8 signs someone genuinely cares about you (even if they don’t say it)

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Not everyone is a big talker. 

That’s right, some individuals prefer to express themselves in other ways. 

After all…

“Actions speak louder than words.”

It could be remembering your birthday, making your favorite meal, or simply hearing about your disastrous day. 

But while these acts of kindness are nice and all, it can be difficult to gauge if someone genuinely cares about you.

Here are eight signs (with explanations) to help make things a little clearer. 

1) They display positive body language

Unsure what that special someone is thinking? 

The next time you’re around them, pay particular attention to their body language

Are they smiling, maintaining eye contact, and generally giving off calming, positive vibes in your presence? 

Sometimes, it’s all about what someone isn’t saying, rather than what they are. Even a comforting touch can communicate how they feel more effectively than words ever can, in the right context.

In fact, non-verbal cues can reveal a lot about someone’s true feelings.

Take mirroring, for example.

Mirroring is when someone mimics the gestures, behaviors, facial expressions, or even the mood of another person. 

But this isn’t like the childhood game. 

These actions can be intentional or unconscious and they often reflect someone’s feelings or intentions towards you. 

Ever wondered why your partner has their arms crossed in the exact same way as you? 

Well, that’s mirroring.

And according to psychologists, mirroring can promote social bonds, empathy, communication, rapport, trust, and…

Most importantly, here, increases “liking” between partners.  

2) They listen to you (even when they’re busy)

When someone genuinely cares about you, they make an effort to be consistently available. But this doesn’t mean they have to be physically present.

Instead, they’ll find ways to remain connected by being there when you need them most.

This includes listening to you, in person or on the phone, and providing emotional support

Similar to body language, the simple act of being “a good listener” speaks volumes – without the individual having to utter a word. 

It’s called active listening.

This important communication skill is the key difference between merely listening to someone and actually hearing (paying attention to) what you have to say. 

Simply put, they’re fully present and invested in the conversation – even if they’re not talking back. 

So how does this demonstrate that they care about you?

Well, if someone pays close attention to what you say, remembers key details, and engages in meaningful conversation, it’s a clear sign that your thoughts and feelings matter to them deeply. 

In other words, they genuinely care.

3) They make an effort

When you’re having a bad day, does this person offer unwavering support – no matter what? 

Perhaps they smarten up their appearance whenever you’re around, or they make an effort by tidying their apartment before you visit.

Maybe they order your favorite take-out food (and snacks) just to cheer you up. 

Whether it’s accompanying you to a tough appointment or simply being there to offer a listening ear, genuine care shines through in supportive actions.

And nothing demonstrates that more than remembering the little things, like your preferred type of chips, dips, or pizza topping.

They even know about that weird ice cream flavor you love (and everyone else hates).

Not only that, but they do this because they care about what you think. 

4) They are authentically themselves around you

Your opinion matters. That’s why, when it comes to making decisions, they ask your thoughts

Not only that…

But in the same way that they listen to you, they feel comfortable opening up and sharing their own vulnerabilities.

Additionally, they trust that you won’t criticize them or cast judgment. 

In short, they can be their authentic self around you. No mask, brave face, or edited version of themselves.

It’s this ability to be emotionally vulnerable in your presence, that demonstrates a deep connection – and that they care. 

5) They are very good with dates

Young Lovers Enjoying Coffee Drinks Together During Romantic Date In Cafe. Love And Dating. Side View

When it comes to all things you, they’re like Rain Man (AKA Kim Peek). They never forget birthdays, anniversaries, and important milestones.

They even remember the obscure little things. 

What’s more, they make an effort to mark the date.

Sound familiar?

Well, this thoughtful attention to detail shows that you hold a special place in their heart.

6) They support you (and your goals)

They’re your cheerleader, constantly hyping you up and championing your goals. In fact, they’ll happily stand by you as you pursue your dreams.

They’re like Matt Damon to your Ben Affleck – the ultimate backup. 

And if you suffer a setback, they’re there to offer assistance (and those cookies you like) without you having to ask for help. 

It’s like they have a knack for knowing what’s on your mind.

By supporting your aspirations and personal growth it’s a clear indication that they genuinely care. 

7) They readily forgive and forget 

Let’s face it, conflicts are inevitable in any relationship. But how we deal with these outbursts makes all the difference. 

After all, we all make mistakes, lose our temper, or say things we know we’ll later regret. Especially in the heat of the moment – we’re only human.

That said, experts claim the difference between a happy relationship and an unhappy one is the “magic ratio.”

What’s that, you ask?

Well, according to Dr. John Gottman and Robert Levenson, it’s 5:1.

Let me explain. 

Simply put, the 5:1 (magic) ratio means that for every negative interaction, there should be at least five more positive interactions to counteract the bad. 

It’s a balance.

These positive interactions can include things like listening, affection, gratitude, compromise, humor, empathy, and apologizing. 

That’s why, when you do argue, they’re willing to apologize, make amends, and work through any disagreements. 

Because even on your worst days, they genuinely care about you and maintaining a healthy connection – whether it be romantic or platonic

8) They are always present (with you)

Last, but certainly not least…

Someone who cares about you will be present (and in the moment) when you’re together. 

By that I mean, they won’t be easily distracted or disengaged! 

Instead, they’ll actively participate in shared experiences and create meaningful memories. Something you can both look back on and enjoy when you’re old and gray. 

It’s the little things like this, and the other items on the list, that go beyond words. 

These actions not only prove that someone genuinely cares for you, but they demonstrate that they’ll always have your back…

Even if they don’t say it.

What more could you ask for, than that?

Leila El-Dean

Leila is a passionate writer with a background in photography and art. She has over ten years of experience in branding, marketing, and building websites. She loves travelling and has lived in several countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, and Malta. When she’s not writing (or ogling cats), Leila loves trying new food and drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea.

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