10 subtle signs you have more self-confidence than you think

You’re quite shy and you prefer to stay on the sidelines.

And so, because of this, you’re convinced that you lack self-confidence.

But do you really?

In this article, I will give you signs that you have more self-confidence than you think (and that there’s no need for you to change anything in yourself).

1) You’re actually FINE AF being alone

Some people think you’re just alone because you have no self-confidence to be around people.

But the truth is that you’re an introvert and so you aren’t just “okay” being alone, you actually prefer it most times. Being alone makes you happy and relaxed.

And hey, if you really think about it, it takes confidence to be alone in places and situations where people expect you to be with a companion—like in a fancy restaurant or a concert.

So if you’re actually comfortable being alone most of the time, guess what? You actually have more self-confidence than you think.

2) You’re generous with your praises

When someone does a good job at your school or office, it’s really natural of you to give them praise.

And when a friend truly looks good on her dress, you gush at how pretty they look!

You don’t hold back your appreciation for someone because…why would you? You believe people should know that they’re awesome when they’re indeed awesome!

This actually shows you have self-confidence.

You’re very secure in yourself that you’re not threatened if others are better than you.

The most insecure people find it challenging to praise others, because doing so would make them feel less about themselves.

They’d think “well, what about me?!” or “Yeah, yeah, they’re always Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect. I’m not going to praise their work because it will just make them even prouder!”

Good thing you don’t think this way…and this is a clear sign you have more self-confidence than you think.

3) You don’t have the need to prove anything

Well, not to others anyway.

You don’t dress up so people will notice you and praise you for looking good. You dress up for yourself…because you enjoy mixing and matching your outfits.

You don’t try your best at what you do so your parents will finally acknowledge what a great kid you are. You do your best because you actually want to have a good output (and a good life).

If there’s anyone you’re trying to impress, it’s yourself— the eight year-year-old you, and the 80-year-old you.

So you often ask yourself “Will my younger self and older selves be proud of what I’m doing right now?”, and if the answer is HELL YES, you keep doing it.

Well, if this is you, you’re actually genuinely self-confident…probably more confident than the most poised, most gregarious person that you know.

4) You’re not easily offended

There’s no guarantee that a person who’s opinionated, articulate, and smart, ISN’T insecure.

In fact, most of the “confident” know-it-alls actually lack self-confidence. And you can easily tell this when they feel attacked when others are simply trying to have a normal conversation.

You’re not like this at all.

When someone questions your ideas and perspectives, you don’t take it to mean they think you’re stupid. Not at all! For you, it’s just part of a healthy conversation. How else are we supposed to communicate if we can’t ask questions or contradict ideas?

In fact, you’re excited when people oppose you because that means they have something new to share with you.

If it’s almost impossible for people to offend you, then you’re actually self-assured. And guess what? You’re a rare breed so you should be proud of yourself.

5) You’re not overly competitive

For insecure people, everything is a competition. No wonder it’s so exhausting to be around them.

A simple thing such as sweeping the floor becomes a contest. When you’re done sweeping, they’d challenge you by picking on how you do it. “Is that how you sweep?!”, or “Weren’t you taught as a kid how to do it properly?”

And if you fall into their trap, they’d gladly show you how it should be done and make you feel like you’re the lamest person for not doing it their way.

Luckily, you’re not like this at all.

You know that everyone has their own way of doing things and you simply don’t find any joy in showing someone you’re way better than them.

6) You have big dreams

Even if you don’t share it with anyone, you actually have dreams—BIG dreams!

But unlike the “confident” people who talk about their every step, you prefer to work quietly on them.

Some people might think you just don’t have the self-confidence to share your dreams and passions, but it’s not true. You just see no point in sharing it with others until you’ve already achieved them—plain and simple.

You believe in yourself so yes, you’re self-confident.

 You know you can achieve any dream you set on. NOT talking about them a lot doesn’t mean you lack self-confidence at all.

7) You’re totally fine with your flaws

You’re self-aware so you don’t think you’re the greatest or most attractive person in the hood. But you know what? You love your imperfect self perfectly!

You have a fat nose? You love it because it makes you unique!

You’re not good at sports? So what? You’re good at many, many other things.

You know that each person has flaws and sure, you’ve been insecure about them at one point in your life, but you’re over that.

You love who you are…and that includes your imperfections.

8) You can laugh at yourself

A sign that you have self-confidence is that you don’t take yourself seriously.

This is somewhat related to being fine with your flaws. When you wear something that highlights your “chicken legs”, you don’t sit in a corner so no one will see you. Instead, you’ll even flaunt your chicken legs and do a chicken dance in front of your friends.

People love you for it because it’s refreshing to be with someone who’s not too serious about themselves—especially when it concerns “flaws”.

And it’s not just your physical appearance, either. You can also laugh at yourself for the “stupid” things that you do.

When you realize that you’ve just dated someone who’s clearly not your type, you laugh and say to yourself “OMG, I can’t believe I’m this desperate!” instead of crying and pitying yourself.

You can laugh at yourself because you’re actually self-confident.

If you’re truly insecure, you simply can’t. You’d take yourself seriously and say “I’ll show you” because you get hurt when people notice your flaws.

9) You find it easy to accept defeat

When you lose a game, you can shrug off and shake the opponent’s hands.

When you get rejected, you cry for a second…but then you move on. There are so many other opportunities anyway.

You don’t take any of your “losses” to mean you’re flawed as a person and that you’re actually good-for-nothing. Hell no!

It just means you need to work harder.

Besides, it doesn’t mean you’re not good. It could simply mean there’s a lot of competition.

In fact, it just makes you love yourself more for trying and never giving up.

10) You hate superficial “confidence”

You don’t want to SEEM confident because you actually don’t like the people who act like they’re too confident when they clearly aren’t.

They tend to become pompous and annoying.

Some would wear flashy outfits, act super poised, and talk like they know everything about life. And some even have an aura like they’re some kind of enlightened guru who needs to convert others.

You see no need to show others you’re a confident person…because deep down, you know you’re alright.

Last words

Confidence doesn’t have to be loud.

The most confident people I know keep a low profile.

They won’t do things just to APPEAR confident because…why should they?

If you can relate to most of the items in this list, rest assured that you actually have more self-confidence than you think…so, don’t change a thing!

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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