12 definite signs someone misses you badly

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When you miss someone, your heart hurts. 

You’re there wondering one thing most of all:

Do they miss you, too?

Let’s find out.

1) They’re on your socials like white on rice

Social media is basically a given these days and almost everyone I know uses it. 

When somebody misses someone these days, they often head straight to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. 

They want to see what this person is up to and what’s new in their life. 

This is one of the definite signs someone misses you badly:

They’re checking your social media and seeing what’s new in your world. 

Even though you may be out of touch, broken up, or otherwise estranged, they want to know what you’re up to

Reading your thoughts and feelings in your statuses…

Seeing your new photos including somebody new you may be dating…

It’s all part of their way of feeling a deep nostalgia and longing for what you once had.

2) They ask mutual friends about you 

Another of the top definite signs someone misses you badly is that they ask mutual friends about you. 

This may be in person or online, but either way the purpose is clear:

They want to find out about what you’re doing, whether you’re with someone new and whether you’re OK. 

Asking mutual friends is like social media but more direct. 

Instead of guessing how things are going, they just ask directly and find out from the source and people who actually know you.

This person asking mutual friends is obviously only something you’ll know about if these friends tell you about it. 

But if you do find out that it’s happening that you’re being asked about by this individual, make no mistake about it:

They’re missing you!

3) They text and call you like crazy

Another of the most definite signs someone misses you badly is that they text and call you like crazy. 

This can be intoxicating, to know that you’re someone’s favorite notification and to feel the same in return. 

It’s like walking through a room full of blurry faces and one suddenly comes into sharp focus, full of beautiful colors, subtlety, and emotional impact. 

When you’re interested in somebody and miss them then talking to them is like a golden treasure that you wouldn’t trade for the world. 

If somebody is calling and texting you like crazy then you can be sure that they’re missing you. 

What happens after that may depend on how you feel and your life situations in terms of spending more time together, but it’s important not to hang all your hopes on having your love reciprocated. 

The truth is that love can be a real mindbender, but it’s part of a very crucial personal evolution if we let it…


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4) Their response time to messages is lightning-fast

Next up in the definite signs someone misses you badly is that they respond to messages and texts lightning-fast. 

At the most advanced level of this, you may even notice somebody replying to your messages just as you finish typing them as if almost anticipating what you right before you hit send. 

You’re writing something out and you see “X is typing…” before you’ve even finished. 

It’s uncanny to say the least…

And it definitely means they miss you. 

That could be for any number of reasons, and after all, missing somebody really has no time limit!

Somebody may miss you badly after being away from you for a few hours, a few days, or even a few months. 

Missing someone is often more about the emotional intensity of what we feel than the length of time we’ve been apart. 

Which brings me to the next big indicator that somebody is truly feeling your absence in an intense way…

5) They reference their best memories with you

“Remember when…?”

This is the opening line to many a reminiscence and it can be touching and nostalgic to take a trip down memory lane. 

One of the definite signs someone misses you badly is that they try to take you on a walk down that exact lane and help you remember your best times with them

They may also bring up challenging times, or things you both got through together. 

After all, it’s not only the bright and shiny memories that bond us together but also those moments that test what we’re made of and bring us together in solidarity. 

The difficult, the funny, the fascinating: these moments may all be part of your past with this person, and if they miss you then they’re going to do their best to bring them up and talk them over with you. 

6) They talk about music that reminds them of you

On a related note, one of the biggest and most definite signs someone misses you badly is that they bring up music that reminds them of you

When we’re dating someone or close to them, we often find a song that we both love and it becomes “our song,” as Taylor Swift put it.

It could also be music that you liked or that reminds them of you because of the style or subject matter. 

The important thing, really, is that they bring it up in the first place. 

This is a simple and powerful way of saying “I’ve missed you.”

It hits home because music touches the heartstrings and closest to where we feel love and hate, passion, and our strongest feelings. 

Talking about music that reminds us of someone is a way of saying they’re important to us and we’ve been thinking about them and having feelings for them. 

7) They are ready to make up for the mistakes of the past

When you miss someone, the most common thing is that you want them back. 

One of the top definite signs someone misses you badly is that they are ready to make up for the mistakes of the past. 

This may be in terms of mistakes they made or even miscommunications that the two of you had. 

They’re ready to say that they want to try again

They miss you and they’re willing to let bygones be bygones in this case. 

There is a point that people reach where missing someone and realizing you love them becomes more important than anything about how that person let them down. 

It’s at this point that they begin reaching out once again…

Taking your temperature and trying to let you know just how much you mean to them. 

So, do you feel the same way?

8) They want to find out if you’re dating someone new 

If somebody misses you and was formerly dating you, they’re probably going to be quite curious about whether you’re dating someone new. 

If you are dating someone new, it doesn’t mean they’ll give up…

But don’t make the mistake of thinking they don’t care at all. 

If they weren’t at least curious they wouldn’t ask!

Finding out where you’re at in your love life is a way of catching up once again and going back over what you once had in the past

The type of question about where you’re at in your romantic life is usually a way of saying they’ve missed you and would potentially be interested in striking things up once again with you. 

If you’re single and feel this may be a direction you want to go as well then it can be a good idea to see what happens. 

Where there’s a spark there’s often fire…

9) They try to show up where you show up 

One of the other important definite signs someone misses you badly is that they try to show up where you are. 

This can be stalking if it goes too far, but if you’re into them too then it can be touching and romantic. 

So much depends on context, doesn’t it? 

At the end of the day talking online only goes so far and so do calls or communicating in various ways. 

They want to see you for real, smell your scent and look in your (assumedly) beautiful eyes. 

That requires being around where you physically are and seeing you up close and personal. 

Are they suddenly showing up at many places you are? 

It means they’ve been missing you and want to see more of you, make no mistake about that. 

10) They ape your interests and passions

When you miss someone, you want to be connected to them in any way you can. 

This person who misses you will want to know what inspires you and fascinates you, and there’s a good chance they will take a renewed or new interest in what you love. 

You’ve always been interested in watching true crime shows? They’re suddenly basically a licensed forensic psychologist who’s watched more documentaries than are countable. 

You are very into biking and have a number of trails you like to ride?

They’re suddenly posting photos about their new interest in biking and enjoying the great outdoors from the perch of a saddle seat.

11) They become your biggest cheerleader 

When somebody misses you a lot they want you to know that they see you in the best light. 

Whatever went on with you in the past, they’re hoping to connect with you in the best possible way and let you know they see your best side. 

They become your biggest cheerleader. 

They like your posts. They inspire you, send you quotes, give you gifts, encourage you through the tough times of your life. 

There’s a reason that corny marriage vows make so many people cry:

It’s because love is special and supporting someone else through thick and thin is inspiring and touching to everyone who sees it. 

It’s also rare as a diamond, which is part of why movies and music idealize love and nostalgia so much. 

We’re all walking through a desert with so many mirages. 

But when you come across water for real you won’t have any doubts.

12) They want your future paths to converge

Perhaps the most important of the definite signs someone misses you badly is that they have their eyes on the future. 

They miss the past you shared together, but they’re focused most of all on the future you could have. 

To this end, they’re going to wonder what your plans are going forward and whether the two of you might cross paths. 

This could be in terms of linking up what you’re doing in your lives, where you’re living, what you’re focused on and your relationship and life goals. 

They want your future paths to cross and hopefully share a kiss or a special moment in the middle of the forest where you meet.

The biggest sign that somebody misses you badly is that they want you to be part of their future. 

It’s really as simple as that.

Wish you were here

Love is hard, but it’s not impossible. 

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If someone misses you badly, that could be the basis of a promising love relationship. 

Just make sure that you remember your own value and what you have to offer. 

If the way gets dark and you don’t know where to go, just remember that you yourself can be the light that illuminates the road ahead.

Nonetheless, if you are trying to decide whether to take a chance on love, I suggest you do. 

As the band Little Big Town sings in their song “Happy People:”

“Life is short

Love is rare

And we all deserve to be happy while we’re here.”

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