20 obvious signs she is afraid of losing you

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We’re all scared of losing the person we love so much. And no one likes breaking up either.

But are you still uncertain whether your girlfriend, partner or significant other still loves you the way she does at the start of your relationship?

No matter how well you think you know her, it’s just that sometimes, women are so hard to understand.

So before you think otherwise, here are 20 signs to look out for when you want to know if your girl is afraid of losing you.

Is she afraid of losing you? 20 clear signs

She loves you so much. You are important to her – she values you and your relationship.

She might be protecting her heart from pain for fear of losing what she wants most – you!  Just the thought of not having you in her life destroys her inside.

So do your best to protect her from pain especially if you can feel how she’s afraid of losing you.

How will you know this? Here’s how.

1) She’s always affectionate

The thought of you walking away from her is something that she doesn’t want to happen.

Thus, she’s making sure that she’s doing everything to make you feel happy and comfortable.

Even if she gets angry at times, nothing will stop her from doing nice things for you.

And you can always feel the strong emotional connection you share whenever she’s around you – and even if you’re not together.

She wants you to know how much she cares for you.

You probably notice how she’s showing affection in these ways:

  • Seeing you fills her with so much excitement
  • Conversations with her are always open, honest, and interesting
  • Feeling her warmth every time she touches you
  • Expressing her love in various ways
  • Leaning on you most of the time

2) She’s always there for you

She’s there for you not just during good and bad times.

She’s your person – someone who knows the right words to say at the right moment.

When you need someone to talk to,  you don’t even need to tell her that, for she’ll know it right deep in her heart.

She would even cancel and reschedule her plans when you need her to. And if you’re feeling down, she’s there to cheer you up.

This means that she genuinely loves and values you.

It’s like her happiness is tied to yours; for as long as you’re happy, she’s happy as well.

And even if you cared less, she’ll be someone who cared for you the most.

3) She doesn’t hesitate to apologize

Sometimes, even saying sorry can be a tough word to say – for a variety of reasons.

Saying sorry makes one vulnerable and makes admitting mistakes so much harder to do.

But when a woman is afraid of losing you, she puts her pride on the side. Instantly, she takes an effort to sort things out and keep the relationship strong.

As she doesn’t want you to be offended by her actions and behaviors, she’ll say sorry whenever she feels like she has done something wrong.

She’ll say sorry when she did something wrong, and even when she didn’t. She knows that you’re more important to her than her pride.

The thing is, she believes that apologizing helps repair a relationship and makes people more comfortable with each other.

4) No one else compares to you

She doesn’t have eyes for anyone else and her heart only belongs to you.

She wants nothing in this world more than for you to be part of hers.

So when it seems that she’s holding a bit too tight – she’s not being too much or too needy – she’s simply scared of losing you.

She won’t compromise what she deserves.

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5) She craves your attention

You might wonder why she calls you every time, messages you at odd hours, checks on you, and sends those random updates.

For when you’re apart, she misses you a lot that it feels like you haven’t been together for centuries.

Yes, she’s trying – more than you probably know.

And that’s the reason why she wants you to notice her. She wants to spend time with you, and not nights alone by herself.

She wants to be next to you in a cuddled mess and feel those loving arms wrapped around her.

More than that, connecting with you matters to her more than anything else.

This means that she has so much love for you and she will try so hard to keep that attention locked unto her.

6) She brings out the man in you

Her heart and soul make you feel like a man who is loved, cared for, and needed.

She recognizes and appreciates your masculinity, notices your sex appeal – and tells you about it.

  • She knows the strength that you have
  • She lets you lead and she follows
  • She tells you how she feels safe in your arms
  • She reminds you if you’re on top of your game
  • She shows her feminine side
  • She respects you
  • She’s interested in your life, hobbies, and career

And when she goes the extra mile and does things she won’t normally do, then, you know for certain that she’s afraid of losing you.

7) She’s loyal and 100% faithful

Count on someone afraid of losing you to be supportive, loyal, and faithful.

It’s like it’s her mission in life to cheer you on and be your faithful companion – whether it’s a life milestone or you’re chasing your dreams.

She’s respectful of your values and you know that you can always trust her with anyone.

You know that she won’t lie and cheat on you. She will always be true to her words and promises.

Even if she has many options, you’re the only one for her and her heart remains for you.

Being loyal and faithful are admirable traits so make sure to value her faithfulness.

Although she fears losing you, she won’t hesitate to leave you if she knows that you’re cheating on her.

8) She does everything for you

Most women today are empowered and uphold their independence – so expect them to stand their ground.

They can decide on their own and are free to express themselves and what they want.

But even with this freedom and equality, a woman who’s afraid to lose you will try to do everything you say.

Even if she makes subtle changes, it won’t be obvious at all. She would do things without objection as she doesn’t want to upset you at all.

She respects your thoughts and needs – and every word you utter means a lot to her.

9) She reveals her submissive side

Most women become naturally submissive to men they are attracted to.

So if she’s being submissive to you, it means that she loves you so much and is afraid of losing you.

This means that she’s:

  • Letting you be the man that you are
  • Putting your desires and needs above hers
  • Being with you all the time
  • Trying not to argue with you
  • Asking permission when she wants to do something
  • Going along with your opinion
  • Taking your hobbies and passions
  • Trying to do some things even if she finds them boring

She can let her guard down and be okay with the uncertainty – and that’s because she trusts you.

It is by being submissive positively that she can bring more passion, strength, and life to your relationship.

10) She wants to be beautiful in your eyes

She wants to look good and be at her best all the time.

While it’s natural for women to take care of themselves, you can notice that she’s putting in more effort to impress you.

This isn’t being shallow, but we can’t deny that physical attractiveness matters a lot – especially for men.

Wherever you’re going out on a date or even just doing errands, notice how great her clothes, hair, and makeup seem to be.

She even takes hours preparing whenever she’s meeting you. And she also asks your opinion about how she looks.

So when she always wants to look beautiful, she’s giving herself a confidence boost – and she’s doing it for you.

She doesn’t want to lose you.

11) You’re her priority

You’re not an option. You’re important to her and she makes you a top priority in her life.

When your girlfriend is afraid of losing you, everything else comes after.

She gives you her time, energy, and attention more than anything else. She loves you and wants to take every opportunity to show that by spending time with you.

You may not see that she’s been doing this:

  • If she’s talking to someone and you call her, she will hang up to talk to you
  • She will leave what she’s doing to reply to your messages
  • She will pick up your calls no matter what she’s doing
  • She never disappoints you

You being her priority means that your emotional needs, feelings, and well-being are as important as her own.

12) She changes for the best

Another sign that she’s afraid to lose you is her willingness to change the traits and habits you dislike about her.

She’ll consider your comments to make herself better. She will make a conscious effort to improve herself.

And that’s because she wants to be the best girl for you without compromising her values and self-respect.

Even if she’s fine the way she is, she’s not just pleasing you – but she’s doing it because it makes her happier and healthier.

But don’t pressure her to be someone she’s not.

13) She’s being vulnerable with you

Oftentimes, people don’t like to be vulnerable as some see it as a weakness.

But when a woman is terrified to lose you, she won’t be afraid to express her vulnerability.

She believes that being vulnerable is a way to understand, forgive, and feel empathy. And this means that she sees the best in you and loves you for the little things you do.

Instead of putting a strong act, she embraces her emotions and her fears. She’ll admit that she’ll be devastated if you leave her – and even the thought of losing you will cause her anxiety and pain.

And she’s comfortable opening her heart to you and spilling her soul.

It’s because she cares deeply about you – and doesn’t want to lose what she has.

And it’s her vulnerability that makes her more beautiful and exceptional.

14) She gets jealous at times

When you’re in a relationship or even if you’re just dating, it’s common to be jealous.

It’s jealousy that makes us feel afraid of losing someone or a relationship that we value so much.

So if she shows feelings of jealousy, that’s a sign that she’s afraid of losing you.

She’ll get bothered by the thought that you’ll replace her with someone prettier, sexier, smarter – or even someone not like you.

Her jealousy will show in some of these instances:

  • She’ll be vigilant about your female friends and colleagues
  • She’ll confront girls who are flirting with you
  • She stalks girls you follow on social media
  • She’ll hug you to guard her territory and let others know that

But too much jealousy isn’t good so you have to prove to her that her fears won’t happen. Value her trust and the love that she’s been giving you.

15) She wholeheartedly accepts your flaws

Another sign that she fears losing you is when he turns a blind eye to your small mistakes.

She tries to understand your shortcomings as he has a high tolerance for those little quirks.

For instance, she doesn’t like that you’re too messy or that your choices of music seem odd. While she may offer a comment or suggest something else, you won’t hear any negative words from her.

She won’t tolerate your bad attitudes or try to change you. She will embrace your imperfections and quirks – and love you for them.

No matter how much we love someone, some quirks make us a bit irritated. It can be those expressions, habits, and oddities that stand out and prickle us like a cactus.

And when you’re struggling to accept yourself, she’ll show what it takes to love yourself.

16) She’ll avoid having a conflict with you

When a woman is afraid of losing you, she will always try to avoid any form of a fight with you.

While fights between couples are often unavoidable, she’ll find ways to keep them to a minimum.

This means that she won’t pester you about small, inconsequential matters such as forgetting to call or putting the trash outside.

She knows that little things like that aren’t worth a screaming match.

Instead of shouting and fighting back when you’re having a conflict, she’ll try to control how she reacts and respond to it.

It’s because she values your relationship as it’s more important than spending time arguing.

17) She’s genuinely selfless

Of all the signs that she’s scared of losing you, her selflessness is the most endearing.

She gives herself wholeheartedly – her time, energy, and attention to you – without asking for anything in return.

If she knows you’ll finish something, she’ll send food your way. If you need help, count that she’s there for you.

She knows that she has to sacrifice when the time calls for it, to have the greatest love of all.

She’s capable of loving selflessly.

And these traits can prove that:

  • Taking time to listen instead of making assumptions
  • Not being judgemental
  • Being happy to compromise
  • Not holding any grudges
  • Helping the best way she can

And she knows that she won’t ask you to stay if that’s not what you want. Even if it’s hard for her, your happiness means a lot to her more than anything else.

18) She introduces you to her circle

Or has already introduced you to her family, relatives, friends, and even workmates.

She’s proud of you, loves you, and desires to take your relationship to the next level.

When she introduces you, you will notice that almost everyone seems to know you already. That’s because she has already let everyone know how much you mean to him.

She doesn’t want to lose you and will find ways to make you part of your life.

You know she’s into you and doesn’t want to lose when she shares photos of you all over her social media accounts.

She wants the whole world to know that you have captured her heart – and hopes that you will not break it apart.

19) She includes you in all her plans

Whenever your partner loves you so much, she would want to spend every moment with you.

And it means including you in her present and plans.

You already have this special place in her heart – and would try to make you part of all the key moments in her life.

You may also notice that she’s fond of sharing dreams with you and how you fit in. She would even try to integrate your dreams.

Here are more instances that show she sees a future with you:

  • She asks for suggestions on things to do in the future
  • She talks about your dreams together
  • She desires to have a family with you
  • She daydreams about your wedding day and honeymoon

This shows that she wants to commit to you and spend the rest of her life with you.

It’s because she doesn’t want to lose your love, attention, and affection.

20) She invests in your relationship

She cares about you and values the relationship that you have.

She sees you and your relationship as her richest sources of joy, meaning, and fulfillment.

This means that she’s giving her best and doing everything she can to nurture your relationship and keep it healthy.

And it’s not just because she’s scared of losing, but also it’s because she loves you so much.

She prioritizes your relationship because:

  • It gives her a sense of safety and security
  • The deep connection you share gives meaning to her life

When it’s obvious she’s afraid of losing you

If the signs above confirm that your partner is afraid of losing you, there could also be several reasons why she feels that way.

Loving someone so much can trigger a deep-seated fear of losing that person. The pain is immeasurable and excruciating – and no one wants to experience that grief.

If she seems intense or over-protective, it’s because she’s doubting her ability to keep you.

That’s because she allowed herself to want you, need you, and love you.

But I know, she understands the value of this fragile connection – for, in a moment, it can change forever.

But no matter what, be careful with her heart. And don’t take her feelings for granted.

Don’t leave her shattered with your empty promises. If you can’t commit, don’t make her fall for you.

Even if this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be together for a lifetime, consider yourself blessed for having someone who truly loves and values you.

So when she tells you that she’s afraid to lose you, she wants a life she’s in love with.

All she wants is for you to be with her, to stay with her.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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