is thinking about you and you can sense that they’re trying to find their way back to you.

Watch out, something good is about to happen. It can turn your life upside down if you allow it!

What to do if you keep getting these signs:

1) Ask yourself “What do I want from my ex?”

There are many reasons why YOU might end up thinking of someone this consistently. Yes, you.

Sure, your ex was possibly the one thinking of you that’s why you’re thinking about them now. But if you really don’t care about your ex, you wouldn’t put too much weight on it, would you?

In fact, you might even try to “block” their energies.

The fact that you’re curious if your ex is thinking about you (ahem, you’re reading this article) means that a part of you is still interested in them.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be romantic.

Maybe you’re guilty for leaving them or maybe you still miss them as a friend. Figuring out what you want from your ex will make it easier for you to do the next steps.

2) Get guidance from a relationship coach

You can certainly go ahead and try to work things out on your own. You know your life (and your ex) more than anyone, of course.

But it’s much smarter for you to consult with someone who’s knowledgeable about dealing with an ex.

To that end, I strongly recommend visiting  Relationship Hero.

It’s a site where you can get in touch with highly trained relationship coaches. They have plenty of diverse insight to offer you and if you want to talk with one who’s an expert on exes, it’s totally possible.

And that’s why they’re such a popular resource for people having problems with their relationships.

I know this because there was a time when I was having a hard time holding on to my relationship. But thanks to Relationship Hero, I was capable of not just holding my relationship, but also thriving together despite our differences.

It’s not too hard to get in touch with them. You can click here to get started, and you’ll get advice, tailor-made to your specific circumstances, in just a few minutes.

3) Reach out to your ex

Your ex is thinking about you, you’re thinking about your ex.

Unless they have done something to traumatize you or that they had deliberately hurt you, I see no reason why you shouldn’t reach out to them.

If you’re the shy, withdrawn kind of person you’ll have to push yourself into being just a bit more courageous.

Send them a message. Ask to have a catch-up date or hang out… but don’t be too surprised if they paid you no mind.

If both of you are already in a relationship, then of course, you have to set clear boundaries. You will meet as exes-turned-friends… nothing more, nothing less.

And that’s perfectly fine. Not every relationship has to be romantic to be valid!

4) Seek closure with one another

A very likely reason why the two of you are still thinking a lot about one another is because there’s plenty between the two of you that has been left unresolved.

So when you meet, make sure you discuss the things that need to be discussed.

If you had hurt them back when you were together, say sorry.

If they beg for your forgiveness, try to see if you can find it in yourself to do so… and then forgive, if you can.

Your ex is someone who has been a very important part of your life at some point, regardless of how you feel about them now.

You went through quite a few things together, perhaps even grew up as people together.

So try to see closure—it’s quite possible that you can reconcile and be together again if only you don’t let your ego, your shyness, and your inability to communicate get in the way.

5) Start a brand-new relationship with your ex (or don’t)

Sure, some things never change. But let’s face it, most things do, especially if you inspect things closer.

You’re now a new person, and so are they. Time does that to everybody.

So if you want to keep them in your life—whether as a partner or as a friend— accept them for who they are right now. And don’t change who you are either!

But if you realize that there’s no need to reconnect with them in any way, then it’s the perfect time to say your last goodbye. Maybe you ended your relationship with hostility, and now you’re given another chance to make things better.

Or…there’s that possibility that the new version of yourselves loves each other even deeper, and that the Universe is trying to say “it’s time, you’ve both grown well and are now ready for a better union.”

Follow your gut but again, remember you’re both different people now, so take things slow.

Last words

Strange things happen when our exes start thinking about us again. It can affect the spiritual world and have them reach out to us in our dreams.

The universe will most likely bring you back together in one way or another, but don’t take that to mean that you should get back together the same way as before.

Sometimes the universe reunites us with our exes so that we can become friends with them again, or so that we can settle conflicts that have been eating away at us.

It’s a blessing to still connect with our exes, and so make the best out of the opportunity you have.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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