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15 signs she wants you make a move over text

When you’re texting a girl you’re into it’s exciting but also anxiety-producing.

You want to flirt and gain her attention, but you don’t want to come off needy or ruin the interaction by being over-eager, rude, or getting the wrong signal.

It’s crucial to know whether the girl you’re texting is actually potentially into you or just passing time.

Here are the top 16 signs she wants you to make a move over text.

1) She gives you her number first

This is right up there with the most important signs she wants you to make a move over text.

Simple: she offers her number even before you ask.

A girl who’s shy won’t do this.

But in general, if this happens the girl is already clearly telling you she finds you cute or interesting and wants to stay in touch.

Relationship writer Nick Notas has good advice about what it means when she gives her number first:

“The more time and energy a girl invests in you, the more likely she wants the connection to move forward….

“She offers her number to you first. She reaches out to you first over text. She suggests hanging out with you first.

“Push towards meeting up ASAP.”

2) When you flirt, she flirts back

If a girl wants you to make a move over text, then she will be receptive to your attempts to flirt.

Don’t start right out with rude sexts or really explicit stuff, however.

Even a girl who is into you may get turned off if you’re too forward right away.

But you should become comfortable with flirting a little, such as telling her how attractive you find her, complimenting her sense of humor, or even asking about her personal life once you know her better.

If she flirts back and opens up, then you know you’re on the right track.

Want some ideas on flirtatious texts? Holly Riordan has you covered:

“I had a dream about you last night. I’d tell you what happened, but it’s way too inappropriate.”

Oh boy.

Make sure you have a surge protector so your phone doesn’t overheat.

3) She asks you open-ended questions

When a girl is interested she wants to know more about you.

The best way to find out more about someone is to ask them questions that require a detailed answer.

This means open-ended questions.

Examples might be: “what did you love most about growing up?”

Or: “Who’s your biggest influence and why?”

These open-ended questions are her way of getting to know who you are and showing you that she’s into you.

“An open question is one the other person cannot answer by just saying yes or no.

“Asking an open question is a great way to impress and flirt with your crush because it shows that you’re not texting just because you feel like it, but because you want to keep a conversation going and care what your crush thinks,” explains Joshua Pompey.

4) Her texts get personal

One of the top signs she wants you to make a move over text is that her texts get personal.

She tells you about her experiences growing up, her beliefs and her struggles.

She asks you questions that are personal to you and show that she remembers things you told her.

She indicates in every way that you’re not “just another guy” to her and that you occupy a place in her head and heart that’s unique.

This may not mean she’s madly in love with you, but it definitely means she’s open to the idea of you making a move.

“If her questions are truly personalized to you, she’s likely very interested in you and hoping you will make your move to show that the interest is mutual,” writes Emyli Lovz.

5) She sends you photos of herself

If she sends you photos of herself it’s one of the clearest signs she wants you to make a move over text.

Even if they’re not actively sexy or flirtatious photos, this is generally something you do when you’re into someone.

If she’s asking for you as well then this is an even more intense sign.

If the photos escalate to sexting that can be an interesting development to explore as well.

Just don’t try to push it too soon or make it all sexual unless you’re sure that’s all you want.

“We’re dealing with the art of language here, but sending a photo — a nude, or a nice selfie — isn’t breaking the rules, especially if you’re comfortable with the person or want to make a strong impression,” advises Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz.

6) She sprinkles in flirtatious emojis

When a girl wants you to make a move she will use the magic of emojis to show her feelings.

Heart eyes, star eyes, GIFs, memes, you name it.

These are all saying: hey, I like you, I think, so call me maybe. Or make a movie.

Please just don’t send me a dick pic without asking.

So yeah, definitely don’t do that.

But do make a move of some kind! Such as asking her out to dinner, or telling her that her eyes remind you of the turquoise Mediterranean sea on a mid-August day on the Amalfi Coast.

Relationship writer Carolyn Steber at Bustle says the “see no evil” monkey face as well as the two eyeballs emoji are common ones that show interest and flirtatiousness.

“It never hurts to throw in a smiling devil emoji, especially if your texts are really heating up,” she adds.

7) She pokes fun at you a little now and then

When animals in the wild are into each other they run and jump and tease.

I’m not saying we’re exactly the same as animals, but a lot of those teasing instincts definitely hold true for humans as well.

Girls who want you to make a move over text will give you the equivalent of a shoulder poke or playful wrist slap.

Funny jokes, sarcastic comments, little digs at your appearance or identity are all examples of this.

It’s not mean-spirited, usually, it’s just small ways to provoke you and get you out of your comfort zone.

These small teasing behaviors over text are some of the clearest signs she wants you to make a move over text.

Now it’s your move!

8) She’s bad at texting but seems into you

Even in our current tech-savvy day and age, people aren’t born with automatic banter and text flirting skills.

It takes time, practice and a certain unique disposition.

Sometimes the girl you are texting with wants you to make a move but she’s also just plain bad at texting and flirting over text.

Don’t let this throw you off.

She may still be very into you.

In my opinion, it’s also a good thing, as it indicates she’s probably not an old pro at seducing guys via text.

As Sophia Piñeiro admits:

“As someone who has used a handful of dating apps over the past three years, I’ll admit that my texting game wasn’t all that great.

“To be completely honest, it took lots and lots and lots of practice to fully feel comfortable engaging in some flirty banter.”

9) She opens up about her feelings and life story

Everyone has a life story when you look underneath the surface.

It’s often just a matter of them deciding whether or not to open up to you about it.

One of the top signs she wants you to make a move over text is that she’ll begin to express her innermost feelings to you and tell you her life story.

The challenges and struggles as well as the triumphs and victories.

This is good, especially if you’re interested in something a little more serious with her.

Because a girl who’s not into more than a roll in the hay won’t bother opening up to you this much.

And a girl who’s not into you at all will barely even answer your texts.

So consider yourself a lucky man!

10) She texts you at unusual times of the day and night

Do you know who you don’t text at odd times of the day and night?

Somebody you’re not into or feel uncomfortable around.

If she’s pinging you with texts at 2 a.m. or 5:35 am then it’s one of those crucial signs she wants you to make a move over text.

This is especially true if she’s hitting you up just before bed and saying “good night” or “good morning” on a regular basis.

It’s her giving you clearance for takeoff to love island.

“Maybe she wants to be the last thing you think of before you fall asleep, and she can’t sleep since you’re constantly on her mind.

“Either way, when a girl calls and texts mostly at odd hours, you can safely take it as one of the signs she wants you to make a move,” writes Ana V. at Think Aloud blog.

11) She doesn’t bring up other guys she’s into

Any girl who’s into you is not going to be bringing up other guys.


If this girl wants to let you know that she finds you to be a hottie she won’t want to mention any other guy.

If she does mention another guy to try to get you jealous or play mind games she’s not worth your time.

Generally, no girl who wants you to make a move will bring up other guys.

On the contrary, she will tend to emphasize that she’s single and looking or how hard it is to meet a “nice” guy.

Just remember: don’t be too nice.

12) She texts back fairly quickly and is into the conversation

All of us get busy, but a girl who’s into you will usually text back as fast as possible.

Some dating guides tell women to cool it and not respond so often or quickly, but more or less if she’s into you she’ll write back when she sees your message or soon after.

This is her telling you she values the interaction and wants you to proceed ahead.

Girls who like you don’t leave you on read.

“If she responds in a timely manner, there is a definite possibility that she likes you. If she doesn’t care about you, she will read your text and think to herself, ‘Oh, I’ll get back to him later.’

“And then she’ll eventually forget. However, if she likes you, she will make it a priority to respond to you. And she will do it rather quickly,” writes relationship expert Kate Spring.

13) She appreciates your jokes and humor

One of the most important keys to the heart is humor.

If she appreciates your jokes and humor it’s her telling you she’s comfortable around you and enjoys your presence in her inbox.

At the very least she’s letting you know you’re a friend.

But if those jokes start to verge into the flirtatious and sexual and she’s cool with it, then she’s also open to the idea of you as more than a friend.

A shared sense of humor can be the bedrock of a successful relationship, so take this as a big sign of hope.

If she’s laughing at your texts and hers are making you crack up too, then you’ve got a keeper on your hands!

14) When you don’t text in a while or the mood shift, she notices

If you stop texting a girl who doesn’t care, generally nothing happens.

Because she isn’t into you.

But when a girl wants you to make a move she will notice your “text absences” acutely.

If you’re even in a bad mood, she may comment on it or wonder what’s wrong.

She’s letting you know she cares and inviting you to make a move on her and let her know if you’re into her.

All that’s left for you to do is decide if you are or not.

15) She wants to get your eye online on social media

One of the most common things a girl will do when she wants you to make a move on text is trying to get your attention on social media.

Instagram and Facebook posts and stories, photos of her and her friends out and about, and so on…

She is giving you the green light to send her a message and comment or start a conversation based on what she’s sharing publicly on social media.

This can be a really good opener because she’s giving you the subject right off the bat.

All you have to do is get your texting thumbs ready, scroll through her grid and type:

“Oh, you went to that ice cream place downtown? I was there last year and it was amazing.”


As Alexandra By Alexandra Sakellariou notes:

“Consider what she does to go out of her way to catch your attention online.

“Perhaps she tags you in memes, or maybe she’s gone a step further by uploading photos of the two of you or tagged you in her story.

“It’s not just that she’s hoping to get on your radar; it’s a sign she wants others to know she has her eyes on someone.”

Is it time to turn up the text flirting?

At the end of the day, you’re best off being brave and going for it!

If this girl wants to just be friends she’s not going to be responsive to you flirting or trying to get into a text exchange with her.

If she does respond and wants to keep texting it basically is an invitation to you to at least continue chatting and consider making a move once she shows even more interest.

“Of all the signs that she wants you to make a move, this is the most obvious. She is offering you the green light for you to make a move if she doesn’t seem to avoid your flirting games,” writes Muriel Tewes.

“If you start a flirtatious conversation and she stays tuned for more than 10 minutes, believe it or not, she is interested in you and wants you to make a move.”

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