25 signs someone genuinely likes you and isn’t faking it

Knowing when someone genuinely likes you can be daunting. It’s also one of life’s most pressing issues when you really like the person and want to ask them out or take your relationship to the next level. 

So, let’s dive right in and see the signs that someone truly likes you and isn’t faking it. 

1) They remember the small details 

One of the best telltale signs that someone really likes you is if they remember small details about you or recall your preferences from previous conversations. 

If they use this info they remembered about you to surprise you with a thoughtful gift, that’s an even bigger sign. 

2) They take interest in your hobbies or passions

Another big sign is when they are interested in your hobbies and other activities. They might not find them particularly interesting, but they’re willing to step out of their comfort zone and share them with you.  

3) They mirror your body language 

Mirroring your body language is something a person’s subconscious does when they like someone. 

So, when you aren’t sure if someone genuinely likes you, pay attention to whether they unconsciously mirror your gestures, expressions, or tone of voice. This mimicry is a subtle yet powerful sign that they feel a connection with you.

4) They prioritize your happiness 

When you truly like someone, you will do everything in your power to make them as happy as a puppy. I know that’s true for me, and it must be true for most people out there. 

So when you notice they make an effort to make you happy and care about your feelings, you know you have someone genuine.

5) They include you in future plans 

People that truly like you will include you in their future plans. Whether it’s making suggestions for activities or events you could do together or discussing long-term opportunities. 

Either way, they’re demonstrating a desire for you to be a part of their life.

6) They’re genuinely curious about your past

They aren’t only interested in your future, but in your past too. They want to know everything about you, what you did as a kid, what your childhood was like, what bands you listened to in high school, were you an emo or a popular kid, and so on. 

But not only that, they’re interested in any and all photo albums you have. They will browse that thing with a smile on their face until you take it away from them. 

7) They’re relaxed around you 

The example mentioned above shows you another thing. Just how relaxed they are around you. 

They can be themselves without the fear of being judged. This includes being comfortable with silence, and not feeling the need to fill every moment with conversation.

8) They seem nervous or fidgety around you

On the opposite side of the spectrum is being nervous and fidgety around you. That shows you that they like you a lot, but they’re so infatuated that they can’t believe they get to spend time with you. 

Things should fall into place, though, and they will be much more relaxed as time goes by. 

9) They’re playfully teasing

Do you remember how Jim was playful around Pam in The Office? That’s a sign that the person genuinely likes you and wants to be with you. 

They display their playful side and engage in teasing or lighthearted banter with you. This shows that they feel comfortable with you and enjoy the playful dynamic in your interactions.

10) They are patient with you

When someone is thoughtful and patient with you, but they aren’t like that around other people, well, guess what? They really like you. 

They will treat you with respect, kindness, and consideration and value your opinions, boundaries, and needs. This shows their sensitive side and signals they’ll support you when you’re going through challenging times.

11) They make thoughtful gestures 

Another clear-as-day sign is when they perform small acts of kindness or thoughtfulness, such as remembering your favorite things or asking about your day.

They might also unexpectedly bring you your favorite snack or beverage or cook or bake something special for you.

12) They engage in meaningful conversations 

Do your conversations go quickly from chit-chat to meaningful dialogues? That’s a good sign.

This also includes actively engaging in conversations with you by asking thought-provoking questions and contributing meaningful insights. 

They show a genuine interest in your thoughts and ideas, sparking intellectual discussions and creating a compelling and refreshing bond.

13) They often compliment you 

A genuine compliment is the best gift you can give and receive. It’s also easy to do and can show you that they care about you more than you initially thought. 

For example, they might compliment your style or fashion sense. Or say something like, “You always bring positive energy into the room.”  

14) They plan activities 

Time is also one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you’ll never get back.

A person who truly likes you will honestly enjoy spending time with you and plan and engage in activities you both enjoy. 

They are willing to explore your interests and involve you in their own hobbies and passions.

15) They laugh at your jokes, even the not-so-funny ones

This is perhaps the most quintessential sign of a person liking you more than you thought. When you crack a cheesy joke and they laugh out loud while no one else finds it remotely funny. 

16) They make eye contact with you frequently

Making direct eye contact is yet another important sign. Catching a glance at each other across the room or office is often one of the first interactions we have with the other person. 

If the eye contact lingers in the air and is frequent, you know what it means.  

17) They touch you casually, such as a hand on your arm or shoulder

Casual touches like a hand on your arm or shoulder are a form of non-verbal communication and convey warmth, comfort, or a sense of closeness.


Observe the accompanying body language and overall behavior of the person. Are they maintaining eye contact, smiling, or indicating other positive signs?

18) They share personal information with you

Some people are like closed books. They don’t like to share personal information with other people. 

So, if you notice that your person of interest is more than happy to share things about him and things from their past, you know they like you more than you thought.

19) They respond quickly to your texts or messages

Responding to your messages quickly is another vital sign. That means they like to talk to you as much as possible and strongly desire any type of contact with you. 

20) They use your name often when talking to you

The same goes for saying your name often when you’re engaging in a conversation. They just love how it sounds, and they want to establish a personal connection with you.

It’s a way of creating a sense of familiarity and closeness between the two of you

21) They go out of their way to help you with something

Another good sign is if they go out of their way to help you or do something kind for you without any specific reason or request.

They offer support when you need it. Whether it’s a listening ear, offering help with a task, or being there for you during challenging times. They demonstrate their willingness to be a source of comfort and assistance.

22) They introduce you to their friends and family

Introducing you to their friends and family is a big step in any relationship. If it comes to this, there shouldn’t be any more worry whether they like you or not. 

23) They make an effort to look good around you

When someone makes an effort to look good around you, it’s a good indication of their genuine interest and desire to make a positive and lasting impression.

Wanting to look good around you can also come from their desire to feel confident and comfortable in your presence. 

Feeling confident about their appearance improves their overall interaction with you and creates a positive impression.

24) They make excuses to be near you

Making excuses to be near and around you is another telltale sign. 

Do they need to borrow a pen for the 10th time this week from you? Or do they drink water five times per day in hopes they’ll meet you in the kitchen or at the water cooler? 

Yup, it’s all because of you. 

25) They follow you on social media and like or comment on your posts

Of course, following you on social media and liking and commenting on your posts and stories is another surefire sign that they truly like you. 

By doing that, they express their desire to stay connected with your life and remain updated on what you’re doing. 

It’s a way for them to maintain a virtual presence and show interest in your activities.

Adrian Volenik

Adrian has years of experience in the field of personal development and building wealth. Both physical and spiritual. He has a deep understanding of the human mind and a passion for helping people enhance their lives. Adrian loves to share practical tips and insights that can help readers achieve their personal and professional goals. He has lived in several European countries and has now settled in Portugal with his family. When he’s not writing, he enjoys going to the beach, hiking, drinking sangria, and spending time with his wife and son.

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