10 signs that show you’re a classy woman everybody respects

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We all know the stereotypical image of a classy woman – an ultimate fashionista, always prim, and poised.

But what some may not know is that being a classy woman is more than being able to afford high-end fashion clothing or attending parties for socialites.

It’s more about your sense of self and how you deal with difficult situations and treat others.

A classy woman is someone you want to establish meaningful relationships with because she’s trustworthy, kind, and genuine.

You may not know it, but you may be a classy woman, yourself.

If you want to know more about what being classy actually is, check out these signs:

1) You’re True to Yourself

Women get classy because of their strong sense of self.

Classy women always try to be true and accept themselves for who they are.

They don’t bother trying hard to be someone they’re not and go out of their way only to please anyone.

Doing something against their will isn’t an option. They earn people’s respect because of their authenticity, honesty, and reliability.

Classy women trust themselves, but they aren’t arrogant.

They’re secure about themselves and they know their self-worth, so they don’t need to try hard to be in the spotlight by bragging about their abilities and humiliating others.

Classy women are disgusted with putting others down only to make themselves look great.

I know it can be difficult to accept yourself, especially if you’re in a rough patch and doubting yourself.

No matter how secure they seem, classy women can understand because trusting yourself doesn’t happen overnight – it’s honed from the painful process of making mistakes and learning from them.

2) You Walk the Talk

Classy women walk the talk.

They don’t say one thing and do the complete opposite the next.

Their sense of self is important to them, so they won’t do things they don’t believe in or approve of.

Many people admire them because they stick to their values no matter how tough things go — they hold integrity in high regard.

Because classy women are principled, you can expect them to be trustworthy, reliable, and responsible.

They don’t resort to lying, cheating, or manipulating others only to get what they want.

Much less, they never think of deliberately hurting others.

If they’re going to achieve anything, they want to do so honestly with their capabilities and hard work.

3) You Keep an Open Mind

Classy women never judge others, especially on matters new to them or they don’t understand yet.

They may be confident, but this doesn’t mean they are rude.

These women are eager to learn new things and are sensitive to other people’s cultures.

They don’t impose their beliefs on others, especially if they haven’t understood them enough yet.

A classy woman knows that the world is bigger than it seems, so it pays to listen and learn from others respectfully.

I had a friend whom I admired because of her sensitivity and eagerness in experiencing new things.

When we visited a different country and tried out fried insect food for the first time, she savored its flavor, careful of her reaction.

I think being classy really shows even in these smallest details.

She’s been sensitive and respectful, especially when there are locals around us who might feel uncomfortable about tourists looking visibly disgusted by their food.

4) You Work Hard and Smart

Classy women are stereotypically portrayed as comfortable women who get everything they want on a silver platter.

But this isn’t all there is to be classy — real classy women actually work hard to achieve their goals.

They give their all in everything they do, whether as stay-at-home moms or women in the workplace.

They’re not comfortable about achieving things they didn’t work hard for.

Classy women are also efficient in the things they do because they put their hearts into it.

They explore different methods and develop new ideas to get the best results possible.

They’re in control of the task at hand.

I understand how challenging this is, especially if you’re still learning.

Classy women know this very well because they’ve also gone through this before they’ve figured things out.

So don’t feel bad about giving yourself some time.

5) You Don’t Let Raw Emotions Get the Best of You

Classy women don’t let their emotions get the best of them and lash out at other people.

They avoid making rash decisions and acting out based on raw emotions.

No matter how hard it is, they always try to pause for a moment and think things through.

They know that doing impulsive things can have serious consequences they can no longer undo.

They can say things they don’t really mean and hurt their loved ones.

Classy women also practice healthy ways to cope with their emotions and establish healthy boundaries.

They also verbalize their thoughts and talk problems through with people like mature adults.

I know it can be challenging to control your emotions because it takes a lot of patience and mental and emotional stability.

Classy women get over this by having a stable support system, seeking professional help, and doing recreational activities to stay humble and grounded.

6) You Put Everyone at Ease

Classy women are often seen as elegant and poised, but there’s actually more to having the proper etiquette than meets the eye.

More than always being prim, it’s actually more about being confident with yourself and putting other people at ease with your presence.

This means that a classy woman is flexible and can fit in anywhere just fine, from formal functions to a girls’ night out at a local bar.

Classy women who are confident about themselves and know their self-worth can also carry themselves appropriately in any situation.

They know what to wear, how to act, and what to say.

People are also comfortable in their presence, allowing them to establish meaningful relationships.

7) You Can Blend In with Any Crowd

Classy women can blend in with any crowd.

This is because they are flexible enough and know how to handle themselves in different kinds of situations.

They also keep an open mind to everyone they meet, allowing them to spark hearty discussions with everyone they meet and even make friends.

Classy women are polite and kind, so they can gain friends fast.

Classy women can blend in any crowd also because they’re true to themselves and value their self-worth.

They don’t make exaggerated stories only to earn other people’s approval because she knows she can do that just by being themselves.

I know it can be frightening and overwhelming to be in a crowd where you don’t know anyone. Anyone can feel that way at first, even classy women.

But they only trust themselves or respectfully decline and opt for a me-time occasionally.

After all, a classy woman still prioritizes her well-being and finds balance in anything.

8) You Don’t Badmouth People Behind Their Backs

The last thing any classy woman would want to do is to badmouth other people at the back, especially their friends and loved ones.

A classy woman can verbalize her thoughts just fine and has healthy ways of dealing with challenges.

They choose to have a mature private discussion with anyone they’re having problems with.

So they won’t waste time talking ill and gossiping about other people, especially when they’re not around to defend themselves.

Spreading rumors about someone and stabbing people in the back are the workings of insecure and fake people, and classy women aren’t like that.

They’re trustworthy, open, and level-headed.

Bad-mouthing people is against the values they strive to live by.

9) You’re Kind and Empathetic

Wearing stylish and expensive clothes and keeping yourself well-groomed can make you look elegant.

But if you’re rude, unkind, or arrogant, you become reduced to simply a mean person in haute couture clothing.

No one would really want to be around you. If you don’t respect other people, they won’t respect you either.

This can affect your ability to build meaningful relationships.

A real classy woman is kind – she is respectful to everyone regardless of status.

She empathizes with people because she genuinely cares.

She can deeply understand and connect with anyone, especially her loved ones.

10) You Speak Your Mind

Classy women are sometimes stereotypically portrayed as meek and quiet. But times have changed – they’re now those unafraid to speak up and share their ideas.

These women are confident with a complete sense of self, always eager to learn new things and develop grand ideas.

Classy women are also respected because of their honesty and strong will, telling you their thoughts with tact and respect.

They’re also reliable because they’re supportive and loving. These types of women have strong principles, allowing them to know what’s right and wrong and make a stand.

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