15 definite signs a woman is jealous and probably likes you

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Love and relationships can be multi-faceted and quite complex.

We as humans often choose not to speak about how we feel but communicate our feelings through our actions.

Learning how to identify signs and noticing these indicators will help you understand where they are coming from on a whole new level.

It might even be the inception of something special if you pick up on the cues at the right time.

Has she been acting a little weird or in ways that aren’t characteristic of her? Do you suspect that she is jealous or likes you?

Does she seem to be getting upset out of the blue with you?

Women can be complex beings as well and understanding their emotions requires astute observation of their actions.

Here are 15 tell-tale signs that a woman is jealous and probably likes you a lot:

1) She will get upset when you talk about other women

One of the obvious signs that you are more than just a friend is when she gets mad, upset, or disinterested in conversations involving other women.

It’s quite natural for her to feel that sort of way when she thinks that there are potentially “other women” in your life.

Her mind could equate you talking about them to you actively thinking about them, which would make her extremely jealous.

It doesn’t matter if you consider these “other women” as just friends.

This is because bringing it up as a topic of conversation in the time spent between the two of you will make her uncomfortable and due to that she might act out of character.

Jealousy can manifest in many different ways in this scenario.

Some of them mightn’t even be obvious at first sight.

This is because she might try to repress those feelings and thoughts to prevent you from seeing her vulnerable side.

To know for certain, you can observe her mannerisms, body language, stress level, attitude, facial expressions, and her tone when you bring up some other woman.

2) She can become distant and withdraws into a shell

Yes, this may sound counter-intuitive, but women often pull away and become distant when they are jealous.

They may even withdraw into their own secluded shells.

She may not know how to deal with her emotions or how to express her affection for you.

It might even be possible that those emotions of jealousy and attraction towards you might have caught her by surprise.

She wants you to think that she is strong and invulnerable to ensure that you don’t get to know her true feelings.

This defense mechanism will cause her to not be as active in messaging or calling you.

If you feel like her energy and enthusiasm towards you have changed and that she is giving you a cold shoulder, she may want to see if you will reach out and connect with her to make her feel secure.

3) She is possessive and is not pleased when you spend time with other friends

A common indicator of jealousy and attraction is possessiveness.

If she is being possessive of you, it means that she thinks of you as hers.

This could lead her to get extremely frustrated or upset when you spend time with your other friends (especially if they are women).

While you may be surprised by her outbursts, it’s important to dig deeper to see if these emotions are coming from a place of genuine fondness for you.

4) She will be actively posting on her social media while tagging you

In general, women tend to increase their social media activity when they want to grab your attention.

They might post a picture with you, an attractive selfie, or even tag you on a post that expresses their feelings towards you subtly.

It might even be a way to see if you feel the same level of jealousy if other guys comment on their snaps.

If you see her increasing the number of selfies she posts on Instagram or the number of snaps she sends you, try to figure out if she is trying to get your attention and look for other clues that will help you decipher her feelings.

5) Her circle of besties is actively stalking you

Women often have an exclusive small circle of besties with whom they will share every secret and detail regarding their life.1

Yes, everything.

It’s natural that if she has feelings for you and is feeling jealous of someone else, her group of friends will be actively stalking and keeping track of your social media life.

They will try to find out your relationship status, how you spend your time, and would even try to hold conversations with you that might steer your attention towards the direction of their friend.

Usually, they can be quite subtle and discreet about it, but if you feel like a few of her closest friends are stalking your profile then it may be a sign that she is into you.

6) She pays close attention to your mannerisms and has an uncanny knowledge of the trivial details of your life

Do you catch her often staring at you and closely watching your every action when you spend time with her?

This might be a signal that she is attracted to you.

You may even find that she has an uncanny knowledge of the most mundane and trivial details of your life.

She remembers these things about you because even the smallest and seemingly insignificant parts of your life matter to her.

This increased attention towards you may also get enhanced if she is jealous of you spending time with someone else.

If you have your doubts, try to watch where her focus is when you are talking to someone else.

7) She will try to induce those feelings of jealousy within you

Another common way for a woman to act when she is jealous is to try to induce those same feelings in you.

She might make elaborate attempts to flirt with other guys in front of you, or even intentionally mention other guys who have caught her attention.

She may even describe details of her time spent with her male best friend.

One way to know if she is mentioning this to make you jealous is to see if she is tracking your reaction.

Does it infuriate her if you don’t give any reaction when she talks about other guys?

This is a positive sign that she likes you a lot and is merely trying to make you feel jealous.

It’s a critical stage of your potential relationship as she has decided to act on her feelings in some capacity.

If you can steer the conversation in the right direction, she might even clue you in about her true feelings.

8) She conducts deep inquiries into your interests and personal life

A jealous woman who likes you will often ask a barrage of questions.

These questions will be about your personal life, interests, hobbies, passions, motivations, close friends, etc.

This is because they think of you as a chapter in their life that has an element of fantasy and mystery connected to it.

They might look like a walking questionnaire who is trying to play detective.

They do this because they are trying to get a better understanding of you and subliminally trying to understand why they have those feelings for you.

It’s important that you play along with her by answering her questions with patience and enthusiasm.

This will give her the assurance to show more interest in your life and help build her confidence to eventually express her feelings.

9) She is your most active follower on social media

A woman who is interested in you will try to show that they are your biggest supporter and most active social media follower.

You might notice that she is the first person to like your posts and comment on them.

Occasionally you might even see them “like” a post from months ago (a stalking mishap, obviously).

She will even be checking to see if you are online when her messages or not read yet.

These are all clear signals that she is interested in you and wants your attention.

10) She becomes a reservoir of sarcastic comments

Women sometimes don’t know how to express their emotions or deal with their jealousy.

They may use a sarcastic tone in certain conversations to disguise her flustered emotions and internal feelings.

The floodgates for the reservoir of sarcastic comments get unleashed when you talk about other women, spend time away from her or do something that will trigger her jealousy.

She might even try to fish to see if you are interested in anyone by humorously teasing and comparing you with other girls you talk about.

11) She casually tries to establish physical touch and contact

Women like to establish physical touch and contact with people they like. It gives them a feeling of connection that will make them feel closer to you.

If she is jealous, she will casually touch your hand, wipe a smear off your face, or let her hand fall on your lap when sitting close to each other.

She might do this a lot if there are other women around.

She wants to show that she has feelings for you but will also want to let the world think that there is something between the two of you.

If her touches are elaborated and intentional, then it’s clear that she is giving you a sign that she wants to be with you on some level.

12) She finds reasons to spend time with you alone

Women who develop feelings for you will want all of your time and attention on them.

She will come up with random reasons to be around you.

She might even cancel her prior commitments to spend time with you.

She will hop up around lunch hour, bring you an extra ticket for a movie that she wanted to watch with you, ask your advice on something that is seemingly trivial, or even come up with a library study hour for the two of you.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time with her out of the blue, she might be coming up with excuses to spend time with you.

13) Her mood is turbulent when other women consume your time

Have there been any instances in which her mood, energy, and behavior have become turbulent when another woman enters the conversation?

A woman who likes you will get jealous when other women infringe on the time spent between the two of you.

These small incidents will drive her crazy inside and she may have emotional outbursts.

She may even have mood swings when you talk to other women instead of focussing on her.

You mightn’t know how to deal with her emotions.

You must understand that she mightn’t know how to deal with her emotions when battling it out with her jealousy.

Her outbursts are merely a manifestation of her struggles with her feelings for you.

After all, why would she care about you with such passion and emotional attachment if you were just a friend?

14) She will look her best around you and subtly try to get your attention

Does she seem prettier and more attractive than usual when meeting up with you?

If so, she might have spent a great deal of time and effort to look her best when she is around you.

This is clearly a sign that she wants your attention and wants to put her best foot forward when interacting with you.

No woman dresses up for someone unless they like them a lot.

15) She is extremely curious about your relationship status and past relationships

This is perhaps the most obvious sign of interest in you.

A woman who has fallen for you will start her investigation with your relationship status.

She will also portray a keen and avid interest in your past relationships and romantic involvements. Hearing about your exes will upset her but will also make her want to know more about the aspects of them that caught your attention.

They may even emulate those aspects to get your attention.

An overly enthusiastic curiosity about your relationships and love life is a tell-tale sign that she likes you a great deal and is taking her first steps in getting to know you better.

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