11 signs you have a legitimately beautiful personality

Personality is often one of those things that can be somewhat overrated and underrated at the same time.

While having a “great personality” is often taken (and given) as a backhanded compliment, there are cases where it’s the genuine truth.

Being beautiful will certainly turn heads in your direction, but it’s having a beautiful personality that can get those heads to stay in your vicinity.

So how do you know if you have a beautiful personality?

Having been around people who I can safely say have this very characteristic, here are some of the common themes that I’ve noticed:

1) People Are Always Drawn To You

A beautiful personality makes for an attractive person – and no, I’m not just referring to looks.

Someone with a genuinely beautiful personality will always have people drawn to them.

They’re a comforting presence in an otherwise fast-paced and dizzy world, which is a rare trait in most people these days.

This attraction doesn’t always have to be romantic, or even something that the other person is conscious about.

People just naturally gravitate towards someone who has a genuinely beautiful personality, simply because spending time with them is always a pleasant feeling.

If people genuinely enjoy just being in your company, it’s a good sign that you have a beautiful personality.

2) You Laugh Often

Being funny doesn’t always guarantee that you have a beautiful personality, but people with beautiful personalities will always know how to laugh at themselves.

There’s a lot of value in knowing when to laugh at something and not take life (or yourself) too seriously, and a beautiful personality takes this characteristic in stride.

Laughing often means that you know what situations demand a lighter undertone, which often showcases emotional maturity.

People with beautiful personalities will laugh with you, and you’ll always be encouraged to laugh along with them.

3) You Have Great Listening Skills

When people flock to you because of your personality, you start to develop a talent for conversations – particularly with listening to what people have to say.

As a result, people with beautiful personalities are often excellent listeners in their own right, making anyone talking to them feel like whatever they say is received with earnestness and respect.

Talking to someone with a beautiful personality never feels boring, and you never have to worry about the impression that you’re leaving on them with what you have to say.

I personally enjoy talking to these kinds of people because you don’t really have to hold yourself back from saying what you mean, which is a great way to communicate your thoughts without feeling self-conscious.

4) People Have Positive First Impressions of You

You can think of having a beautiful personality as some sort of makeup: when you meet someone who has it, you’ll know that they’re a great person to be around.

People with beautiful personalities often make the best first impressions, never worrying about putting their best foot forward because that’s something they do all the time.

If nothing else, someone with this type of personality always makes you appreciate the first time you meet them, no matter the time or activity.

A beautiful personality is open, honest, and genuine – something that anyone can always feel, even if these qualities or traits aren’t verbalized.

5) You’re Patient With Others

I’ve always admired people who have the patience to put up with all the random and quite frankly frustrating things life and other people can throw at them.

A beautiful personality has plenty of patience.

These people understand that there are things that require a little more attention than others, and they take the time and effort to meet things that need this extra treatment.

Oftentimes, that’s best exhibited by their patience and their understanding that there are just some things worth waiting for – a quality that’s rarely seen in a lot of people.

6) You’re Content With Your Own Company

Loneliness is a powerful emotion that can drive people to do plenty of things, and not all of them are good.

However, I’ve noticed that people with beautiful personalities don’t really have this problem: they’re content with their own company, and don’t really get into social situations they absolutely don’t want to.

I’m not saying that they’re loners or antisocial: it’s just that they don’t bow down to FOMO or any other societal pressure of being… well, social.

These types of people are comfortable with their own company and don’t feel the need to liven things up or find distractions with other people unnecessarily.

In fact, they will sometimes cherish the chance of being alone – and will happily teach you the value of doing the same.

7) Different Perspectives Don’t Bother You

Someone with a beautiful personality isn’t self-centered.

That’s just something that I’ve learned by meeting people who have this trait: they’ll never think that everything is about them, and when faced with a situation where they need to empathize with someone else, they can do so easily.

A person with a beautiful personality understands that everyone approaches life with different viewpoints, reasoning, and overall attitude.

They never hold that against anyone, and they’ll always make room to hear out or accommodate perspectives that are different from their own.

8) You Have Self-Awareness And Understanding

When you meet someone with a beautiful personality, you’ll quickly notice that they don’t push themselves past their limitations or get carried away by their own tendencies.

These people understand who they are, what they can do, and how it all fits with everyone else – and they don’t push things that they can’t or have no business pushing in the first place.

In fact, it’s from people like them that I try to take pointers from with understanding who I am as a person.

By learning who you are, what you’re capable of, and what comes in between those two things, you’ll quickly develop an appreciation for things you would have otherwise taken for granted.

It’s a very subtle character trait, but one that’s very difficult to find with most people.

9) You’re In Healthy Emotional Relationships

People with beautiful personalities understand the importance of emotions and how they affect themselves and others – and as a result, they’ll often have healthy emotional relationships with themselves and other people.

This is partly because people are already drawn to them, but it’s also a characteristic that’s been tempered by their experiences in life.

When I’m around these types of individuals, I never have to feel like I need to apologize for feeling a certain way.

Not that they encourage me to be carried away by my emotions, mind you – it’s more of not being overly conscious about my feelings because of social convention or cultural expectations.

Understanding your emotions and how they play with everyone else is a sure sign that you have a beautiful personality, and is a trait that more people should aspire to have.

10) You Pay Attention To Detail

Sometimes the most significant things are the ones that are often unsaid.

A person with a beautiful personality will have great listening skills, but if words aren’t enough, they can catch on based on other pieces of context.

This attention to detail is one of the reasons why hanging around these kinds of people can be such a great time for everyone involved.

This attention to detail isn’t just limited to personal things.

If you have this kind of personality, you’re frequently on the receiving end of trust in the workplace and other social gatherings.

People naturally gravitate towards you because they trust that you can stay true to your standards and still get the job finished, which is crucial for developing and maintaining a good work ethic.

11) You’re Driven By Initiative, Not External Cues

Finally, someone with a beautiful personality acts on their agency, or their capability of doing something without having to wait for a cue or a reason from someone else.

They have the initiative to get things done, to care about the results before being told what the stakes are, and otherwise take it on themselves to make sure that things go the best for everyone.

I especially admire this initiative since it can be all too easy to just sit on your haunches waiting for someone to finally kick you into doing something – which these people don’t need at all.

Sure, they still understand the importance of having fun and taking a break, but they can easily transition into taking care of business when the situation requires it.

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