22 signs the universe wants you to let go of someone

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The universe has its ways of letting us know when something isn’t working out.

Whether it’s through dreams, intuition, or even synchronicities, the universe communicates with us in mysterious ways.

This article will cover all the signs the Universe wants you to let go of someone.

23 signs the universe wants you to let go of someone

1) You have a gut feeling

I honestly believe that your own inner compass is the best guidance system you have.

It will tell you what is and what isn’t right for you in life. That’s why your intuition or gut feelings about someone can be powerful.

You may have this nagging feeling deep inside that it’s time to let go. If you do, it’s best to listen to it.

It knows what it is talking about and is probably trying to save you some heartache.

2) You have had a string of bad luck with them

It’s true that life doesn’t always run smoothly. But sometimes when we try to go against the flow of life, we create a struggle for ourselves.

It might feel like no matter what you do, things just won’t seem to come together for you two.

Problems keep cropping up and nothing is ever effortless or simple. Pain, problems and strife follow you around.

Consistent difficulties in a relationship are a sign from the Universe that it might be time to cut your losses and stop fighting the inevitable.

3) Thinking about them brings up negative emotions

When you think about them, it sort of makes you sad. Or maybe you feel frustrated and angry.

Our emotions are signposts and guides. Whilst they are changeable and shouldn’t be followed on a whim, they send us hints about how we feel about someone.

When your emotions about someone are more bad than good, it’s a strong sign you should walk away from them.

The Universe wants us to surround ourselves with the people who lift us up and inspire us, not those who bring us down.

4) Staying connected to them feels increasingly difficult

You keep missing each other’s calls, or you message them and it takes days for them to get back to you.

It’s almost as though there is a block standing in the way.

When people are important we prioritize them. That means even though life can get in the way, we make the effort to stay in touch.

If reaching out to one another becomes harder and harder, then it could mean it’s time to let them go.

 5) You are having strange dreams about them

Our dreams not only offer insights into our subconscious minds, many people believe they are ways in which the Universe communicates with us.

Sometimes these messages are cryptic and hard to understand.

But if you find yourself dreaming about someone repeatedly, it could be a sign that you need to let go of them.

Pay attention to how you feel in the dream. That is more significant than what actually happens.

Dreams are often symbolic and can give us clues about what we need to work on in our lives.

6) They’re not putting in the same effort as you

One-sided relationships are draining and unbalanced.

They don’t put in any effort at all, and if it weren’t for your extra effort, you suspect they would no longer be in your life.

But if they aren’t giving anything back to you, it’s a clear sign you should move on.

Relationships are meant to be reciprocal. The Universe doesn’t want you to waste your energy on someone who isn’t willing to give back to you.

7) Their behavior has changed towards you

Maybe they’ve become distant or cold towards you. Maybe they’ve been acting differently around you.

Perhaps they’ve started saying things that were never said before. If their behavior changes suddenly, it could be a warning sign that something is wrong.

Where there’s smoke there is fire. So if you start noticing strange behavior from them that seems off somehow, pay attention.

8) Life circumstances are pulling you two apart

Sometimes it can feel like practical obstacles are getting in your way or some major event happened that throws a spanner in the works.

They suddenly moved across the country. They have to take a job in another city or go away to study.

Whatever the reason, sometimes life throws curveballs and pulls people apart. Even though this can feel unfortunate, the Universe works in mysterious ways.

If this is happening now, it could be a signal that you need to let them go. You may not realize it yet but deeper forces might be at play telling you it isn’t meant to be.

9) Their energy feels negative or heavy

Energy tells us a lot.

When we’re around positive people, we feel better. And when we’re around negative people, we feel worse.

The same goes for relationships. When we spend time with someone who drains us emotionally, we’ll feel exhausted afterward. But when we spend time with someone whose energy lifts us up, we’ll feel energized.

This is because energy affects us. Everything is ultimately energy and it is one of the fundamental forces of the Universe. That means we should take notice of it.

10) You experience weird synchronicities and signs

Synchronicities can be one way that life communicates with us.

For example, maybe you are driving in a car and thinking about whether you should keep someone in your life. And the next song that comes on the radio seems to answer your question.

Or you find that someone suddenly comes to mind, you look out of your window and the first thing you see is a stop sign or a warning sign.

Sometimes the Universe’s messages to us can be quite literal.

11) You feel like you are forcing it

We’re told time and time again how anything good in life takes effort, but the truth is that we can try too hard.

We try to force things to happen. We try to make them happen by doing everything we can to make sure they do.

But sometimes, the Universe has its own plans.

I think we can usually tell when we are forcing things with someone. And it’s never a good sign.

12) You’ve outgrown them

The Universe itself is constantly growing and evolving. It wants the same for us.

That means we must let go of things that no longer serve us, to make room for new things that will bring expansion.

If something isn’t working anymore, then it’s time to move on.

If someone feels a part of your past, but not your future it’s time to let them go.

13) It’s always bad timing

Maybe the stars have just never seemed to have aligned for you two.

No matter what, it’s always a case of bad timing.

You can’t find the right time to meet up. Or perhaps you or they always end up having to cancel.

If they are a crush or romantic interest, it’s never been the “right place and time” for something to blossom. You nearly got together but then something got in the way.

Despite your plans, unfortunately, it could be that fate has other ideas.

14) They make you feel uneasy with yourself

Some people feel like home, others make us feel very out of place.

We need to feel comfortable with the people who we keep around us. If we don’t, we can very quickly start feeling uncomfortable with ourselves.

If you feel bad about yourself after being with them, if they make you question who you are or make you feel not good enough — it’s time to let them go.

15) They don’t respect your boundaries

Boundaries are important. They help us define where our personal space begins and ends.

They also protect us from unwanted attention or intrusion and unacceptable behavior.

When someone doesn’t respect our boundaries, it makes us feel unsafe.

When someone oversteps your boundaries it is a sign of an unbalanced or unhealthy relationship. If this happens often with someone, it’s time to show them the door.

16) You feel drained being with them or even talking to them

Being around someone who drains you emotionally or mentally is exhausting.

If you feel exhausted after hanging out with them, it’s probably time to cut ties.

Letting go of toxic or draining relationships can give you more energy.

Xan Oku said: “Stay close to people who feel like sunlight”.

So if someone feels like darkness, take it that the Universe is telling you to stay away!

17) They want to let go of you

Sometimes we really don’t want to let go of someone. But it can become a case of “let go or be dragged”.

Whether it is an ex who wants to move on, an unrequited love who doesn’t feel the same, or a friend who isn’t showing up for us — we cannot make someone stay in our life when they don’t want to.

Whenever someone wants to leave our lives, we have to find the strength to let them go and wish them well.

18) They keep making mistakes

Forgiveness is an important aspect of every relationship. But there are limits. And when someone keeps making painful mistakes, the best thing to do can be to let them go.

You may have provided valuable learning opportunities for them that have helped them on their life path.

But if they continue to mess up, for the sake of your own life path, it’s time to let go.

19) They bring out the worst in you

It’s true that all relationships hold up a mirror that helps us to better reflect on ourselves.

Not all connections are going to be sweetness and light all of the time. But ultimately, the people we surround ourselves with should bring out the best in us.

If they seem to bring out all your worst qualities and traits, it could be a sign that this toxic connection is not a good fit for you.

20) They don’t treat you the way you deserve

I wholeheartedly believe that the Universe wants us to realize that we deserve the best.

It is on a mission to make us embrace self-love.

We all deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully. If someone treats you unfairly, it’s time to walk away.

21) They never initiate conversations

You are without fail always the one who sends the first message. You reach out to them to see how they are doing. You check in to see what they are up to tonight.

Let’s face it, if you didn’t start all your conversations with them, they would most likely already be out of your life.

If so, then it is time to finally let that happen.

22) You are holding on to the past

What is keeping them in your life is thoughts about the good old days.

It is memories about the past that keeps you holding on, rather than anything positive in your present.

Life is about cycles. Nature teaches us this. There are seasons in life, which come and go.

In order for one to start, another must end.

If you are only holding on to memories or feelings from the past, it is time to let go. Rest assured that new people and experiences are on the way.

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