16 signs you are merging with your higher self

As we are becoming more conscious in our society, a lot of people are left wondering what they truly believe. I am one of those people.

I mean, there’s way more than meets the eye and the world consists of way more than paying bills, taxes, and then dying.

Well, if this resonates with you, it’s likely that you’re undergoing an awakening and are beginning to merge with your higher self.

So, how can you tell? Read this post to discover all the signs that reveal you’re beginning to merge with your higher self.

Let’s tuck in.

But before we do…

Let’s clarify what I mean when I talk about a “higher self.”

A higher self is the term used to refer to the conscious part of your mind that is on a level above you.

For all the Starwars fans out there, this might explain it better.

Yoda talked about it saying ” Listen not to the Dark Side, let go of the negative thoughts and let go of them. The more aware you are, the less control they have over you. ”

To put it simply, we are not here by ourselves. We have a higher consciousness that is an energy. It is the same energy we are made of, the same energy that surrounds us. There are other people connected to this energy, they are called higher selves.

Here are the signs that you’re merging with your higher self

1) You place no value on material things.

This is the first sign that you are merging with your higher self and is all about shedding our ego and giving up on this material reality.

Our ego wants to hold on to material things we don’t need, like cars, designer clothing, etc so that we can show others how successful we are.

As we awaken, these “things” become less important as you start to realize that inanimate objects are just that.

At the end of the day, we will all leave this earth one day. The things we have accumulated, stay behind but your essence or your soul is the only thing that carries on.

Once this realization hits you, it’s a sign that you’re merging with your higher self because you aren’t so attached to your stuff or to what your ego wants.

As you become more grounded don’t be surprised if you start to begin giving away stuff because you know you no longer need it.

2) You see the beauty of the world.

There is so much beauty around us and most of us are oblivious to it.

We’re distracted by gadgets, and place far too much importance on image and stuff that we miss out on what’s actually out there.

When we merge with our higher self, we no longer get distracted by all the noise. We start to see the beauty of this world and it becomes a big part of our focus.

It can be anything from the color of the lavender bush growing in the garden, to the sounds of the birds cheerfully chirping in the morning.

You begin to appreciate everything because it’s no longer just your sensory perception. You see things as they really are, full of wonder and majesty.

3) You are feeling more creative.

This is a sign that your higher self is fully in control of you. This creativity is no ordinary creativity though, it’s pure and it’s completely divine.

You’re experiencing things from a higher perspective and it’s having an effect on the way you think, feel and act in the world.

It’s not uncommon for new ideas to flow into your mind in the form of inspiration or spontaneous creations.

So embrace it and let your creativity flow with this newfound love.

4) You have compassion for others.

As we merge with our higher self, our compassion toward others increases.

This is the most obvious sign of merging with your higher self, but it’s also one of the most powerful things.

You begin to feel a sense of duty towards other people and realize that it’s your job to look after them.

You no longer feel disgusted for the beggar rummaging through the trash, but instead, feel an intense sense of compassion and are compelled to reach out and help.

5) You are more in tune with your emotions.

Your emotions are constantly evolving and at the start of this awakening process, you’re just beginning to realize them.

As the higher self starts to merge with you, they become so much easier to connect with.

Emotions are essentially energy in motion so once you merge with your higher self, you start to fully appreciate and recognize these feelings.

6) You feel a stronger connection with nature, animals, trees, and plants.

This is a sign that you’re feeling more and more connected to your higher self, so naturally, you feel connected to nature.

This is something everyone needs and this connection is a big part of our life force.

The same goes for animals and plants, we all have an innate connection to these worldly beings. When we merge with our higher self, this becomes even more apparent.

We’re meant to live in harmony with nature, instead of feeling disconnected from it.

7) You become more spiritual.

This is one of the biggest signs that you’re merging with your higher self and is when we become aware of our connection to God.

The thing with spirituality is that it’s just like everything else in life:

It can be manipulated.

Unfortunately, not all the gurus and experts that preach spirituality do so with our best interests at heart. Some take advantage to twist spirituality into something toxic – poisonous even.

I learned this from the shaman Rudá Iandé. With over 30 years of experience in the field, he’s seen and experienced it all.

From exhausting positivity to downright harmful spiritual practices, this free video he created tackles a range of toxic spirituality habits.

So what makes Rudá different from the rest? How do you know he’s not also one of the manipulators he warns against?

The answer is simple:

He promotes spiritual empowerment from within.

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Rather than tell you how you should practice spirituality, Rudá puts the focus solely onto you. Essentially, he puts you back in the driver’s seat of your spiritual journey.

8) You begin to think about diet and health.

This is all about connecting your body with your soul, as you do this, you naturally begin to think more about healthy eating and living a clean life.

You’ll realize that you’re meant to have a healthy body because it is your temple and your soul’s vehicle in this world.

So gone are the days of fast food, sugary drinks and processed junk, as you begin to feel a part of yourself that is more healthy and natural.

You’re not just thinking about how you’ll look, but how your body will feel when it becomes part of your higher self.

9) You think about your death.

As we start to merge with our higher self, it’s all about shedding our ego and this is where the idea of death comes in.

This can feel like a huge process and you can find yourself avoiding the subject altogether.

Admitting that you’re going to die is not something we’re taught to do, especially when we’re young so it takes time to learn that and come to terms with it.

Once you have, you’ll begin to realize that death isn’t the end and that life truly is eternal.

10) You start seeing with new eyes.

When we live in our ego and the things that matter to us are always at the top of our priority list, then we almost never see things for what they are.

We see the outer world around us through a foggy lens; it’s not clear at all.

But when we merge with our higher self, we can see the world with new eyes. With that comes new understanding, new wisdom, and greater compassion for life.

We are all trying to break free from the chains of our ego and see ourselves as we truly are. The path to finding ourselves is not easy at all but this is exactly what needs to happen in order to find your soul’s purpose.

You’ll start to see new signs and omens everywhere and suddenly the world takes on a spiritual aura.

You read or hear something in the news that has a profound impact on you and suddenly everything around you starts to take on new meaning.

11) You realize that you have a soul mission.

All of us have a soul mission, but it’s not something we’re taught about.

It’s only when you begin to merge with your higher self that you start to understand your purpose in this world.

Once you realize what this really is, you wish to serve something greater than yourself and it’s just the natural thing to do. Everything starts making sense and you finally understand why you were put here and what you need to do in this earthly realm.

Once you realize your purpose, you’ll want to know more about it so you can fulfill your soul mission.

12) You begin to notice signs and synchronicities everywhere.

When we merge with our higher self, everything becomes super connected.

This is why you’ll suddenly find that you’re noticing more signs and synchronicities in your daily life.

For instance, if you’re thinking about buying a car then suddenly a car advertisement will appear somewhere.

Perhaps you’re thinking about a deceased loved one and randomly, a white feather lands in front of you.

Or maybe you’re at home thinking about something important and it’s right there in front of your eyes.

These are very strong signs that your higher self is always communicating with you.

13) You experience physical symptoms.

Often, when we merge with our higher self, we experience physical symptoms.

These are quite common and they can be a little worrying at first, but they’re an essential part of the merging process.

This is because the physical body is being cleansed and purified as you merge with your higher self and this is how it’s done.

Some common symptoms include:

  • Insomnia
  • Fast breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Skin irritation and burning sensation
  • High blood pressure/vibrating veins

It can take time for these symptoms to completely disappear but everything you need to move forward will be there for you.

14) You experience vivid and profound dreams.

Another sign that you’re merging with your higher self is experiencing vivid and profound dreams.

This is all about becoming aware of the subconscious mind, which then plays a big part in your daily life.

You may not even remember most of these dreams but they can be very powerful and hold the answers to many questions you have.

What you do know is that you’ll find that many aspects of your life are being impacted by your dreams.

15) You feel a strong sense of peace.

This is all about knowing that everything is ok, even if it seems like it isn’t at times.

You begin to realize that everything happens for a reason, even though it may not seem like it and this is where the real peace comes in.

It’s about knowing that you are protected at all times, in all moments and that everything has been planned out for you from the very beginning.

16) You have a more profound sense of intuition.

As you merge with your higher self, you’ll find that your intuition becomes much more profound and accurate.

This is because the soul wants to be guided in life and this is done by using your intuition.

You’ll start to make connections that you never thought were possible and this isn’t just about finding answers to your life’s questions either, as you’ll realize your whole purpose is connected to it.

You will start experiencing the idea of “what is” in a whole new way because your consciousness will expand and as it does so, your senses will begin to awaken to more and more things.

You will become more aware of the energy around you and this will help you gain greater inner wisdom. There is now so much energy flowing through you that it’s affecting everything.

All of these things will begin revealing themselves to you over time and will become stronger with each passing day.

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