11 signs you have a vibrant and bubbly personality

All personality types have some amazing qualities. But sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find them.

With the vibrant and bubbly personality, though, it’s immediately apparent that you’re a person who lights up the room wherever you go.

Wondering if you have this personality? Here are 11 signs you do. 

1) You’re always smiling

Are you always smiling? This is the first sign you have a vibrant and bubbly personality.

I have a friend like this. Honestly, she even smiles when she’s complaining or telling someone off! 

Though not every vibrant person takes it that far, it’s true that you tend to look at the bright side of life and take every opportunity to make life a positive experience.

2) You love being around other people

You know those memes about not wanting to socialize?

That’s the complete opposite of a vibrant and bubbly person.

On the contrary, you love the company of others

Whether it’s at work, at home, or in your free time, you tend to gravitate to where other people are. It fills you with energy and you help energize others at the same time.

3) You keep conversations flowing

Some people are easy to talk with – it just keeps flowing with no awkward pauses or uncomfortable silences. If this describes you, you’re clearly a vibrant and bubbly person.

I have a few friends like this, and sometimes when we meet up they could do all the talking for me too! Sometimes all I do is ask a few questions or offer a few comments here and there.

But I’m not complaining — far from it! These friends always have very interesting stories to tell and it’s always a pleasure talking to them.

4) You get along easily with everyone

I live in a country where it’s not so common to make friends in random places — on the bus, in a bookstore, or even on the street.

Yet I have a very vibrant and bubbly friend who has managed to make friends in all three of those places. In fact, that’s how I met him too!

This comes easily to people like him because they are very friendly and approachable, and this helps them get along well with practically everyone. 

5) You don’t get upset easily

Of course, everyone gets upset from time to time. But for vibrant and bubbly people, small annoyances don’t turn into big deals.

You don’t let yourself get stuck on negative feelings for too long, and find it quite easy to bounce back.

For this reason, others may come to you when they feel frustrated or annoyed, because negative feelings like this just don’t stick around for long when you’re there.

6) You love making people laugh

They say laughter is the best medicine — and that must make you an excellent doctor!

Wherever you go, you like to inject a bit of humor into the situation. You have a natural talent for thinking of funny things to say, or delivering them in a way that gets people laughing

And of course, this includes you too! You love any opportunity to crack a smile or chuckle, and this tends to be contagious for others around you too.

7) You love trying new things

People like you always think optimistically, and look for the good in all things.

For this reason, you are excited to have new experiences and try new things — whether it’s a new recipe, date night, or getaway destination.

And even when things don’t go according to plan — oh well! At least you’ve had a fantastic learning experience and have an interesting story to tell.

8) You don’t mind being the center of attention

I know people who stay out of the spotlight as much as possible — while they have many amazing qualities and are excellent friends, they are not quite the vibrant and bubbly type.

On the other hand, you really don’t mind when the spotlight is on you. You feel comfortable entertaining even a group of people standing around you listening to you talk, and you’re pretty darn good at it too!

People take notice of your very positive energy and tend to gravitate towards you, so you can expect this to happen pretty often.

9) You are confident and assertive

I’ll admit, I’m pretty shy sometimes. But my bubbly friends, that’s another story!

They can confidently march up to anyone and ask for what they want or need. They have this energy that makes them influence others very positively and they don’t usually feel insecure.

This is partially because this type of personality knows how to make others feel at ease — so the situation is comfortable for them too. And with this great attitude, you’re likely to usually get what you want!

10) You tend to be spontaneous

There are people who love to plan everything in advance — don’t even think about inviting them out somewhere without giving at least a day’s notice!

But vibrant and bubbly personalities are down to just grab their bag and join in on the fun. You know how to adapt in various circumstances, and you’re very open to going with the flow.

This is why I love hanging out with this type of person, and I’m sure many others do too — you bring people like me out of our shells and show us a fantastic time.

11) You have intense passions

All that energy you have must go somewhere! That’s why most bubbly people have passionate hobbies they dedicate a lot of their time to.

For one of my friends, this is dancing. For another, it’s coin collecting. It can be anything!

But no matter what it is, you have immense energy and positivity for this interest. It is apparent to anyone who you talk to about it. Heck, you might even get a few new people to join you!

Final thoughts

You’ve just read 11 signs you have a vibrant and bubbly personality

Of course there are many others, but from my experience these are enough to help you identify if you fit into this amazing category of people.

How many do you relate to? 

Silvia Adamyova

Born in Slovakia, raised in Canada, with a translation degree from University of Ottawa and an editing certificate from Simon Fraser University. Now based back in Slovakia (if you’re wondering why - have you seen Canadian winters?). Full-time freelance English teacher, translator, editor, and copywriter. Part-time avid reader, self-development junkie, and cake addict. I hope my writing inspires you in some way — if it does, find me on LinkedIn or Instagram and let me know!

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