10 signs you respect yourself don’t take anybody’s sh*t

Respect is something we want from the people around us.

But have you ever stopped to ask whether you respect yourself?

Are you confident in yourself and who you are?

A healthy level of self-respect gives you the confidence to set boundaries. It means you know your values and what you stand for.

Here are 10 key signs you respect yourself.

1) You speak highly of yourself

When you speak to others about who you are, you immediately draw upon your qualities and positive characteristics.

You have an acute understanding of the contribution you’re making to the lives of others and you have no hesitation in explaining what your contributions are.

This isn’t being arrogant. It’s simply having awareness of your positive and unique qualities.

2) You put yourself first

You probably are a kind and helpful person, but when you respect yourself you understand the importance of putting yourself first.

You know that you need to take responsibility for your own life. You believe in looking after your own needs.

You understand that healthy relationships come when people can learn to love themselves first before they love someone else.

3) You accept your failures as lessons

Rather than beating yourself up for failing, you celebrate failures as opportunities to learn a new lesson in life.

You continually embrace being out of your comfort zone, knowing that the path less trodden is full of mistakes.

As Oscar Wilde once said, “experience is the name we give to our mistakes.”

4) You are honest with your emotions

Life is full of ups and downs. We experience continually experience a mix of emotions, from sadness one moment, to frustration in the next. We then go through bouts of joy and happiness, short-lived though they may be.

The constant cycle of emotions doesn’t faze you. In fact, you embrace all of your emotions without needing to judge them or change them.

You are honest with yourself about what you’re experiencing in that present moment.

5) You take time for self-care

It’s one thing to tell yourself that you love yourself. It’s quite another thing to show yourself that you love yourself through your actions.

You respect yourself so you make sure to carve out time for self-care.

Some people do this by introducing a breathwork daily routine into their lives (for example, this breathwork routine is excellent).

Others meditate every day (here’s a simple approach to meditating).

It matters far less which self-care routine you introduce into your life than making sure you do something as a routine.

When we make something a routine, it becomes far more effective.

6) You don’t need the approval of others

When you respect yourself, you stop needing the validation of others.

You know why you’re taking certain actions. You do what you think is best for you and the people you care about.

But when people disagree with the actions you’re taking, you have enough self-respect to continue doing what you’re doing anyway.

This isn’t about ignoring the advice of others. You’re happy to listen to people and change your behaviors when you genuinely agree with what they say.

But you only change your behaviors when the motivation for change comes from you. You never change because you need others to approve of what you’re doing.

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7) You set boundaries in your relationships

Relationships can be tricky. Sometimes one partner tries to impose themselves on the other.

But not with you. You have self-respect.

When you respect yourself, it’s easy to set boundaries in your relationships. You know what’s important to you. You care for your partner. And you make life easier for both of you by being clear in your communication about what you need and how you’ll contribute to the partnership.

Setting boundaries comes naturally to you. You know it’s about loving yourself and respecting yourself.

8) You cut toxic people from your life

Just as you’re able to set boundaries in your relationships, you know when it’s time to cut someone from your life.

You don’t do this frivolously. You give people time to prove themselves to you.

But when someone is treating you with disrespect and acting in toxic ways, you have no hesitation in cutting them out.

You are a strong person and you make sure the people around you are treating you with respect.

9) You know your purpose and live by it

Some people struggle to figure out what their purpose in life is.

Not you.

You respect yourself. You have a deeper understanding of your purpose.

What’s more is that your purpose isn’t about your selfish needs. You have instead defined your purpose around the contribution you can make to the lives of others.

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10) You stand up for others who are less fortunate than you

Self-respect is about much more than looking after your own needs.

When you respect yourself deeply, you start to come to an appreciation that other people in life deserve your respect as well.

You stop needing other people to respect you because you already do this.

You start to give out respect to other people more freely and easily.

This makes you more attuned to the challenges other people are facing. You want to give others a helping hand.

You begin to stand up for others who are less fortunate than you.

When you do this from a place of self-respect, you shift from being a doormat of others to becoming a purpose-oriented human who simply wants to act in service of others.

The best bit is that you are looking after your own needs while also making valuable contributions to the lives of others.

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