20 weird signs someone is thinking of you

Are you dying to know if a certain someone is thinking about you?

Have you been thinking about them too? Perhaps you wish you could get inside their head to find out once and for all if you really are on their mind. Or maybe you’ve just got this feeling that they are, which you just can’t seem to shake.

If you’re looking for signs someone is thinking about you, the truth is they could be all around you. You just need to know where to look.

Here are 22 slightly weird ways to tell…

1) You dream about them

The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that interpreting our dreams was the ‘royal road’ to the unconscious.

Dreams are intriguing things that can certainly reveal a lot of psychological home truths.

Despite plenty of theories, which suggest we dream to consolidate memories, process emotions, and express our hidden desires, scientists still don’t really know exactly why we dream.

For many people, there is also a mystical element to dreaming. In this way, dreams act as a bridge or portal to a higher self within.

There are even reported cases of two people sharing the same dream.

Perhaps appearing in one another’s dreams is a way of two people energetically reaching out to connect.

So if you find yourself constantly dreaming about the same person, or someone rather unexpectedly makes an appearance in your dream, it could be them reaching out to you.

2) You know it’s them calling

Have you ever heard the phone ring, or a message ping on your phone, and before you’ve even had time to check the screen, you just know already who it is?

And not because you were expecting their call, but because you just “sense” it.

Chances are, you probably have. Although difficult to explain, these types of weird communication coincidences are pretty common.

About 80% of people also say they have experienced a time where they suddenly found themselves thinking of someone for no apparent reason, then that person calls.

As we’re more connected now than ever, people are experiencing similar situations with email or social media messages.

Strange coincidence? Or something more?

If someone suddenly comes to mind and then you quickly hear from them soon after, it could be that you have been picking up on their thoughts of you.

3) They randomly come to mind

Let’s face it, if you’ve been obsessing about a guy ever since your first date and wondering when he’s going to get in touch, it’s probably no surprise that you’re thinking about him.

That’s why working out what it really means when someone keeps coming to mind isn’t always straightforward.

As anyone who has ever patiently waited for their crush to text will tell you, sadly, you thinking of someone doesn’t always mean they are thinking of you too.

But there are those occasions when you are happily going about your business when for no apparent reason someone rather more unexpectedly pops into your head.

You can’t really work out why either. There was nothing in particular that reminded you of them, and there’s no reason you can put your finger on as to why you would think of them right now.

In these instances, it seems more reasonable to assume there could be something else going on. And that maybe it’s them that’s thinking of you, and you are just picking up on the energy they are sending out.

4) Reminders of them keep popping up

When we share memories and experiences with a person, there are often certain things we encounter on a daily basis that can remind us of them.

A song playing on the radio, a coffee shop we always go to with them, a private joke, their favorite food…the list goes on.

Sometimes when we have been thinking about something or someone a lot we can become more sensitive.

In scientific terms, this is called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, which is also known as the frequency illusion.

To give an everyday example, if you’re thinking about buying a specific car you might suddenly start noticing that particular make or model everywhere you go.

What’s going on is that by thinking of something, you’re telling your brain to pay closer attention to it.

That’s why you need to be careful. Because feeling like there are reminders of someone everywhere you go, could be your own brain thinking about them.

Especially if you’ve just gone through a breakup.

But what about those times when you haven’t really been thinking about someone and you still see reminders everywhere? Or maybe there are just way too many signs to overlook.

These could be weird signals that the other person is actually thinking of you.

5) Sneezing fits

It might sound strange but one belief in Asian cultures is that sneezing repeatedly or your nose starting to itch is a weird sign that someone is thinking of you.

Even stranger, tradition says that how many times you sneeze can also dictate the way in which they are thinking about you.

If you sneeze twice in a row, the thoughts about you could be negative. But if you sneeze three times it means they are thinking of you in a positive light.

It could be that they miss you, are thinking fondly of you, or even have a crush on you.

Clearly, there are plenty of perfectly logical reasons why we sneeze. So this weird sign someone is thinking of you isn’t going to apply if you’re under the weather with a cold, or it’s hay fever season.

But if you’re having sneezing fits for no real reason, then who knows, perhaps it’s because someone is thinking of you right now.

6) Tarot cards

Tarot cards have been around for centuries and have been gaining popularity in recent times.

Lynn Araujo from US Games Systems, a leading publisher of tarot decks, told the Financial Times that many of us turn to tarot for answers:

“tarot and oracle decks are readily available tools for making sense of our changing lives and gaining new perspectives. It’s become more mainstream. Reading the cards is no longer considered occult.”

Personally, I use tarot and get spookily accurate insights into events, circumstances, and even people’s feelings for me.

It doesn’t seem to be something that can be put down to “wishful thinking” either. Quite often I get answers that I don’t particularly want to receive.

No, they aren’t thinking of me, no they don’t have strong feelings for me, no I won’t find my ‘happily ever after’ with them.

Even when it’s not what I want to hear, the cards frequently confirm what I already knew somewhere deep down.

So if you ask your tarot cards “is this person thinking of me” and the card reveals they are — it could be giving you a secret glimpse into the other person’s thoughts.

7) A sudden change in energy

Any empath will tell you — energy is real and you can feel it in your body.

Spend enough time around a very negative person, and the chances are you will start to feel drained yourself.

On the other hand, when you hang out with upbeat, happy people, you can find yourself feeling boosted and positive.

As social creatures, many of us are very sensitive to the energy that others are putting out.

If you are particularly sensitive, you may even feel someone’s energy even when you’re not directly with them.

If you notice within yourself a big shift in your own energy, without any explanation or cause, you could be picking up on the energy of somebody else.

Look out for a sudden rush of ‘feel good’ energy or an extra spring in your step that could let you know that you are in someone’s thoughts — and they’re sending good vibes your way.

8) Butterfly landing on you

In plenty of cultures across the world, butterflies are seen as spiritual beings and appear in many myths and folklore.

The symbolism attached to them is varied and includes angels, beauty, transformation, and joy.

They are also seen as messengers and believed by some to carry energy from one person to another.

Some native American tribes even believed that butterflies would deliver their prayers to the Great Spirit.

So if a butterfly lands on you or is close to you, it could be they have a message to share with you.

If someone comes to mind when you see a butterfly, it could be a weird sign that this person is thinking of you.

9) You ask for and receive a sign

Plenty of us believe in signs. Little messages or signals around us that are sent from some higher power or consciousness.

You may see certain number patterns like 1111, 2222, or 333 and take comfort from them. Perhaps you see your spirit animal and feel like it is a messenger.

Interpreting signs can be tricky. How do you know if it’s a real sign or just a coincidence?

That’s why it can be a good idea to get specific.

Rather than see something random around you and interpret it as a sign that someone is thinking of you, you could try asking for a sign and seeing if you receive one.

I know someone who uses this method often. If there is something she is unsure of she will ask for a specific sign. For her, it’s an eagle.

Now obviously seeing an eagle isn’t so common, but it often appears to her in artwork, on books, jewelry, etc.

The trick is to choose something that means something to you but isn’t so common that you would expect to see it every day.

Once you’ve asked for the sign, try not to search for it, wait and see if it appears to you. If it does, then take it as confirmation this person is thinking of you.

10) They like old social media posts

Unlike other signs on this list that someone is thinking of you, this one is slightly less mystical and a lot more practical — although still arguably a bit weird.

In the fast-paced world of social media, a post today is usually easily forgotten about tomorrow.

Someone watching your Instagram story doesn’t necessarily show that they’ve been thinking about you.

After all, we’re all nosey voyeurs these days.

But if someone happens to like a super-old post or posts, it is way more of an indication that they’re thinking about you.

Why? Because we only cyberstalk people who are on our minds and have sparked our curiosity.

If the person in question bothers to scroll back months or even years on your feed, it’s no accident.

They’re doing their homework on you or simply checking you out — either way, you’ve got into their head.

11) Hiccups

Hiccups aren’t uncommon. We all get them from time to time.

They are triggered by involuntary contractions in your diaphragm that make your vocal cords close up really briefly, creating that funny noise and jumping sensation.

But believe it or not, throughout history it’s been said that hiccups are also a sign of when someone is thinking about you.

They’re unlikely to be the sort of weird sign you want though, as typically it’s associated with negative thoughts or when someone is talking badly about you behind your back.

So hopefully random hiccups aren’t a sign someone is thinking of you, but perhaps if you’ve had a recent falling out with someone, they could be.

12) Twitching eye

Some of the weirdest signs that someone is thinking of you are also the most subtle.

After all, most of us would never think that slight involuntary movements of our body could possibly mean that someone is thinking about us, right?

But some old superstitions say that twitching eyes might be one of these strange signs.

Of course, it can also be a sign of other things, like being tired, having allergies, or even stress.

But according to tradition if you feel a twitch in your left eye it means that someone out there is thinking nice thoughts about you.

If you feel a twitch in the right eye though, it could mean they’re unhappy with you and thinking about you in a negative way.

13) White feather

Finding a white feather holds special significance for some people.

That’s because of the symbolism and association with angels and being a sign of love.

Old traditions also say that discovering a white feather or having one float past you signifies a lost loved one looking down on you.

As well as being comforting, white feathers are also generally viewed as being a positive sign of encouragement.

That’s why it can be a message from someone who is sending positive thoughts and energy your way.

14) Strange coincidences and synchronicities

You’re in the shopping mall and all of a sudden you remember a funny moment or good time you shared with someone.

Then what do you know, not long after you pass that exact person on the escalator or bump into them in a store.

Has something like this ever happened to you? I’m guessing it has.

There are countless moments in life that we can chalk up to coincidence, but what if there’s more to it?

Just the other day when I was out running it popped into my head that I should check in with a friend of mine. Less than a minute later I jogged past him.

I found myself uttering those words that so many of us have probably said before: “I was just thinking about you”, to which he replied, “me too!”

Living in a city of half a million people, is this just a coincidence? Or had one of us been picking up on the other’s energetic thoughts?

15) Goosebumps

Sure, goosebumps can be a reaction to conditions like cold weather, but we all know that they’re also linked to how we are feeling too.

When you hear a moving song or powerful story the hairs on your arms often stand up whilst you get those telltale bumps.

Even just remembering a person or time from the past is enough to give a lot of us goosebumps.

It’s like our body’s physical reaction to the emotions we experience.

This energy from your own thoughts to your body can also happen from someone else’s energetic thoughts too.

So if your goosebumps don’t seem to be caused by your environment or your own memories, they may be telling you that someone else is thinking about you.

16) You feel them

Have you ever had the sensation of someone touching you even though you’re alone?

As unusual as it sounds, and maybe even a bit disturbing in the wrong context, some people report experiencing the comforting touch of a loved one even when they are apart.

This is particularly the case for very strong connections, like soulmates or twin flames.

It could feel like you are getting a warm embrace or just a gentle touch on the arm.

If this happens, know that someone somewhere is thinking fondly of you and is energetically reaching out to send a virtual hug.

17) You hear them

In a similar way to feeling a loved one’s touch, you may also hear them.

Some deep spiritual connections have a way of transcending time, space, and even logic.

Although they are not with you, you could swear you heard them call your name.

You may hear their voice, sense their presence, or even find yourself talking to them.

Don’t worry, it’s not as crazy as it may first sound.

In fact, this is even a commonly reported phenomenon when people lose a loved one.

One study of widows and widowers found that 13% had heard their deceased partner’s voice, 14% had seen them and 3% had felt their touch.

18) Burning feeling in your cheeks or ears

Most of us have probably heard the old saying that when your ears are “burning” it means that someone is talking about you.

But you may not have heard that burning cheeks or ears, almost like a hot flush, could be a sign that someone is thinking about you too.

Sadly though, according to this tradition, it’s not in a favorable way.

We can all become a little red-faced when we get embarrassed or when we’re getting hot under the color.

But if your cheeks start to suddenly become red and you experience a strong tingling sensation (almost like you’ve been slapped in the face) some people say this means that someone is thinking bad thoughts about you.

19) You intuitively know

Intuition is sometimes difficult for us to understand, but often we just “know” something without necessarily knowing why.

How? That’s the part we often struggle to explain. But we just get a feeling.

Often this feeling appears somewhere in our body, rather than the brain.

We usually call it a gut feeling to symbolize the fact that it’s not something we can explain logically in our minds.

It comes from somewhere else. You may sense it in the pit of your stomach, or even in your heart.

If this intuitive feeling just tells you that someone is thinking of you, you should trust your instincts.

20) Feeling discomfort when or after eating

We’re not talking about regular indigestion here, this is something else. Something harder to explain.

You’ve been eating normally but you randomly start to feel like your food is becoming stuck in your throat. It’s almost as if it just won’t go down properly.

Sometimes when we’re around other people’s energies we can pick up on their tension and uneasiness which affects our body.

If you’re alone, it could be that someone elsewhere is thinking of you.

If doing so is bringing them stress, then you may be subconsciously picking up on it, even from a distance.

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