22 no bullsh*t signs you and your ex are meant to be

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You broke up a long time ago and surely it was for the best that you did, but lately, you find yourself wondering… what if your ex truly is the one for you?

Well, the good thing is that the distance and time apart could help you see things more clearly.

To help you figure things out, we give you 24 no-BS signs that you and your ex are truly meant to be together.

1) They’re your “the one that got away”

They’re one of your best loves. In fact, if you’re to be truly honest with yourself, they’re the best love you’ve ever had and you just can’t think of someone else taking their place.

You can’t just say exactly why you feel that way about them. You just love them so much that it’s almost like your feelings for them came straight out of a movie.

There was just something magical about what you had, and when you hear someone talk about “the one who got away”, you can’t help but think of them.

You just know they’re the one. And you feel this way even when you’re dating other people.

2) You can’t bring yourself to hate them

Maybe they’re the one who broke up with you and their decision left you writhing in agony for years. Or maybe they just keep on doing things that annoy or anger you.

But for some reason, you really can’t bring yourself to hate them. You feel anger, frustration, or annoyance towards them, but not hate.

You can try hard to hate them, and maybe you’ll even convince yourself that you actually do. But all it takes is for them to come knocking at your door or shoot you a smile and all that anger just melts away.

The thing is, you’re not like this to other people at all. You know your boundaries, and you know that you should stand up for yourself. It seems that, somehow, they’re your only exception.

3) You ended in good terms

It was tough ending your relationship when you’re still in love.

Maybe one of you decided to break up because they’re struggling with depression or they need to focus on their career.

You broke up, but it wasn’t because someone cheated or because you no longer feel love for one another. It’s the opposite! It’s because one of you cared so much for the other that they couldn’t bear to be the one holding them back from greatness.

Breaking up might have hurt you a lot, and moving on wasn’t easy, but there were no hard feelings involved.

Sure, you might have had to distance yourselves from one another for a few months or so, but when all is said and done, you’re cool with each other again.

Somehow, you both decided to deal with the pain and awkwardness that comes with being exes so you can still have each other as friends.

4) You truly admire each other

We sometimes fall in love without truly liking who that person is.

Think back of your exes and crushes that you fell madly in love with. Did you really like who they were, flaws and all? Maybe you did at the time, but now that you’ve had some time to yourself you just cringe and ask yourself “what was I thinking?!”

But with this one ex of yours? You admire them even if you’re not together anymore. You think that they’re truly awesome inside and out and you’re glad you’ve once shared a life together, and when you look at who they are now you can’t help but feel a bit wistful and proud.

You like how they think, how they act, who they truly are. And you know your admiration for them will grow stronger as years go by.

5) You only have fond memories of them

This doesn’t mean that you were happy all the time when you’re together. In fact, you’ve been through a lot of difficult moments that were anything but pleasant.

However, when you look back, it’s almost like all your memories are good in some way. You’re not blinded by love—you remember the bad times too. It’s just that the bad times were still actually good because you’re with them.

The times you fought were times of growth for the both of you and you even managed to laugh after each hurdle. The times you were struggling made you a stronger team.

Because of this, there’s always warmth when you look back on the good (and even the bad) ole days with them. They’re moments you’ll forever keep in your heart.

6) They often cross your mind

If you’re to be honest, they never really left you.

You might have broken up with them, but you still carry a little piece of them with you all the time. It even feels like you’re being unfair towards the people you’re dating because of how they’re just always there at the back of our mind.

And when you think you have forgotten about them, thoughts of them flash in your head. It can happen anytime—when you’re walking on an empty street after a long day at work, when you’re out partying with your friends, even while you’re just folding your laundry.

And not only that, they visit your dreams often too!

7) Your lives and priorities are slowly aligning

Maybe they wanted to study in another country and the two of you simply couldn’t handle a long-distance relationship. You agreed because you had no choice and also because you know they might not come home again.

And now, they’re back in your ‘hood and are opening up a gallery. You’ve also made a name for yourself and are now capable of starting a family. All that’s missing in your life is them by your side.

Your lives are starting to align so it makes it easier for you to be together. In fact, you’re quite sure that if you get back together, you can have the life you both truly want…where none of you have to make any compromises.

8) Your family and friends adore them

Your mother and sister still keep asking about them. They keep comparing your new partners with your ex, and you think it’s just unfair for them to do that.

They have nothing bad to say about your ex and they tease that you should reconnect with them before it’s too late—before someone else takes them from you.

And you’re quite sure they still message your ex and send her New Year’s greetings.

You might find it quite annoying but at the same time, it also makes your heart flutter because it makes your ex feel like family.

9) They can still make you laugh

Your ex doesn’t crack jokes all the time, but you laugh more when you’re with them…up to this day.

Humor is one of the best ways to gauge compatibility. It’s a must! It’s sad to be with someone whose sense of humor doesn’t match yours.

It’s rare to find someone who shares your sense of humor to a T, and your ex can make you pee in your pants with laughter.

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10) You still click

You’ve been with a couple of people since you broke up with your ex and sadly, they just don’t have that extra something that you and your ex had.

You have the same wavelength, you have almost the same taste, you simply “get” each other. You even thought that you’re Twin Flames because it’s as if you’re the same person!

They can understand perfectly what you’re saying and they can guess your thoughts even if you won’t utter a single word.

And as time passed, you became more and more in sync.

You thought it was common to find someone you can really click with but now you realize it’s rare. Deep inside, you know they feel the same way about you, too.

Up to this day, when they post something on social media, you “get” what they’re talking about and say to yourself “that’s exactly how I think about it too!” And it makes you smile.

11) You can’t help but compare them to your current partner

You know that comparing your current partner to your ex is unfair and it could sabotage your new relationship but you just can’t help it!

You always remember the small details—how they arranged the fridge, how they curled in bed, how they made you feel like a million bucks. When your new partner makes you mad or disappoints you, you can’t help but go “my ex wouldn’t have done that”.

They raised the bar too high and now you’re doomed. You feel that there’s no one else that can make your life more magical than they ever could, no matter how hard others may try.

12) They’ve changed for the better

Maybe one of the reasons you broke up was that they had habits that you can’t live with…but now, they’ve conquered them!

They used to smoke a pack a day and drink like there’s no tomorrow? They’re now a health nut who only drinks on rare occasions.

They used to get irritable at little things? They now know how to hold their tongue.

Some people do change for the better and maybe it’s because they really want to be with you. It’s also possible that you’re Twin Flames and experiencing a Twin Flame separation has inspired them to become better.

Maybe they imagined that one day you’ll be together again and they want to become the best version of themselves for the life you’ll be building together.

13) You still subtly flirt with each other

It’s quite a shame because you’re both coupled up but heck, you’re feeling giddy deep inside because the one person you’re truly in love with is flirting with you.

It might be too subtle but you catch their signals, and they catch yours.

If you still flirt with each other, it means you’re both still very attracted to each other, which happens rarely to someone you’ve been with for a long time.

Attraction often declines when you become too familiar with someone. But if it’s been years yet you still flirt? Maybe it’s a sign they’re the one for you because attraction, especially sexual attraction, is crucial in a long-term relationship.

14) You can’t see yourself married with anyone else

When you were together, it felt right. You had no doubt that you wanted to marry them someday. It was just a matter of when.

You never felt this with anyone else after. Yes, you might enjoy being with some of those other people and enjoy your times together, but when you think about marriage, your mind just goes numb.

This makes you doubt whether your love for those other people are real. After all, how can you truly love someone and not want to be married to them?

But with your ex?

It’s easy.

Your answer was a ‘hell yes!’ without any hesitation whatsoever. And, as crazy as it may seem, you know that if they were to come asking you to marry them now, you’d still answer ‘yes’ in a heartbeat.

15) Your friends say you should get back together

Most of the time, our friends can see something that we can’t. Our friends know us to the core and they know when we’re truly happy.

And they know just how you feel about your ex, so they keep bringing your ex up whenever you start talking about being single or the challenges of your relationships.

For some reason, it’s almost impossible for them not to mention your ex.

They truly believe you’re meant to be together and they’re even finding ways so you can see each other like inviting your ex to their parties or giving you updates about them.

You know they’d be smiling from ear to ear if they see you marching down the aisle with your ex holding your hand.

16) You want to be updated with each other’s lives

You may ask them directly, or try to ask for updates from their friends and family. But you just can’t resist wanting to stay updated about how your ex is doing and what they’re up to. And it’s mutual—they’re equally curious about your life too.

You both want to know each other’s major life milestones. When you hear good news about them, you get genuinely happy. And the bad news? It will bother you for days.

And most of all, you want to know if they’re in a relationship and, if they’re in one, how well it’s going. You want to know if you can be together again.

17) It took both of you a while to move on from your breakup

Sometimes moving on from breakups is easy. All you need is a few days, a week, or a month to recover and you’re back in the dating scene.

But with them, it’s anything but easy. It might have been years already, but you still haven’t truly moved on and any new relationships you’ve found since you left them just don’t last. There’s just something missing.

And when you talk to them, you find that they’ve also been having the exact same problem. And you’re wondering… what gives?

When both of you continue to yearn for each other for far longer than usual, that means that what you had was special. That you were meant to be.

18) They know exactly what to say

When you’re feeling down and blue, they know exactly what to say. Sometimes, they don’t even utter a single word but just bring you your favorite pizza.

We meet so many people in this life who get to know us deeply but it’s rare to find someone who actually KNOWS how to communicate with us in every way. From verbal to nonverbal communication, your ex knows your love language and makes sure you feel loved, especially when you need it the most.

Love is a verb and nobody has loved you better than your ex.

We want to end up with someone who knows how to talk to us and make us feel like we’re the most precious thing on Earth.

19) You still text each other during special occasions

Sometimes, you’re excited for Christmas and the New Years’ celebrations because it’s a perfect excuse for you to talk to each other again. On those days, you can give each other gifts and even tight hugs and nobody’s going to bat an eye… well, except for those who know what’s going on.

You never fail to greet them on their birthday and they never fail to greet you on yours.

Of course, you want to reconnect more but you stop yourself because you worry you’ll fall in love with them all over again and it might not be the right time yet.

20) They still feel like home after all these years

You’re like a turtle without its shell after you parted ways.

You’re alive, surely, but you feel like you’re missing something…you’re missing your home. You go through life without this warmth and comfort that only they can give and it feels quite lonely sometimes.

You might think you’re just being sentimental but when you meet again for a quick coffee, you will find that nothing has changed—being with them feels like home and being apart makes you feel homesick.

21) You feel lucky just to have known them

You know for a fact that your ex is truly, genuinely awesome. That your paths crossed and that they actually loved you as much as you loved them makes you ask yourself what it is you did good to deserve such a person.

You felt like you won the lottery when you met them, and you still feel the same way today…that you won a million bucks just to have experienced what it’s like being loved by your ex.

It would be devastating for you if you don’t end up together, but even then, you’ll be forever grateful that you once shared a life together.

22) You know you’ll strongly regret not giving it another try

You just know in your heart that you have to get back to them and ask for another chance. You’re just waiting for the right time, or you’re just waiting for them to make the first move.

They mean the world to you so it’s understandable that it makes you extremely nervous. No wonder you’ve been putting it off for such a long time.

If your love for them is just regular, you wouldn’t be too scared to approach them. But with a love as big as yours, it is a sign that the two of you are meant to be, if they feel the same way of course.

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