10 signs the person you’re dating will be your life partner

You’ve been here before.

You’re in a relationship, and things seem to be going great.

But you’re also wondering if they’ll continue on this way since all of your previous relationships have ended for one reason or another.

How do you know if this time it really is right?

If you’re looking for something long-term, there have to be clues that a relationship really has staying power, don’t there?

In fact, there are clues you can look for, and they might be right there staring you in the face.

I want to help you out by giving you this list of ten signs the person you’re dating will be your life partner.

They say nothing is certain in life except for death and taxes, but these signs are pretty darned foolproof!

1) They communicate with you openly and honestly

Communication is essential for a lasting relationship.

It’s about the quality of communication between you. I’m talking here about communicating feelings, wants, desires, and, yes, criticisms, too.

But if the person you’re dating can give you honest criticism without it getting under your skin, then this means something.

It lets you know that a) you appreciate and respect this person enough to accept their insights, even negative ones, and b) they actually pay attention and know you well enough to give you a useful critique.

If they can let you know how they’re feeling without you having to drag it out of them, and if they can ask you for what they want without being shy or nervous, then you have great communication.

And this can be part of the solid relationship you want to build.

2) They make you want to face the day

Some days, you bounce out of bed and start singing with the bluebirds on your windowsill, Snow White style.

But what about those other days you dread?

You know, the ones that make you want to pull the covers over your head and pretend to be dead.

Or at least, that’s how it used to be.

But now that you’ve met this person, you’re able to get up and face the day no matter what.

It doesn’t matter what horrible work or personal toils you have to do; the thought of seeing and spending time with your boo outweighs all the negatives.

Their smile, their touch – these things are simply too good to miss, and you’d walk through fire to get to them.

Luckily, you don’t have to, but getting out of bed might be close enough!

3) They do things you like, but they don’t

One thing that can really hold a relationship together is taking one for the team.

Imagine you really want to go to a concert of a band you love, but you know the person you’re dating isn’t into them or even dislikes them.

But they go with you anyway.

Why would they do something they don’t like just to be with you?

Because your enjoyment and the smile on your face are fully worth it to them.

They’re willing to look past small annoyances just to see you happy, and if that isn’t what real love is all about, I don’t know what is.

If you have a person who will do this for you, and you’ll do it for them, too, it’s a good sign they’re life partner material.

4) They stand up for you to any detractors

Some people have a complicated relationship with their parents or other family members.

Sometimes, they have close friends who really stick their noses into their lives.

But when these people decide they’re going to criticize you or the relationship, they’re stopped in their tracks.

Your partner stands up for you even against these, their toughest critics.

That’s because they really care about you and are even willing to jeopardize their most important relationships with family and friends to keep yours smooth.

In other words, they put you first, and that’s exactly what it means to be a life partner.

5) You want to put them first

Do you second that emotion?

Your own happiness is crucial, and it’s always good advice to love yourself first before you can truly love someone else.

But if you’re they’re in your personal development, you’ll be able to rest on your self-love and make the other person’s happiness your priority.

Do you want to stand up for them against all critics?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to see them happy, even if it means doing things you don’t particularly like sometimes?

If the answer is yes, you just may have struck gold in this relationship, so keep on digging to find out!

6) You do little things to make each other happy

Making the other person happy in a relationship doesn’t always have to be about sacrifice.

In fact, it had better not be, or else that could lead to serious resentment down the line.

No, there are other ways to make each other happy, and sometimes, it’s just the little things that really make a big difference.

But it’s taking the time and effort to do these little things consistently that can really show how much you care for each other.

Do you stick a cute little love note in their packed lunch?

Do they wash your car for you when you’re taking a nap?

Maybe you serve each other breakfast in bed on days when one of you is feeling down.

It’s not so much what you do. It’s that you do little things because the other person’s happiness is always in the back of your mind and motivates you.

7) You have a similar work ethic

It may not sound romantic, but this practical sign is actually really important. 

Money and work end up coming between so many people in their relationships.

Conflicts usually stem from one person feeling like the other isn’t pulling their own weight.

But more often than not, this isn’t what’s really going on.

Imagine two people get together: one is a workaholic trying to make the big bucks, and the other is very relaxed about work and money and content with what they have.

The relaxed partner is very often going to end up thinking the workaholic should work less and spend more time on the relationship. The workaholic might think the other is lazy and should work harder.

It’s not that anyone’s wrong. It’s that their work ethics didn’t match from the very beginning.

8) You have disagreements, not fights

If you’re like me, you’ve been in relationships where fighting is totally normal.

I mean, I’ve had passionate partners who have serious tempers and who seemed to love the whole fight-make-up cycle. Maybe I did, too.

But I’m kind of over fighting.

Instead, I’ll take a good old-fashioned disagreement anytime.

What’s the difference?

A fight is a sort of no-holds-barred throw-down. Tempers flare, nasty things are said, and the past is dug up and thrown into the ring.

But in a disagreement, things are calmer, more mature, and less emotional. Sure, you still have strong feelings about your side, but you listen to the other person and try to understand their point of view.

Some things you just won’t ever agree on, but rather than damaging your relationship by fighting about them, you’re able to agree to disagree and move on without hurting each other.

And that’s a sign of a pretty solid relationship.

9) They know your imperfections and accept you anyway

Has the person you’re dating found your toenail collection?

Do they know you lose it when someone touches your hair?

Are they aware of your road rage but still somehow seem able to put up with you?

If they know your negatives and still don’t seem to be scared away, you’ve got yourself what we call a keeper.

Because a life partner is going to find out all your imperfections one way or another, it’s best to be open and honest in your relationship now, and if they don’t run away, there won’t be any reason to later.

10) You don’t try to change each other

If you think the person you’re dating right now might just be your future life partner, here’s a great test.

Think about what you’d like to change about them. Is there anything major?

I’m talking about their core values or defining characteristics, not that their nose whistles a little when they breathe.

If there’s nothing major you’d like to change, you’re happy with them as they are.

And sure, they have their own imperfections, but if you can accept them as they accept you and you love each other the way you are, you might just be able to spend your lives together.

It’s never easy to know, but these ten signs are the best place to start when you’re wondering if the person you’re dating will be your life partner.

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