22 signs the universe wants you to be with someone (they’re ‘the one’)

It’s not easy to find love – or be in a relationship, for that matter. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending your time with someone who’s not meant for you.

The good news is the divine is actively doing its part to save you from this heartache. All you just need to do is be on the lookout for these 24 signs for they mean that the universe wants you to be with that special someone.

Let’s begin.

1) You just keep running into them

The universe is cunning.

In case you’re oblivious enough to recognize all the other signs that you’re meant to be with someone, the divine will push this fact.


So don’t be surprised if you keep on running to the same old person over and over again. Be it on the bus, the supermarket, or even in another town.

It’s one of the universe’s ways of showing you that you’re meant to be with someone. And, if I were you, I’d make a move right about now.

2) There are a lot of coincidences

Do you always come across this ‘stranger’ – who seems to have the same tastes as you? Whenever you see them, they’re reading your favorite book – or sipping your favorite beverage.

It may not seem much, but these coincidences are the universe’s way of telling you that you’re meant to be with this person.

You’re two peas in a pod, and the divine wants you to take note of that. So make sure to be observant of these peculiar happenings!

3) You feel that something good is about to happen

You know what they say: trust your intuition, for it never lies.

So if your gut is telling you that everything is going fine and dandy, it’s because it is!

See, the universe is sending you good vibes – especially those that pertain to love.

That’s why you feel all chirpy.

You know in your heart of hearts that your true love is about to come your way.

Be excited, for it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event!

4) You feel their energy

Although you’re not an empath – or a person who absorbs other people’s energy – you may end up feeling their energy.

Again, it’s one of the universe’s crafty ways of letting you know that they’re ‘the one.’

Just observe how you feel when you come across this person. Do you feel light, airy, and blissful? If their energy feels right, then it’s because they’re right for you!

5) They’re in your dreams

Do you keep dreaming about the same old person you keep on running into?

Perhaps you don’t recognize them personally, yet they feel very familiar to you.

Worry not for your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. In fact, your dream is playing a part in the universe’s desire to bring you and your ‘soulmate’ together.

As one HackSpirit article explains:

“It’s not a coincidence, nor should you dismiss it as being a “silly” dream. On the contrary, it’s a very telling sign that you have some form of connection with them.

“The reason why you might be dreaming about this person is that they’ve been consuming your thoughts and your subconscious mind is illuminating to you what it really thinks of them.

“They could be someone who you look up to, someone whom you wish to pursue romantically, or others, but your mind is telling you that this individual has something that you want or need.

“Usually, if you’re dreaming about someone, they’re dreaming about you too!”

I also talk about how romantic dreams are an indicator that love is coming your way in this video. Check it out and you’ll also learn about some other signs that love is coming your way. 

6) You don’t feel the pressure to settle down

You know what they say: you’ll find love when you least expect it. So if your current mindset goes like “the one will come when the time is right” despite the constant prodding from your family, then it’s a good sign.

You’re no longer feeling undue pressure because your soulmate will arrive in a while. And yes, the universe is doing what it can to make sure that you meet each other ASAP.

So hold on tight, for love is about to come your way!

7) You’re not afraid to be alone

If you’ve been through a slew of bad relationships, then you probably feel like you’re done with love.

In fact, you may feel that you’d rather be alone than be with someone else.

Why bang your head against a stone wall, right?

See, it’s similar to being immune to the pressure of settling down. It’s a sign from the universe, and it’s telling you that you’re meant to be with someone.

Once you meet them, you’ll eventually feel the opposite. Instead of feeling happy alone, you feel so glad to be with this person.

And yes, you’ll find them soon, often when you least expect it.

8) People keep on mentioning them

Say you’ve gone out on a date with this person. You haven’t mentioned their name to your parents, but, for some reason, they keep on talking about an individual who’s got the same name.

While you could chalk this up to circumstance, you know that something is going on when other people mention the same name too.

Your friends. Officemates. Heck, even the barista at your favorite coffee shop.

As I’ve mentioned, the universe is cunning. If you continue to be indifferent to the other signs, it will throw out more – until you finally get the memo!

And yes, this is one of the universe’s ways to reinforce the fact that you’re meant to be with this person.

So, if I were you, better act on it!

9) Love seems to be everywhere

Love is all around us. But if you’re noticing it more than ever, then it’s the universe’s way of telling you that you’re meant to be with this person.

Perhaps you’re seeing animals pairing up every time you’re in the park. Or, no matter what you do, you can’t help but hear the song that reminds you of your special someone.

See, this is not a fluke. It’s another one of the coincidences that the universe has been whipping up.

The divine just wants to let you know that you’re truly meant to be with this person.

10) Certain numbers keep on appearing

Apart from seeing (and experiencing) many signs of love, you know that the universe is working in your favor if you’re seeing certain sets of numbers.

111. 222. 333. No matter where you look, you find these sequences on the clock, plate numbers, receipts, etc.

See, these are not just plain coincidences. They’re angel numbers, which “are repeating numbers that usually indicate that a significant change is coming your way.”

As Lachlan Brown explains in his article:

“These special number sequences are thought to be special messages from each person’s guardian angel.”

(It) can signify various meanings, such as:

  • You’re on the right path to moving from one state of happiness to the next.
  • The universe wants you to open yourself up to fantastic experiences.”

Needless to say, the presence of angel numbers in your midst means that the universe wants you to be with that special someone.

You’re meant to be with them, and your angel wants you to know that!

11) You’ve probably met them before – in passing

I’m sure you’ve come across heart-melting stories of a couple being classmates in kindergarten, or another couple who were in the same place X years ago – as evidenced by pictures they shot that day.

If you ask me, these are pretty compelling signs that the universe wants them to be together.

The good news is the divine may be shooting you this sign too! Maybe you’re dating someone who feels right, but they aren’t exactly your type.

Then you talk a little more and find out that you’ve met each other before – although in passing.

It’s a nice coincidence (which is another sign, if I may say so.)

Indeed, it’s one of the universe’s ways of telling you that you’re meant to be with each other.

12) You’ve lost interest in your usual types

Maybe you’ve had a thing for bad boys, girls, or everything else in between. But now, you find that you’re not that attracted to them anymore.

Surely, they’ll cultivate some interest in you, but that’s pretty much it. You’ve burned yourself many times ago, and now, you’ve learned your lesson.

Not only is this good for your emotional health, but it’s also a sign that the universe wants you to be with someone.

Perhaps ‘the one’ isn’t your usual type, but it’s what the divine has meant for you.

So, to make this love happen, the universe will do its best to open your mind – and heart – to the one who truly deserves you.

13) You’ve stopped committing mistakes

We’ve all been there. Texting exes or going on a slew of online dates to counteract the emptiness or pain that we feel.

And of course, it almost always doesn’t go well. Instead of feeling better, we feel shittier instead.

Instead of moving on, we just find ourselves back in square one.

The good news is the universe will always come to rescue you, for it knows that you’re meant to be with someone.

Not that guy/girl you’ve been ‘playing’ with for so long.

So if one day, you finally ‘wake up’ from your old ways, then it’s a sign.

Buckle up, for the universe is preparing you for the ultimate fate: to be with your one true love.

14) You finally understand why your past relationships didn’t work

It’s hard to get over someone, especially if you’ve been with them for quite a while. That’s why in due time, you’ll finally understand why your past relationships didn’t work out.

And while you have made this possible, the universe plays a hand in this too.

It knows that these past partners entered your life to teach you a lesson. They were crucial in preparing and improving you as you go on in life.

And now that you’ve realized why these things happened, you won’t repeat the mistakes you did before.

15) You’ve let go of your past – and your other baggage

More than just severing ties with your exes, you know that the universe has something good for you when you’ve completely let go of your past – and your other baggage.

That means unworthy exes, bad habits, toxic family and friends, and an unfulfilling career, among many others.

See, when you’re dragged down with these kinds of things, you’re unable to clearly see the path that the universe has carved for you.

Instead, you go on falling back into these toxic traits (and people), which, in the end, lead you away from your one true love.

So if you find yourself letting them go with no grudge, then it’s a clear sign. You’re about to embark on the best chapter in your life, and that’s spending your life with your one true love.

16) You’re no longer afraid to take risks

It’s not easy to take risks.

According to experts, it’s because “We think that if something feels scary, it must be too risky to do or too uncomfortable to handle, so we avoid it altogether.”

But if you’re feeling bolder now – perhaps, more than ever, then be glad. The universe is telling you that you’re ready to take the next step with that special someone.

Relationships involve a lot of risks, after all.

As Arthur Brooks explains in his New York Times article: “If we want more love, we must conquer fear. We must take personal risks for big potential romantic rewards.”

Don’t you worry though, for the universe always has your back.

17) You’re more easygoing now

Maybe you follow a strict regimen. But if you feel that this rigidity is letting up, then it’s more or less the work of the universe.

It’s influencing you to be more easygoing now, for it’s a crucial step in your relationship. See, when you go with the flow, it’ll be easier for you to see if you’re indeed with your soulmate.

As you see, this change is definitely for the better!

18) You’ve learned to love yourself more

Self-love is indeed the highest form of love. While it’s admirable that you want to give your all, you need to spare some for yourself.

Remember: when you love yourself first, all the good kinds of love will follow.

Case in point: if you know your self-worth, you wouldn’t settle for partners who aren’t able to give you the love you deserve.

You’ll keep on searching for the one, who the universe will ultimately give you. Just wait and see.

19) You’ve learned to set boundaries

Part of loving yourself is setting boundaries. Perhaps yours were too open in the past few relationships, that’s why they ended up using and abusing you.

Not now, they won’t!

You’ve learned to set up boundaries when it comes to love – among other things in your life.

And since you know what’s good for you – and what’s not – you’re better at screening potential partners.

Eventually, there’ll come a person who acknowledges and respects your boundaries. And when you do find this person, you’ll feel the support of the universe.

In fact, it’ll be throwing signs (such as those in this list) that show you they’re ‘the one’!

20) You feel complete

Are you single at the moment? If you feel complete, despite lacking a partner, then it’s a good sign.

A lot of people have the misconception that you need to be in a relationship to feel complete. However, those who realize that this isn’t necessary, are usually the ones who find true love right away.

The universe is sending you this special someone because you deserve them, not just because you’re afraid to grow old alone.

21) Your heart feels at peace

Heartfelt peace – it’s what everybody wants.

So if you’re feeling this zen and calmness right now, know that it’s the universe’s way of telling you that they want you to be with someone.

See, you haven’t felt this before because you were with the wrong person. The universe doesn’t want you to proceed with them and just get hurt.

So if your heart finally feels at peace, then it’s the universe’s way of confirming the fact that you’re with the right person.

And, together with all the other signs on this list, you have definitive proof that you’re with your soulmate!

22) Last but not least: you just know it

If you’re truly meant to be with someone, you’ll know it. You just know it.

As I’ve mentioned, the right person can make you feel like everything’s right in the world.

In fact, they will make you realize why your past relationships crashed and burned into the ground.

They have the power to make your heart feel calm, even make you brave enough to take risks!

In other words, if a person is meant for you, the universe will conspire to make every single thing turn out perfect.

And yes, you deserve them!


Raychel Ria Agramon

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