14 signs you have a magnetic personality that everyone is attracted to

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We live in a world of conformity and judgment.

If you step out of line, all sorts of bureaucracies and authorities are ready to call you a bad person.

Then there are the rare few individuals who stand about the crowd and inspire and energize others instead of bringing them down.

These magnetic people make the world a better place to be.

Are you one of them?

14 signs you have a magnetic personality that everyone is attracted to

1) You validate and support others whenever possible

One of the top signs you have a magnetic personality that everyone is attracted to is that you validate and support others whenever possible.

Of course, this is true within reason, it’s not like you give a green light to anyone no matter what they do.

But in general, a magnetic person is someone who builds others up instead of breaking them down.

You try to see the best in those you come across and help them out if you can.

Whether it’s at work or in your personal life, you’re a team player who finds the potential in the dreams of the people you spend time with.

This makes you sought after and popular, because everyone likes somebody who backs them up, especially when times get tough.

2) You’re confident, but not an egotist

Another one of the top signs you have a magnetic personality that everyone is attracted to is that you have high confidence without being an egotist.

There’s a common misconception that highly confident people are egotistical, but the truth is that true confidence isn’t about being “better” or showing off.

It’s about quiet confidence, competence, and helping out people around you with your skills.

True confidence does mean being upfront about what you’re good at, but it’s much more about finding ways to work with others than to get the better of others.

The magnetic person never hides his or her abilities and they also don’t shy away from their faults.

As Barrie Davenport writes:

“Charismatic personalities have no illusions about themselves. They know their worth, and they don’t waste time with those who don’t see it.

“They don’t hide from scrutiny. They know their strengths and weaknesses and aren’t afraid of people pointing out the latter. They turn it to their advantage.”

3) You have a great sense of humor that builds others up

If there’s one thing the world could use more of these days in my opinion, it’s folks with a great sense of humor.

To be honest, a lot of modern comedy turns me off. It’s full of negativity, group labels, and mocking people for who they are or what they believe.

That’s just so…lazy.

If you’re a magnetic person you instinctively avoid this kind of toxic comedy. You’re a laugh a minute, but you prefer humor that builds people up.

Sure, you may joke about the quirks of those around you or your own self, but you aren’t into the weird passive-aggressive jokes.

Getting weird about someone’s identity, body type or personality just isn’t your jam.

You like jokes about situations, absurdities and common life problems that everyone can relate to, and this makes you immensely appreciated.

4) You’re a natural leader without being pushy or aggressive

One of the clearest signs you have a magnetic personality that everyone is attracted to is that you rise to the top as a leader in group situations.

Magnetic people can use this for positive or manipulative goals, but the fact of the matter is that when the situation calls for a top dog you are the one who’s there…

A truly magnetic person doesn’t rise up to a leadership position through force or aggression, however.

It’s more often through competence and excellent communication skills.

The group sees what you have to offer and would like to have you running the show.

As Sherrie Hurd asks:

“In your group, whether it’s a selection of friends, a group from work, or maybe even a spiritual congregation, are you the leader?

“If people look to you for answers, then this is a good indicator of where you stand.”

5) You make sure people feel heard and respected

Another one of the most important signs you have a magnetic personality that everyone is attracted to is that you make sure people feel heard and respected.

Even when a point of view strikes you as wrong or misguided, you give it a fair hearing.

You look people in the eye, treat them with respect, and let them speak your mind without interruption.

This creates a real magnetism around you, because people know that you’re not insecure or obsessed with being right.

They know that you are someone who will let honest discussion take place.

As Marissa Laliberte notes:

“If you act interested in others, they’ll have a better impression of you, which is why charismatic people also happen to be great listeners.

“Holding eye contact, leaning in, ignoring your phone, and using these other habits of great listeners make the talker feel like the only person in the room.”

6) Your emotions and interactions are real to the core

Magnetic people are real to the core. They don’t put on a show or act a certain way to get reactions.

If you’re angry, it’s because you’re angry.

If you say it’s good to see someone, it’s because it really is good to see them…

You get the picture…

The point is that a magnetic person never monkeys around with emotions and expressing them to get what they want or get a rise out of people.

They’re honest about how they feel and they don’t hold back on what’s going on with them.

“It’s hard to be compelling when you’re putting on an act. That’s why magnetic people never pretend to be someone they’re not.

“If they seem interested, excited, or even annoyed, it’s because those are their true emotions,” notes Interesting Psychology.

That’s exactly it.

7) You attract new business opportunities almost effortlessly

When you’re a magnetic person, new opportunities seem to come your way more often than for many other people.

Some may look at you and wonder what magic touch you have that keeps bringing new projects and people your way.

The truth is that your communication abilities, talents, confidence and empathy naturally draw new opportunities your way.

It’s also a fact that you know how to get others inspired about things and take a chance on you.

You’re that man or woman who almost always seems to ace job interviews even when you’re barely trying.

You give off strong vibes of being someone people can count on and put their trust in, because that’s exactly what you are.

8) Friends and coworkers express amazement over your social and professional success

Another one of the top signs you have a magnetic personality that everyone is attracted to is that coworkers and friends express amazement about what you achieve.

To be frank, they want a piece of the action.

They see you out there hitting home runs and they want to be the next batter up.

Can you really blame them?

Success breeds success, and there’s nothing like a person who gets what he or she wants and perseveres through challenges to succeed no matter what.

Some of the best businessmen out there have failed repeatedly, so when people see you have a hard time but keep bouncing back they want to be around you and learn from you.

9) You have mega energy on tap

There’s no replacement for having a lot of energy.

Of course, it can go too far with people who are ultra-hyper and basically bouncing around like a jumping bean.

But on the other hand, folks with no energy can just be so depressing and also lower your energy like a mirror.

Having a lot of healthy energy makes you magnetic and draws others to you.

When you walk into work with a bounce in your step, you can be sure that other folks notice it and appreciate it.

“People are likely to become enthusiastic when around a high-energy individual,” writes Melissa Bykofsky.

“You, as a magnetic person, need to be on the move doing whatever is needed to propel the business.

“Do not be content to allow things to happen, but instead initiate actions to maintain forward movement.”

10) You find your social schedule is almost too full

If you’re a person who finds yourself wishing for time alone but having too many social commitments to even do that, then there’s a very good chance you have a magnetic personality.

Part of having that magnetic personality is taking time for yourself as well, though.

So if you are finding that you never have a moment to yourself, don’t be afraid to cancel a few dates.

The fact of the matter is that you can tell who’s a magnetic person by their social calendar.

If it fills up rapidly and they rarely have a spare moment, it’s because people want to be around them and learn from them and bask in their energy.

Are you that person or somebody you know?

11) Your body language is on point

Body language matters a lot, and sooner or later the truth of who you are underneath comes out in your body language.

That’s not a static thing, and you can change how you feel and who you are.

If you’re magnetic, this shows through with confident gestures, a broad-legged stance, eye contact, how you orient your body, posture, and more.

When you’re magnetic, people find your body language and gestures compelling and interesting.

What you say and do strikes them as admirable, fascinating or worthy of being around.

Like Laliberte says:

“Up body language, like holding your head high, turning up the corners of your mouth, and lifting your arms for hand gestures, makes you seem like a happier, lighter person.”

12) You draw others to you in every situation

As a magnetic person, you draw others to you in every situation.

Whether it’s a pickup baseball game, family BBQ, or a meeting at work, folks come to you and want advice or just to chat.

They see you as both a leader and a friend, somebody they can be truthful with and talk to anything about.

Even when you don’t seek it out, you find that people want your company.

This goes for romantic situations as well, where romantic partners seem to see great potential in you and express a lot of interest quickly when you start dating.

Sorry to break it to you, but if this kind of thing is happening to you a lot then you have a magnetic personality.

13) You know what you’re talking about

There’s plenty of people with bluster and outer confidence who are as empty as a Saturday morning church when you look under the surface.

What separates them from somebody who has a truly magnetic personality is competence.

If you’re a person with a magnetic personality then you draw others to you because you know what you’re talking about.

You get results and you fix situations which seem unsolvable.

You’re there when people need you and you back up what you say by actually getting things done and understanding situations people are dealing with at work and at home.

Trust me, people notice that…

Like Lisa Mooney advises, “Draw people to you by keeping up on current events so you can contribute to conversations.

“Develop a reliable base of information regarding your business so you can speak with authority about any issues that arise.”

14) You’re an optimist at heart

None of us are positive all the time, nor should we be.

But, as a magnetic person, you’re an optimist at heart.

“The magnetic personality exemplifies healthy positivity. They’re optimistic without being saccharine or dismissive.

“They see the good in a situation without denying the rights of others to feel what they feel,” writes Davenport.

Well said.

So you have a magnetic personality, what do you use it for?

Let’s be honest, having a magnetic personality doesn’t automatically make you a helpful or benevolent person.

Far too many charismatic people use their gifts to con and bamboozle those around them, scamming for money, sex or attention.

The choice, really, is yours.

What I will say is that having the gift of a magnetic personality is an immense privilege which you can use to accomplish many amazing achievements both personally and professionally.

Using it just for self-gain is really a shame, because you can do so much more.

A magnetic personality can be the best glue that exists to bring a community together and empower those around you.

By inspiring and energizing folks you come into contact with, you have the power to make our societies places of solidarity and sharing instead of division and isolation.

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