8 telltale signs you have a strong spirit

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A spirit is the spark of light, the living force that moves your body. It reflects in the natural as well as the supernatural. It can be weak, strong or anything in between.

On a scale from human to demigod, how strong is your spirit, really? These crucial eight signs below might provide an answer.

And as your eyes are reading these lines, perhaps your heart is in a state of pain, trouble or worry. If so, it doesn’t mean you are weak. On the contrary, this is by far the best time to try and discover the condition of your spirit.

What is a strong-spirited person?

None of us are immune to setbacks and defeats. But while some remain lying down or throw in the grain, others get up, dust off their clothes, and carry on. A strong spirit is nurtured for years, and all efforts aimed at achieving this position are rare and noble qualities.

But what is behind this fabulous trait, which apparently not only allows you to better exploit your own performance potential, but also allows mind, feelings, and soul to be brought into harmony?

Mental and emotional strength aren’t just a simple declaration of will with subsequent wish fulfillment. The blessed individuals who have already achieved this enormously positively charged state follow a strict heart-to-brain diet.

After a few sleepless nights and some soul-searching of my own, I imagine the daily meal plan of strong-spirited people resembles this list:


  • A bowl of self-awareness sprinkled with happy thoughts


  • A handful of resilience mixed in with a daily dose of Vitamin Brave


  • Two medium-sized rainbow wraps with a high tolerance for frustration


  • One large grilled trouble marinated in plenty of willpower
  • Side dish: The “I refuse to be a victim of circumstances” four-season salad

So how do you know whether you are strong-spirited or not? Well, if you recognize yourself in these following eight signs, it means your daily “spiritual diet” is working!

1) You love unconditionally

You know yourself well and understand your emotional world. The love you illuminate is eternal, immeasurable, and true. It has no form, limits, preconditions, or expectations. It doesn’t have to be defended or proven because you carry a natural sense of righteousness inside.

Unconditional love is that space where you feel safe, blissful, cared for, where the energy is alive, vibrating, where there is no fear of whether you are good or deserving enough. It develops only after performing significant spiritual practice. Whether it is a friendship or a romantic or parental one, unconditional love is divine.

A strong spirit knows that when they truly love someone, it should be boundless, so much that the very thought of that person satisfies you. This kind of affection can be felt between worlds, across the ocean because you understand the importance of freedom. You give space and retain space.

You love everything that is, everything that has been and everything that will ever be. You accept things as they are, even a strange little toe or crooked tooth, the smell of breakfast, the sound of birds or the way somebody you care about gets nervous when something doesn’t go right.

You know now that no one is perfect and that we all have pain that needs to be healed. This includes you as well, so you consider yourself a part of this all-encompassing love.

2) You have mastered the art of now

  • You are dauntlessly living in the moment, ready for anything. You just flow, not clinging to the past. For you, mistakes are just steps on the road to success. Everything that happens is just a result of your actions and your attitude.
  • You always see yourself as part of the solution and not as part of the problem. Out of circumstances – no matter how adverse – people with a strong spirit make something. You focus on finding new, creative, and innovative solutions. Or as the bon mot sums it up so nicely: If you want something, you will find a way.
  • Whether it’s a new fun experience, a journey into the unknown, a new idea, or a life lesson, you love to learn new things. You know that these are the things that will help you grow and get the most out of life. Mentally strong people keep challenging themselves because activity is the best way to get rid of fears and insecurities.
  • The only nourishment your soul needs is knowledge. The only nourishment your heart wants is truth and sincere love.

This means that your whole life is pretty much based on doing the things that make your soul thrive and expand your mind. Every single moment. For you, this is the only way to achieve something.

3) You are self-aware and truthfully accept consequences

You have a big heart, a brilliant mind, and a sharp tongue. You prefer to risk being broken by the truth rather than being comforted by a sweet, practical lie. In other words, you are authentic.

Tough people don’t hesitate to make difficult decisions and still take full responsibility for being wrong.  You’ve learned how to live your values and feel comfortable with it. That means you don’t let yourself be unsettled and you can also come to terms with the possible consequences.

You don’t drag yourself down with self-doubt, but rather stand by your weaknesses and know when you need help. It takes self-confidence and courage to admit to yourself that you need help and that you cannot do certain things on your own.

People with mental strength change what they don’t want to accept or accept what cannot be changed. Both are decisions that carry a responsibility. Behind this is what scientists call healthy self-acceptance. It requires inner strength and a correct perception of reality.

4) You are willing to extend a helping hand

The hallmark of man is to take, the virtue of God is to give. The higher a person is in their spiritual development, the closer they are to divinity. Knowing this, you are always open to sharing your learnings and your heart.  You also know that any knowledge can be useful.

Therefore, you try to accumulate information of great value because you know it will help you do the right thing in a difficult situation.

The more you know, the more certain you are to move forward. As a result, you wholeheartedly rejoice in the success and prosperity of others as well. Weak-spirited individuals are poisoned by jealousy, bitterness, and envy when others are more successful.

On the other hand, a greatness of character means you can laugh with others and at yourself as well! Such a genuinely kind person will always be mentally free.

Empathy is the muse that gives you self-confidence and courage, especially when you can empathize with others that have wronged you. Although friendliness is mostly seen as a weakness these days, it, in fact, usually shows a strong spirit.

You’re not going to just grab thoughts out of thin air just to throw them on people’s heads.

A strong personality like yours is characterized by thoughtfulness, compassion, and insight.

5) You are confident and trust your gut

You know exactly what kind of person you are because you have worked hard on your self-love and spirituality. You constantly look for ways to sharpen your instincts and talents instead of putting them on display. There is often uncertainty behind the latter.

People with a strong spirit, however, are confident of themselves and intrinsically motivated to develop their intuition further. Therefore, your wisdom often exceeds your years which allows you to judge strong emotions rationally. You can reflect on your feelings and evaluate them almost instantly. This not only ensures emotional stability but also impulse control.

Armored with a strong spirit, you tend to be very inconspicuous. You exude confidence and determination naturally. Life taught you how to hold your own, so you don’t have the time or energy to beg for a pinch of attention. You don’t depend on being entertained or distracted by others.

By being alone, you can focus on your own feelings and thoughts. Without self-love, mental strength is impossible. Nevertheless, your charisma often naturally attracts people because your self-reliant modesty is a highly valued trait in society.

6) You never lose faith in yourself or life’s wisdom

You believe in yourself and your success. If you carry a strong spirit, you truly trust your ability to be successful no matter what. Internally, you know that even if the worst challenge arose, you would get over it. You know how to stay calm under pressure.

As a strong-spirited figure, you are immovable and don’t lose your nerve quickly. You can control your emotions and not freak out or hurt others with words. Staying composed without losing your temper is a sign of an emotional strength that not many possess.

That inner peace is usually based on the harsh past experiences that you have successfully conquered and that have made you more resilient. You have met your fears from up close and you now greet them consciously when they report back in. This doesn’t mean you are necessarily less afraid.

On the contrary, it takes a lot of guts to repeatedly get into the ring with your unfounded worries and triggers.

By taking one step at a time, a strong spirit knows that these worries will gradually melt away when faith and logic take the steering wheel.  Learning from past mistakes has made you trust in the balance of the universe.

7) You no longer have the need to control everything

Controlling your thoughts and actions is a very disciplining and nurturing power of the spirit. You are content with not knowing and controlling everything. Letting go of something always takes strength and courage. It can be dreams, possessions or relationships with loved ones.

Letting go of someone you want in your life is hard.

Stepping back from something that is not good for you indicates that the person values themselves. A clear telltale sign of a strong spirit is being able to say no and if, need be, coping with distressing others who can’t yet handle your inner power.

Your open mind and intense aura also make you very patient. You most likely have the mental ability to wait and concentrate for a long time. The truth is that in today’s world it has become very difficult to develop patience, but a strong-spirited person will rise above all of that.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy instant gratification, but rather that you simply don’t lose the ability to remain serene for extended periods of time.

8) You stay thankful creating the life you love

Your strong spirit is a series of internal impulses that shape your existence in this life. You understand that everything is an expression of you and that inner attitude. The outside world is influenced by your inner reality.

You know that an idea equals instant reality in some shape or form, so you give thanks and visualize life to the best of your creative abilities. And that includes the physical, the vital-emotional and the mental aspects.

Knowing this, you view gratitude as a sign of strength and a key to more self-control. It allows you to sanctify and crystallize consciousness. Through a long process of self-identification, you no longer believe that the universe is conspiring against you.

You don’t allow your habits, fears, concepts, and needs to take over. You no longer allow your indulgence in vital and bodily pleasures to dictate your way of living and expressing yourself. You prefer to forego short-term gratuities in favor of long-term goals.

Furthermore, your self-esteem is based on who you are. And not on what you have achieved or lost. This makes you less susceptible to self-doubt and saves you and your self-esteem from over-imagining.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, people with a strong spirit have a healthy mix of self-confidence, discipline, and realistic optimism. Their mental, physical, and emotional strength are equalized.

Not everyone is endowed with the same level of inner strength. Some people seem to have it in their cradle, while others can hardly understand the basics of patience and empathy. But a spirit can also be trained and consciously built up.

The eight indicators above also provide good approaches to what you can try to do differently to gain a strong spirit.

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